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ZL - Chapter 1058- Receiving the move

When I woke up, it was already 10pm of the second night. I looked at my messages; there was only one from Death God's Elergy: "Iron Skull and Swirling Abyss cities have come to an agreement. They’ll arrive at the border of China Region in three hours!"

That was around 6pm, so they should be here now, right?

I got up and cleaned myself quickly. After which, I ate something with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue before heading online. Enemies coming from the west meant that Fan Shu City, which was located in the southwest direction of Tian Ling City, would be the first to get hit. Moreover, Moon City players had been surrounding the city for a long time. We had one hundred thousand Dragon’s Den troops and were really strong, so they saw us as a huge threat.



I slowly appeared on one of the Fan Shu City’s walls. The moment I appeared, I felt a hot fireball strike me. Peng! I was hit head-on and lost 40,000 Health. Still, it was okay.The attack had come from a trebuchet. There were a group of people outside the west wall, and numerous cannons and trebuchets were firing down.

In the sky, many eagles were crying out. Apart from those war eagles were many griffins. These were Iron Skull City's special offensive mounts. Although these griffins were not as strong as dragons, but they were far stronger than hawks and these mounts’ tier was Demon Harvest. Moreover, most of them were NPC mounts and it was hard for players to get them. Anyways, there were only a handful of griffin players now.

On the city walls, Zhan Long, Judgement, Appearance Alliance, Blood Contract, et cetera were fighting back. Cannons were fired, and many Archers, Musketeers, Mages, et cetera fired back.

In the distance, Xing Lie held a red spear and smiled. "Boss, you're finally here!"

I asked, "How is the situation?"

Xing Lie replied, "Not good!"

"Oh, good luck!"


I summoned the God Dragon Horse and charged towardthe right wing. There was a giant siege carriage heading towardthe wall in that direction. Once it got close, the NPC army in it would be able to be tossed onto the walls. That would increase the pressure on our defense. I activated Icy Wings and pulled my blade out to use Wind Carrying Slash. I slashed the carriage at its waist, and the NPC troops fell out. One of them charged at me with rage in his eyes.


I stepped on the wind and jumped onto the walls. Along the way, I cleared out the other seige carriages. The west wall was surrounded by Iron Skull City NPCs and players. The Americans were the main force. Fortunately, we had enough Dragon Crystal and Flame Dragon cannons and were able to shatter their siege weapons. Moreover, the arrow towers had hundreds of Heavy Flame Archers, which were level 7 soldier-type that had 95% of my stats. Their arrows were a death sentence for the players.

Han Yuan was guarding with the Royal Army, and pretty much all the Saint Hall Cavalry troops were fighting. They used their Saint Shields to block the attacks while slashing at the cloud ladders to kill those players who were trying to climb up.

I looked and saw many cloud ladders hooked onto our walls. Many Iron Skull City players were climbing up. They were dense like bugs and sent a chill down my spine. Still, Fan Shu City was really firm and our allied players did not show any signs of exhaustion at all. Li Mu gathered a bunch of Furnace God Cavalry and waited for instructions to charge at those American players. In the meantime, Fan Shu City was still safe.

However, no matter howstrong the defense was, it could not forever block endless attacks. If the steady dripping of water could pierce through stone over time, what more of the cannons, trebuchets, war hammers, et cetera that were being used to siege Fan Shu City?

In the crowd, Yue Qing Qian flew over with her dagger. "Brother Xiao Yao, the situation isn't good..."

"En, tell me about it."

"Moon City has moved to attack the north wall. The Russians and Americans have come to an agreement. They'll send at least ten million players to attack the south wall; they have many heavy cannons on top of their numbers pretty much stretching across the wilderness from Fire God Mountain. Their two million people have stretched to the east and were blocking our connection with Tian Ling City. Fan Shu City is all alone now."

"En, I saw that, too..."

I looked at the city wall interface. There were fewer than seven million people in Fan Shu City, with most of them being Zhan Long allies. There were also other smalland mid-sized guild players. However, their troops were scattered and not very strong. The main force was still Zhan Long and our powerful allies. In the enemy camp, the Americans had sent twenty-four million people over to Fan Shu City, while Moon City had eight million. The Russians had twelve million. Overall, they had forty-four million people on their side. That was six times our number!

