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AWG - Chapter 0014: Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance

Yang Wu did not know how long he had stood alone in the stone hut. He felt as if he had been bathing in a hot spring. Warm and comfortable, he didn’t want to wake from his trance.

The energy rushing through his twelve major meridians was turbulent as if it were breathing. Energy continued to flow in and out of the thousand holes in the peach pit dantian, absorbing the moisture little by little. A foggy aura drifted around Yang Wu, wisps of energy flowing through his meridians before settling in the Yongquan acupoints in his feet.

[TL Note: The Yongquan acupoints can be literally translated as Gushing Spring Acupoints. However, the name has already been established in Traditional Chinese Medicine.]

Only Warriors were capable of opening their acupoints, yet Yang Wu found he had the ability. Had using the Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance helped him skip ahead to the Warrior Realm?

Obviously, that was not the case. Yang Wu had not yet progressed far enough through the Foot Soldier Realm. He had only opened these acupoints now due to cultivating the Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance and Supreme Nine Profound Art. To use this stance, one had to sense the water’s power by opening their Yongquan acupoints.

Without the Supreme Nine Profound Art, Yang Wu would have only been able to imitate the Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance. Without the cultivation technique, opening those acupoints would have been impossible. The combination was the only reason he had succeeded.

As his acupoints opened, Yang Wu felt power surge to his feet, significantly boosting both his speed and strength. 

Once a cultivator reached the Warrior Realm, opening all of one’s acupuncture points was necessary. This allowed a cultivator full access to their combat body, allowing them to explore its potential and improve further.

As Yang Wu woke, the energy flowing through his twelve major meridians roared like a river, chiming thrice with the mysterious ring.

Gaining another three stones of strength, he now stood at fourteen, one step away from becoming a Consummate Grade Foot Soldier.

It all felt like a dream. Even though the Foot Soldier Realm was the weakest of the cultivation reams, it had taken him years to reach that point before his imprisonment. 

Of course, he had not consumed any rare medicine during those years, only obediently following his father’s instructions and consolidating his foundations. After his nibble of the blood ginseng, he wasn’t surprised to gain a few stones at once, but he had just gained three by simply practicing a stance. It seemed ridiculous.

“It’s amazing that I can combine the Dragon Turtle Water Suppression stance with the Supreme Nine Profound Art!” Yang Wu said, awed by his success. He stared down at his soaked feet and the puddle around him, wondering, for a moment, if it were an illusion.

Had he not just been practicing a stance? Where did the water come from?

Even a fool would recognize how extraordinary this inheritance was. 

“This sealing pearl must have an astounding history!” Yang Wu exclaimed. 

The seal locking the pearl’s secrets within was incredible, yet Sooty’s fire breath had broken it, providing even more evidence for how outstanding the little pup was. 

“It seems that keeping Sooty around is a good idea,” Yang Wu mused, glancing to a shadowed corner of the room.

He knew he’d regret losing such a powerful sapient spirit.

Yang Wu did not deliberately try to pander to the pup. His spirits were too high, and he wanted to pit his new strength against another. So, he called in Skinny Monkey and Xiaoman.

As the two came in, they immediately noticed the water stains at Yang Wu’s feet and his wet, discolored trousers. 

“Is something wrong?” Yang Wu asked, puzzled at their odd expressions.

Glancing at Xiaoman, Skinny Monkey whispered to Yang Wu, “Brother, have you been too engrossed with your cultivation? You … um, wet your pants!”

Xiaoman, unable to look at him any longer, turned her face away from Yang Wu. She was ashamed. He was already a young man, yet he had peed his pants.

Yang Wu stepped forward and thumped Skinny Monkey on the head. Awkward, he smiled and scolded, “You’re the one who wet yourself. The water came from my cultivation, soaking my lower body.”

“Is that really the truth?” Skinny Monkey asked incredulously. 

Not even Xiaoman believed Yang Wu’s claim. She could not see any water in the stone hut, and how could cultivation get you wet?

Yang Wu was too lazy to explain it and wasn’t sure how, anyway. Rather, he changed the topic, asking, “How are you doing as the boss?”

Skinny Monkey felt put on the spot. “We have a few thorns in our side who are trying to step up and take over.”

“Oh? Who is so bold?” Yang Wu asked.

“A guy named Bei Zi has been targeting our people,” Skinny Monkey explained gloomily.

Thus far, they had gained over twenty inmates, all of whom were Foot Soldiers. They had even had a Medial Grade Foot Soldier who Yang Wu had previously defeated, but the man was not nearly strong enough to defeat Bei Zi. And since Skinny Monkey had not reached that point as a cultivator himself, he doubted he would be enough to take down this upstart.

Yang Wu considered the situation before he spoke. “Well, you’ve been cultivating alongside me for the past two days. Let’s spar and hone your combat techniques. Then, you will challenge Bei Zi.”

“Brother, I’m not strong enough! I’ve heard he’s just as powerful as Centipede was!” Skinny Monkey argued.

