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100000PSI - Chapter 69.3: Xinxin, What Brings You Here? (3)

Bai Zhou let out a snort in response as he quietly fastened the helmet for Ji Fanyin.

Ji Fanyin glanced at her watch and noted that it was approaching 11 AM, but she decided to dish out one final blow before taking her leave. “Nice bracelet you have there. A gift from Ji Xinxin?”

That prompted Ji Xinxin to glance at Song Shiyu’s wrist, where she finally noticed a metal bracelet.

I didn’t give that bracelet to him… He told me that he doesn’t like to wear accessories on his wrist!

Her complexion turned awful. She made several attempts to plaster a smile back onto her face but to little success. She turned to Bai Zhou and grilled him as well, “What about you, Zhouzhou? Did your feelings move on too?”

Bai Zhou grabbed the helmet hanging on his motorcycle’s handle, and he casually threw it and caught it. “You haven’t answered me yet. That woman who was gaming with us, Kitty; is she really a woman?”

Ji Xinxin bit her lower lips and answered agitatedly, “Of course! If you don’t believe me, I can bring you to meet her. She’s my roommate, a Chinese national!”

“It’s 11.” Professional stand-in Ji Fanyin raised her hand and interjected in their conversation. “I wouldn’t mind if you choose to cancel your reservation now. I’m all for it.”

Bai Zhou shot her a sharp glare before swiftly putting on his helmet. He gestured toward the motorcycle with a tilt of his head. “Get on.”

By pressing down on Bai Zhou’s shoulder, Ji Fanyin managed to get onto the motorcycle’s backseat. Before leaving the scene, she turned around and smiled at Ji Xinxin through the protector.

I’ll leave the two of them to bite at each other. As for Bai Zhou… I guess I have no choice but to lend him a helping hand after striking such a profitable deal with Mrs. Bai.

Bai Zhou appeared to be in a good mood. As they cruised down the streets, he asked with a jovial tone, “You sacked Song Shiyu?”

“What do you mean?” Ji Fanyin calmly replied.

“Does that mean that we’ll have more time to…”

“Are you done with your exams yet? What about your thesis? Have you thought about your research question?” Ji Fanyin dished out three consecutive critical blows.

Bai Zhou: “…”

Neither Song Shiyu nor Ji Xinxin stepped out to stop the motorcycle when it arrogantly vroomed away in front of them.

Several seconds ticked by before they finally turned to look at each other.

Ji Xinxin swiftly adjusted her expression to reveal a forlorn smile. “So it was all a lie. Everything we talked about just this morning.”

“Get in my car.” Song Shiyu appeared disinterested to refute her words. “There are too many people around. Let’s find somewhere else to talk.”

Ji Xinxin bit on her lips so hard that pale teeth imprints showed on her lower lips. “You could have just told me if you like my big sis. I have always been supportive of your relationships. But you chose to hesitate between my big sis and me, refusing to make a choice. This is disrespectful to both me and my big sis. I cannot accept this.”

Song Shiyu unlocked his car. He looked at Ji Xinxin with chilly eyes and repeated himself once more, “Get in my car.”

Ji Xinxin was startled by his change in attitude.

She quietly got into the passenger seat and closed the door. She waited till Song Shiyu got into the car before continuing on, “You told me earlier this morning that you only wanted to be friends with my big sis. You said that you wanted to resolve the misunderstandings between the two of you. Were these all lies?”

“Yes,” replied Song Shiyu impassively. “I used to like you, but I like her now. A person’s feelings can’t possibly remain constant for his entire life.”

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