The difference in strength could be seen.

Yue Qing Qian frowned. "Red Rock City has been taken down. Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword are moving east, and their next target is Nine Heavens City!"

"Oh, Red Rock City has been taken down?"

"Right.They paid a heavy price to take down one Red Rock City."

"It seems like we can't depend on Heaven Planning Hall, but we really have too few people. Sooner or later, we will run out."

"En, what should we do?"

"Let me go tell them..."

I called Fang Ge Que, and a few seconds later, the line was connected. Fang Ge Que's calm voice came from the other end: "Xiao Yao, is this about Fan Shu City?"

"En," I said, "I know that we have to take down Nine Heavens City, but Fan Shu City is being attacked by forty million players. Fang Ge, if Heaven Planning Hall doesn't send people over now, Fan Shu City will be lost."

"I understand Fan Shu City's situation, but we need more people here. We spent all night wiping out the Nine Heavens City's main force in Red Rock City. We need to take down Nine Heavens next and grab that main city. If not, the war would be pointless."

"Then Fan Shu City will be lost."

"Don't worry. I have already had Ah Jing lead eight million people to Tian Ling City. Two hours later, they will arrive in Fan Shu City; just hold on for two hours, and she will aid you in defending the city with Legend's elites."


After switching off the communication device, I frowned. This battle was on such a large scale and spread from Fan Shu City to Nine Heavens City. We did not have many troops to fight a war spanning over many major maps.

However, what surprised me was that Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, et cetera were able to wipe out Nine Heavens City's main force. Even Demon Mountain and 7K were not their match. One must say that China Region had so many talents; probably, Demon Mountain had realized how strong our region was by now.

Since that was the case, my original idea must be changed. Joining hands with Nine Heavens City and taking down Waterfront City was the plan, but now it seemed like we were one against the world.

Since it had reached this stage, then we should take it step by step!


We continued defending, and in less than two hours, a dense number of China Region players arrived from the east. This was Enchanted Painting's party. Fang Ge Que was a righteous person; he had not taken this chance to wrestle control over Fan Shu City and had had Enchanted Painting bring over Legend's elites, instead. More than eight thousand God Wind Cavalry were now here.

Moreover, she had brought reinforcements of more than eight million people by walking around Tian Ling City and leading those who had revived over. Right now, there were more than twelve million of them. With this group, Fan Shu City had a chance.

Iron Skull and Swirling Abyss cities had started to enter our map. War God River, Tian Ling City, Jiu Li City, et cetera had more and more of them appearing around, which resulted in the people surrounding us to gofrom forty-four to thirty million. However, most of those that remained were elites. From afar, Sky Rose's Blades of War could be seen.


Although Fan Shu City was huge, it was hard to fit twenty million players. Thus, Enchanted Painting sent me a message, suggesting that she did not enter. I would send people out to charge at Moon City's camp. Smile and Hand of Waterloo probably did not expect us to head out again. One hundred thousand of us spread out like a fan and charged out from the east. At this point, Moon City's eight million seemed too weak.

"Ang ang..."

In the sky, the Griffin Cavalry from Iron Skull City had finally attacked. More than two thousand of them flew from the west. The soldiers on their backs tossed iron spears, which turned into giant light pillars that smashed onto the crowd.

"D*mn!" Han Bei Song looked at the griffins and gritted his teeth. "Why don't we have the flying offensive type?"

"No, we do have."

I charged while checking the map as a red wave covered over. The forty thousand Flame Hawk Archers had attacked. Since Sky Rose moved, we of course would, too!



One theGriffin Cavalryexpressed shock. "Sir, what is that?"

A Griffin Cavalry Major raged, "Flame Hawk Cavalry! Attack and smash them! Those flame hawks daredto fight with griffins? They’re asking for death!"

A griffin pounced and tossed a spear, which exploded in the sky. Truth proved that the hawks were not their match and they instantly suffered heavy losses. However, Chi Yu Qing was someone who often fought back. She tossed her whip and wrapped it around several griffins. The hawks, on her side,fired at this time, too,turningthe enemy mounts into porcupines.

Blood fell like rain and splashed on the crowd below.

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