“I killed Centipede, and a mere Bei Zi scares you? How do you expect to rule over the Smoke Signal Mountain Prison in the future?” Yang Wu glared at his friend, clearly disappointed.

Skinny Monkey clenched his fists. “Big Brother, you’re right. I shouldn’t act so timidly. I’m not afraid of death, so why should I be afraid of Bei Zi? I’m just … afraid I’ll embarrass my brother.”

“Both victory and defeat are routine for cultivators. This is nothing!” Yang Wu admonished.

Yang Wu then led Skinny Monkey outside for their sparring session, using the exercise to refine Skinny Monkey’s skill with his combat techniques. Xiaoman wanted to leave, but Yang Wu insisted that she stay and watch.

Obediently, Xiaoman shrank in a corner. Seeing her distress, Sooty approached and gave her hand an affectionate lick. Adorably, the pup wagged its tail, making the girl smile. She scooped up the black dog, hugging it close, and stroked his fur, its companionship improving her mood.

However, she didn’t notice the somewhat strange look in Sooty’s intelligent eyes.

Meanwhile, Skinny Monkey showed his substantial talent for cultivation. After less than a day of sparring and practicing with Yang Wu, he brought the Rainstorm Spear Art’s first move, Dark Clouds Covering the Sky to the Established stage. Yang Wu watched on in admiration, thinking, He really has a natural gift for cultivation!

If Skinny Monkey had been born to a wealthy family, he would’ve been brilliant to watch! Yang Wu mused proudly.

The two young men did not need to go out that evening, their followers bringing their daily meal to them.

Naturally, the inmates brought Xiaoman’s food too, as Yang Wu would not forget about her.

As they ate, Yang Wu noticed something odd in Xiaoman’s hand. After a closer look, he stared at her, stunned, and asked, “Xiaoman, where did you … where did you find that lingzhi?” 

Lingzhi was on par with medicinal ginseng. The mushroom chunk in Xiaoman’s hand was not large and much younger than the blood ginseng Yang Wu had, but it was enough to provide significant medicinal benefits to any ordinary person who ate it. Eating the lingzhi would even help a Foot Soldier grow significantly stronger.

A little frightened, Xiaoman answered, “I … the little dog gave it to me.”

Afraid she had made Yang Wu angry, she thrust the mushroom at him. She may not understand it, but she had heard of lingzhi and knew it was worth thousands of gold, on top of being a potent herb.

Woof, woof! Sooty wiggled in Xiaoman’s arms, barking several times. It tugged at the girl’s sleeve, indicating that she did not need to hand the mushroom over. 

“It seems you have some kind of private stash, Sooty. Why aren’t you sharing it with me?” Yang Wu said, looking the pup in the eye.

The little dog felt like a medical storehouse. He did not know where the pup got the peach pit, blood ginseng, and lingzhi from, but Sooty might have even more access to potent herbs. The idea was rather important at the moment.

Sooty responded a few times, rolling its eyes. It then snuggled against Xiaoman’s chest and ignored Yang Wu.

She stroked the little dog’s fur again, speaking softly, “Sooty, if you still have herbs, you should give them to the young master. Even if you don’t, we should give him the lingzhi. It would be wasted on me, anyway.”

What a considerate girl this is, Yang Wu thought to himself.

Aoww, woof …. Sooty whined in complaint. 

Xiaoman tried to hand Yang Wu the lingzhi again, but he waved her off. “Keep it. You’re as thin as a bean sprout. The supplements will help you develop.”

Although the lingzhi was valuable medicine, he didn’t need to fight a servant for the opportunity. Doing so would only mar his status as a viscount.

Moreover, he had found a faster way to improve. He could, perhaps, make great progress without relying on external sources.

Noticing Yang Wu’s refusal, Sooty settled down.

Yang Wu did not understand why the pup was so close to Xiaoman, but he could not help but laugh, scolding, “You little pervert!”

In response, the pup jumped and snapped at Yang Wu.

“Oy, Sooty! Are you trying to kill your master? I am your master, you know!” Yang Wu complained.

“Let go, or I’ll have to force you.”

“Forget it. Since you gave me the blood ginseng, I’ll let it slide. You can stay with Xiaoman. Don’t follow me.”

Having grown up as a pampered viscount, Yang Wu had never experienced a dog bite before. It made him quite sad.


The next day, it was Skinny Monkey’s turn to be miserable. Again, he trained with Yang Wu, and again, he tasted defeat. This forced his progress, and he reached a total of five stones of strength, reaching the Medial Grade Foot Soldier Realm in one fell swoop.

“Well, it's time to take care of this Bei Zi guy,” Yang Wu announced.

“I’ll beat him so badly, I’ll scatter his teeth across the ground!” Skinny Monkey roared, confidently waving his crowbar.

He was determined to make Bei Zi suffer as he had over the past two days of training.


Translated by: DragonInWhite
Edited by: FluffyGoblyn
Checked by: DragonInWhite

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