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PBS - Chapter 2219 - The Crack

The discussion lasted for ten hours.

In the first three hours, Qin Nan and the four Rulers of Dao decided how they were going to share the loot.

It only took three hours because Qin Nan had managed to defeat Xiang Hun and claimed Huangfu Jue's possessions, thus the four Rulers of Dao assumed Qin Nan had awakened his memories and held great secrets.

They spent the remaining seven hours discussing their plan regarding Cang's reincarnation.

Qin Nan must admit that he was inferior to the Rulers of Dao in terms of foresight and capabilities.

The four Rulers of Dao had decided the majority of the plan.

Through the discussion, Qin Nan also gained a better understanding of the Supreme Daoism factions, the ancient tribes, and the seven Heaven Highness Clans.

He learned a lot about the seven Heaven Highness Clans. It turned out that each clan had three Rulers of Dao in charge, except for the Xu Clan which only had two Rulers of Dao!

They even used an ancient forbidden art to preserve the flesh and the will of the Rulers of Dao who had reached the end of their lifespan to fight for them when necessary.

Their next step was rather simple.

The three Supreme Daoism factions acted swiftly and gave out orders to gather their disciples and elders who were between the Heaven Immortal Realm and the Ruler Realm.

Qin Nan briefed them and asked them to swear the Immortal Demon Oaths before bringing them to the Undying Cycle Mountain in batches.

Xu Ruochen, Elder Long, Li Ji, Mo Xiaoli, Supreme Chang Xiao, and the Masters of Dao were appointed as vice commanders.

Elder Long was in charge of teaching everyone the six battling formations.

Xu Ruochen was in charge of the art manuals, resources, and artifacts in the first four stages. It was not like Qin Nan would let them take the art manuals, resources, and artifacts as they pleased.

It was unnecessary to explain all the trifles and details.

A new Army of Eternity was starting to be born.

"I should pay them a visit!"

Qin Nan took a last glance at the bustling mountain before vanishing into thin air.

Three hours later, he appeared in an ancient valley on the outskirts of the First Immortal Realm.

"Greetings, master, congratulations on awakening your memories!" Mo Xie and Demon Emperor Wutian uttered as they came up to Qin Nan and fell to their knees.

"You still think of me as your master after learning I'm Zhou Di's reincarnation?" Qin Nan said with a smile.

"For me, you are my master as long as you possess the Immortal Demon Qi and the Immortal Demon's memories. As for why my master is also Zhou Di's reincarnation, it's beyond my concern," Moxie said.

"(Sigh)...please rise," Qin Nan let out a long sigh and said.

"My master, you don't have to worry too much. No one knows what the future upholds. We can only take one step at a time. I believe your top priority is to reclaim your flesh and merge with it," Demon Emperor Wutian said.

"Yeah, my master, Zhou Di, Cang, and the others have lost their flesh in the past. Only yours is well-preserved. If you merge with it, you will be truly awakened, allowing you to rule the world!" 

"You might not like the sound of this, but even Empress Feiyue won't stand a chance against you. You will become the strongest Ruler of Dao without a doubt!"

"You might even kill Eternal Night and become the strongest cultivator in the Upper Primary Realm!" Moxie uttered in a single breath.

"Eternal Night? He's still alive?" Qin Nan said with a slight frown.

"He's not dead for sure. The heroic spirits of the Army of Eternity have unmatchable strength, yet Eternal Night is no ordinary person if he managed to survive the battle in the past and become the strongest cultivator for a few tens of thousand years. He won't die so easily," Moxie said.

"It's fine if he's still alive!" Qin Nan's eyes flickered murderously. He added, "There's something I must tell you. I didn't awaken the memories of my past life. I only saw the Immortal Demon's flesh, but I have no clue where it is now."

Qin Nan only told them half the truth.

Even though he had yet to find the flesh, he could sense a faint connection with it every time he came to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. He would eventually track it down given enough time.

Unfortunately, he was not planning on doing so.

The reason being that the flesh was far too strong to his liking!

He had a feeling he had to at least master the second half of the Art of the Immortal Demon and fully merge it with the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh and his will before he could refine the Immortal Demon's flesh.

Moxie and Demon Emperor Wutian were startled.

"Master, judging from your aura, I believe you've only mastered the first half of the Art of the Immortal Demon, am I right?" Moxie said.

"Mm, does it mean I have to master the whole thing to find out where the flesh is?" Qin Nan asked.

"I'm afraid so based on what you've told me," Moxie said after a while, "Your flesh has already achieved the highest level of the Art of the Immortal Demon, thus you won't be able to sense it if you have yet to fully master the Art of the Immortal Demon."

Demon Emperor Wutian immediately took a step forward and brought his fists together, "I think you should focus on mastering the Art of the Immortal Demon so you can reclaim your flesh."

Qin Nan looked at them in silence.

After some time, he said with a smile, "To be honest with you, the Divine God of Battle, Bai Zhongsheng, and Zhou Di's memories have influenced me. I'm now seeing Cang as my greatest enemy."

"Cang will soon be reincarnated. I might be able to master the Art of the Immortal Demon before he returns, but I won't have time to reclaim my flesh until I erase his existence."

"I've come to ask you to assist me in killing Cang's reincarnation." 

Moxie and Demon Emperor Wutian exchanged glances. The former said, "We will obey our master's command, but since you weren't fully awakened, I'm afraid I won't be able to convince all of your men to help you."

Qin Nan already guessed what they would say. He proceeded to explain his plan to them.

After deciding on the plan, Qin Nan took his leave, leaving them on the mountain.

"Master, it seems like we do have a problem. Zhou Di and his men already have deep influence over our master."

Demon Emperor Wutian said, "He's clearly treating the Immortal Demon's flesh very cautiously."

Moxie was amused by Demon Emperor Wutian's reaction. His eyes squinted as he said, "So what if that's the case? Is it going to make any difference? Wutian, be patient, we'll think of a plan when the time comes. He will never escape his fate!"

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