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TL - Chapter 98: Wu Yu 13 (1)

After entering the room, I immediately searched online for news about Qu Miao.

“Gone Missing.”

Sure enough, my mother had died from an accident.

Nothing has changed.


I was in a terrible mood this afternoon, so I ended up smoking outside on the snowy balcony. When I finally realized that it was actually really cold and decided to go back inside, I found that Tan Jiao was already asleep.

Trying my best not to make any noise, I turned off the table lamps and sat on the bed. Her serene appearance made my heart ache with guilt. Yet in the next moment, as if a voice inside was urging me, I placed my hands on the bed, trapping her between the bed and I. An intense desire was burning inside me to hold her in my arms and kiss her; I wanted to make her mine.

And I did kiss her.


A moment later, when I raised my face, I noticed her loose bathrobe covering her fair skin; it was unable to hide her curvy body. Below that were her smooth, slender legs, which always attracted my eyes. Right then, she let out a muffled grunt and turned her body. My heart dropped while I grabbed her wrist without thinking. If she woke up now...

She did not wake up.

She smacked her lips before her breathing became steady once more.

I was left to deal with a flame burning inside me. No one knew this, definitely not her. The flame burnt wildly in me and ultimately came to my eyes. I had no idea how long I was fighting that flame, perhaps it was a brief moment, perhaps not.

But ultimately, the flames inside me subsided. Like her gentle steady breathing, the flame inside me slowly faded away while coldness took its place.

I let go of her skinny wrist and laid down on the other side of the bed.


As such, after returning to the room tonight, I grabbed my pillow and tossed it on the sofa. She did not say anything when I did that.

After I turned off the lights, I lay down on the sofa and looked at the ceiling. I heard her moving and knew that she had not slept.

“The sofa is pretty short. You wanna switch?”

“No need.”

After a brief lull, she said, “You’re welcome to sleep on the bed.”

“I can’t,” I said while covering my eyes with the back of my hand.

I was not sure how much of the meaning she picked up, but she did not continue to ask anymore. Not long after, her breathing became steady, and it seemed that she was sound asleep.

Meanwhile, after laying there for some time, I found a certain calmness listening to her steady breathing and feeling her presence in the room, so I finally fell asleep.

The next day, a series of knocks woke me up. I opened my eyes and was greeted by the sunlight beaming through the window. Tan Jiao was still sound asleep. She muttered something, pulled the sheets over her head, and was obviously not going to get up. She even had one of legs hanging over the bed. I got up, helped her with the sheets, put something on, and went to the door.

It was already pretty bright outside, with the cold air gushing in when I opened the door. Standing in front of the door was a girl in a windbreaker wearing sunglasses. Upon seeing me, she lowered her sunglasses. Then she stared at me a little before finally nodding and saying, “I’m sorry, I must’ve knocked on the wrong door.” After that, she turned and started to walk away.

“Zhuang Yu,” I called out and started her. “You weren’t mistaken. Tan Jiao is inside. She’s still asleep.”

Naturally, Tan Jiao’s best friend would not know me.

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