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TL - Chapter 99: Wu Yu 13 (2)

Zhuang Yu maintained a look of suspicion to the point where I could tell that her posture was very stiff and on guard when she walked into the room. After rolling up the sheets on the sofa, I woke Tan Jiao up and went to the washroom. Moments later, the sound of the two ladies chattering away was heard.

When I finally came out, the two were sitting on the bed with very contrasting expressions. Tan Jiao had a look on her face that said “I’m not even gonna bother to explain it to her anymore,” while Zhuang Yu looked up and down at me nonchalantly. Zhuang Yu was obviously not going to just let this slide. After all, her best friend had spent the night with a man.

The three of us got down to business after Tan Jiao had also freshened up. “Shall we start?”

“Oh, are we not gonna let the man of the house speak first?” Zhuang Yu teased.

Tan Jiao had an annoyed look and took a glance at me. “Zhuang Yu, he’s no man of the house! We’re here because of something important.”

“Oh, it must be really important.”

“Oh, shut it!”

This scene looked oddly similar to the last time when Zhuang Yu encountered me at Tan Jiao’s house.

Thinking of this, I could not help but laugh. Tan Jiao must have thought about the same thing when she looked at me and laughed as well. Our gaze met as we laughed, and perhaps that lasted for a bit too long, which triggered a “F*ck” from Zhuang Yu. “You two think I’m blind or something? How dare you say there’s nothing between you two! So, I guess you’ve done it already, huh? You otaku, how could you @#%#$%... Pah! I need some fresh air! I need some time to accept this…”

I never expected the honest-looking Zhuang Yu to be so liberal with her use of curse words. Shocked by what I heard, I turned to Tan Jiao to find her face blushing while her eyes avoided mine. Then she quickly got up and urged Zhuang Yu to stay. “If you keep teasing us, our friendship ends here!”

Zhuang Yu finally calmed down and stopped teasing us. However, the way she looked at us was still mischievous.

Tan Jiao expected that it would be way too complex to explain everything to Zhuang Yu again, so she told me yesterday that it probably would be better to simply tell her what was going on.

“Zhuang Yu, here’s the deal. I don’t need you to believe in what I say; I just need your input.”

Immediately, Zhuang Yu’s expression became serious. Since Tan Jiao had so much trust in this foul-mouthed lady, I had to assume she had some capability.

“So, there are these two people. They went on a cruise, but after they came back, one of them couldn’t remember what happened during the cruise, while the other one forgot everything that happened the year before. After that, they noticed that every half a month, the two of them would return to that cruise for a brief time. Which means…” Tan Jiao explained while drawing a diagram, noting the time of each event and connecting them with lines.

After telling her what strange things we had experienced, Tan Jiao asked, “Well? Any thoughts?”

Zhuang Yu picked up the piece of paper with the diagram and looked at it intently. “Interesting. Give me a moment.”

“Okay.” Tan Jiao sounded confident. Our gazes met once more, but she quickly looked away as if she had remembered something. Just then, Zhuang Yu’s previous words rang in my head, and my heart raced a little.

Seeing that Tan Jiao’s cup was empty, I reached over, intending to fill up her cup with some hot water. Unexpectedly, she reached out for the cup, so drops of hot water dripped onto her hand, scalding her. She let out a scream, and somehow, I ended up holding her hand. The two of us froze for a moment before I let her hand go. She retracted her hand and blew on it as if nothing had happened just now.

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