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IRNDGL - Chapter 120: Coin of Destiny (2)

Lin Jie was very pleased with the efficiency shown by the Ash Chamber of Commerce. Of course, much of this was owed to the efforts of Cherry. It had only been a few days since the call, and she had sent her own butler over. That showed how much the young maiden remembered him. Mmm, a good kid indeed.

"Hello, Butler Edmund." Lin Jie stood up, grabbed Mu'en and patted her shoulder. "This child needs a new identity. A legitimate and clean one."

"Just calling me Edmund will do," answered the butler. He bowed to Mu'en and said, "Your request has been conveyed to us by the Mistress. Your wish is our command."

"Alright, enough playing." Lin Jie got Mu'en to put down the box and cooperate with the procedures for a new identification.

"Oh..." Mu'en put the brass box down reluctantly, apparently engrossed in studying it.

The little brass box caught Edmund's attention for a slight moment. The was definitely a complex set of sigils set by a white magician sealing the box, probably enclosing some sort of dangerous and otherworldly object.

The bookstore owner views it as a toy and even lets this young girl play with it...

In the next moment, he realized he had allowed his thoughts to wander and immediately retracted his gaze.

Don't look around or touch anything!

The Mistress' warnings resounded in his mind. Indeed, nothing within the bookstore was as simple as it seemed! Although Edmund was shocked, he was too good a steward to let these feelings show, and thus regained his composure after just a slight pause.

Edmund got two of their party to step forward. One held equipment that seemed like a camera, while the other carried some strange and complicated device.

Identification in Azir was also in the form of an ID card, but what ordinary people didn't know was that there was a method to attach the true identity of transcendent beings to the Truth Union's Aetheric Network. Therefore, identification couldn't be forged by most.

However, the Ash Chamber of Commerce could do so because, at the time when printed identification was introduced, the Truth Union's Mechanical Department was still in its infancy. It had been the druids who contacted the dwarven craftsmen who manufactured their machines.

Unlike the large and powerful monopoly that was Rolle Resource Development, what the Ash Chamber of Commerce specialized in were investments and connections. Even those evil-loathing knights of Secret Rite Tower got most of their funding from the Ash Chamber of Commerce for their respective departments...

But even if they had that ability, the Ash Chamber of Commerce would not blatantly create false identification often and usually only did so in secret.

Unless someone of Cherry's caliber asked for it. From there on, it was a matter of collecting information about appearance and aetheric flow, then some minor tweaks before printing the card on the spot. As he watched them at work, Lin Jie couldn't help recalling his past self from three years ago.

However, Edmund interrupted his memory. "The Mistress is currently engaged in Chamber of Commerce business at the moment and isn't able to come in person at present. She specially prepared a present for you as thanks for your help back then. Hope you like it."

Just coming here is good enough, why bring a present... Lin Jie replied with a smile. "I'll definitely like it since it's from Cherry."

The old butler smiled. "Thank you for your kindness. I'll pass on your message and I believe the mistress would be delighted."

He then got another attendant carefully holding a small black box to come forth. Edmund was equally as careful as well, picking up and placing it on the countertop before slowly opening it.

"This is..." Lin Jie's eyes fell on the box, and he reached out to move it nearer for closer inspection. "An antique coin?"

An ancient coin, about the size of two fingernails laid inside. Embossed on its face were three concentric circles and an upright spindle in the center.

Edmund nodded and explained, "This is an ancient coin from the First Era. We call it the 'Coin of Misfortune'. Said to have been forged from one eye of the Goddess of Fate, it possesses immense magical power and a long history."

This coin was worth a fortune. As a powerful sorcery tool coveted by countless magicians, it was supposed to be on sale at the next Ash Chamber of Commerce's auction.

But, with authority as a vice-chairman of the Ash Chamber of Commerce, it was easy for Cherry to use it for her own personal gain.

This item was withdrawn with the reason that its 'danger wasn't completely removed' and replaced with another item.

There were also two aspects to this coin. It could be used to cast powerful causality magic, but at the same time, could bring great misfortune to the user.

If the user was too weak, it could consume or even kill the user directly. Even touching the coin could bring about misfortune, and so, Edmund and the others handled it with utmost caution.

After all, when this coin was found, its owner at that time, a down-on-his-luck magician had already knocked over his own petrifying potion, fossilizing the lower half of his body, and had his throat slit by a nearby Ironthorn grass after losing his balance and falling down.

His innocent disciple had also slipped in his shock and became fossilized along with his master.

"It sounds very interesting and research worthy. I've recently gained an interest in the history of Azir during the First and Second Era.”

Lin Jie picked up the coin and observed it with great interest, and didn't forget to tell the old butler. "Thank Cherry for me.

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"Such an antique is probably worth a great deal... Cough, cough. Its value isn't important, mainly, it's the long and rich cultural history that is."

Edmund's expressionchanged when he saw Lin Jie pick up the coin barehanded. However, after hearing Lin Jie's coughs mid sentence, he quickly regained his composure.

After all, this was a powerful being respected by his own mistress, and he clearly didn't seem bothered by the trivial misfortune the coin had. See, he didn’t even think of it as a sorcery medium, but a tool for understanding ancient history.

However, legend said that this Coin of Misfortune had to be combined with the Coin of Fortune for it to become the true and complete Coin of Destiny.

"As long as you like it," said Edmund.

"Oh right," Lin Jie said, "I would like to request your help for one other thing."

"Feel free to do so."

Lin Jie mentioned his thoughts on renovating the bedroom and second floor.

Naturally, Edmund indicated that it was a small matter and would help him with it right away. Having solved two of his issues, Lin Jie was in a good mood. While studying the coin in his hand, he suddenly looked up and asked, "The Goddess of Fate ought to have two eyes. Since there is a 'Coin of Misfortune', then wouldn't there be a 'Coin of Fortune'..."


The door was suddenly kicked open at that moment, and a plump man with arms raised came rushing in.

"Gakk?!" Colin's momentum was halted as he saw the bunch of personnel from the Ash Chamber of Commerce glaring at him.

He had the courage to face the demon, but not the Ash Chamber of Commerce. He still owed the Ash Chamber of Commerce $10,000.This demon is evil indeed! To actually control personnel from the Ash Chamber of Commerce! Fine, you win this time!

Colin smiled dryly, hid the holy water behind his back and waved the coin in his hand, inched forward, then placed the coin on the countertop.

His back was drenched in sweat as he forced himself to speak. "Uh, I-I want to thank you for helping me with the circuit breaker back then. Th-This is my family heirloom, and I'm giving it to you!"

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Having finished, Colin immediately ran out, tumbling and crawling at once. Everyone in the store exchanged glances before their eyes turned to the counter. Then, Edmund's eyes nearly popped out of his sockets.This coin is exactly the same as the Coin of Misfortune in Lin Jie's hand! Is this the other 'Coin of Fortune'?!

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