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PBS - Chapter 2222 - Hand of the Taboo, Part One

Meanwhile, deep in the Northern Region...


A terrifying aura suddenly descended in the distance. The sky within a few hundred thousand li shattered into pieces. Strong gusts of wind surged wildly like a horde of demons.

The scene was beyond shocking.

"To think that an Immortal Realm would decline so much. I've stirred such a great chaos when I've unleashed less than half of my aura," a calm voice said as an old man with long hair in a purple dragon robe. He was carrying an ancient sword on his back. He slowly walked out from the rift.

His eyes were sharp like eagles.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Not long after, half-Dao Weapon vessels over tens of thousand zhang long with blinding glows appeared.

The vessels were full of figures with formidable auras. Dark blue flags were drifting in the wind on them.

The flags were written with a single word, Li!

These people were the authorities of the Li Clan!

The old man at the front was one of the three Rulers of Dao who were in charge of the Li Clan, Li Posheng. He had achieved the Ruler Realm over four thousand years ago. It once shocked the First Immortal Realm! 

"HAHAHA, old Li, the Small Immortal Realms will lose a part of their origin force every year. This Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm is obviously not as impressive as it used to be after so many years!"

A pleasant burst of laughter came from the distance.

Li Posheng looked up and saw a middle-aged man who was massive like a giant. Each step he took would shake the sky and the ground.

Figures with armor and magnificent auras were following behind him orderly in lines, like the soldiers of an ancient army.

"Ruler Zheng Di, we might have agreed to join hands, but I don't recall you are close enough to me to address me like that," Li Posheng said coldly.

"Cultivator Li is right, Zheng Di, you better watch your mouth!" a rather sinister voice echoed between the Heavens and Earth.

Huge black birds flew out of the rift and uttered cries of agony. They eventually combined into a hunchbacked figure with a pair of green eyes.

"Hehe, even Ruler Anxiao has said so, I should be more polite next time!" Zheng Di smiled indifferently. 

"So that's Ruler Anxiao?"

The authorities and elders of the Zheng Clan and the Li Clan placed their attention on the figure.

Ruler Anxiao had risen around ten thousand years ago. His whereabouts had always been a mystery. He was good at assassinating and killing his enemies brutally.

Even though he was alone most of the time and did not have a faction, yet he never had any problem taking on the Heaven Highness Clans and the Supreme Daoism factions.

"That's enough, the Rulers of Dao of the other five Heaven Highness Clans, Supreme Daoism factions, and ancient tribes have already arrived. Cultivator Li, is the Li Clan done with the preparations?" Ruler Anxiao asked. 

"Of course," Li Posheng said and performed a hand seal. A strong wave of energy surged in all directions.

An ancient mirror over a hundred zhang tall and thirty-three zhang wide slowly appeared from the wave. Its frame was carved with drawings of the ancient deities.

"Lend me a hand," Li Posheng said as he transmitted his energy of the Ruler Realm into the mirror.

Zheng Di and Ruler Anxiao did the same without any hesitation.


The ancient mirror started emitting a peerless glow as if an ancient seal had broken. A formidable power burst out of the mirror like a great calamity and spread at a shocking pace.

The power had spread across the entire Northern Region in less than two seconds!

A few moments later, the images on the mirror began to change!

The mirror was called the Imperial One Mirror. It used to be the natal artifact of a Heaven Highness in the past. It was an ancient Dao-Seeking Weapon.

Not only did it contain extraordinary power, it could even peek through everything in the world.

The Li Clan, Zheng Clan, and Anxiao were planning to find where the Ancient Taboo was hiding with the artifact!

As a matter of fact, the rest of the Heaven Highness Clans, ancient tribes, and Supreme Daoism factions were using similar methods to find the Ancient Taboo.

After all, anyone who found the Ancient Taboo first would have a head start. They could take down the Ancient Taboo before the others.

Li Posheng, Zheng Di, and Anxiao switched their hand seals. Shocking ripples immediately swept across the rift as two mirrors with blurred outlines appeared from it.

The mirrors were releasing a magnificent power just like the Imperial One Mirror.

However, the power instantly flew out of the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm's barrier and reached the Thirty-Third Small Immortal Realm and Thirty-First Small Immortal Realm!

They had sent out countless elders and disciples to investigate the Ancient Taboo's whereabouts in the past year. They had also found a few possible places in the other two Small Immortal Realms.

"One more thing, Cultivator Li, Zheng Di, you two should keep an eye around. It's likely that Qin Nan will come to the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm soon," Ruler Anxiao said.

"We are well aware of it," Zheng Di nodded.

Meanwhile, some mountain the Eastern District...

Qin Nan's figure slowly appeared.

"A lot of Rulers of Dao have come," Qin Nan looked into the distance with his glowing eyes.

He could sense terrifying auras across the rift as they were unleashing their power to find the Ancient Taboo.

Qin Nan quickly withdrew his aura.

Even though he had grown a lot stronger and was possibly stronger than ordinary Rulers of Dao in the early stage, but most of the Rulers of Dao in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm were in the Greater Success Stage and above. They would surely have a lot of tricks and trump cards up in their sleeves.

He might not die if he stumbled into a Ruler of Dao, but it would be troublesome to deal with them.

"Ancient Taboo, how are you going to respond now that such a huge trap has been set for you?" Qin Nan murmured. Somehow, the situation was completely different from his past. It was his turn to hunt down the Ancient Taboo.

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