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PBS - Chapter 2210 - Rebirth and Transformation, Part Three

A great energy around Qin Nan, bringing him into a gray chaotic space. He was flying forward at a shocking speed.

Qin Nan was unaware of what was happening to him. He was immersed in his thoughts after he took down the Dao Gates.

The Nine Heavens Supreme force in his body had fully evolved into the Master Force.

The memory fragments in his Divine Sense began to crack apart.

The transformation of his flesh was half-completed. The will of the Impenetrable Flesh was gradually taking shape.

The Impenetrable Sacred Flesh was ranked the highest among the Ten Fleshes. Its ability was very simple, being able to ignore all Rules. 

However, it did not necessarily mean he was unbeatable after acquiring the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh.

It was similar to the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity. Would the flesh really grant its bearer eternity?

It was impossible to live eternally. Even Zhou Di who was a Supreme Highness had fallen in the end before he was reincarnated.

People were only describing them as the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh and the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity to depict their remarkable power and extraordinary capabilities.

The Impenetrable Sacred Flesh was also split into the early stage, the Greater Success Stage, and the peak stage at every cultivation level.

Normally, the Ten Ancient Fleshes were granted naturally by the Heavens. Only certain people were born with them.

However, the wisp of Indestructible Force which Zhou Di had left for Qin Nan was no ordinary power. It had given Qin Nan the embryonic form of the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh. The mystical power of the Ownerless Heaven Pattern also helped Qin Nan to break the rule that people could only obtain these Ancient Fleshes if they were born with them.

Time gradually passed, a strange feeling suddenly rose in Qin Nan's heart. He transmitted his voice, "Spirit of the Pattern, lend me a hand!"

The silent Ownerless Heaven Pattern suddenly unleashed a tremendous force flowing inside Qin Nan's body.

A series of explosions took place. Qin Nan's body started turning crystalline like a statue carved with immortal jades.

Ripples of sacred light burst out of Qin Nan's body and lit up the surroundings.

He had successfully refined the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh!

However, the Art of the Immortal Demon activated on its own as if it had encountered a great foe. A shocking demonic intent emerged from Qin Nan's back.

In addition to it, Qin Nan's acupuncture points became restless as a realm started taking shape above him, resulting in a great burst of energy. 

It was the Immortal Demon Realm and the power of the Rules of the Immortal Demon! 

The Master Force in Qin Nan's body reacted fiercely too. The two contradicting forces started clashing with one another.

The clash was not exceeding intense, yet Qin Nan knew the clash would only worsen when the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh and the Art of the Immortal Demon grew stronger. The two were treating his body as a battlefield.

How could a peerless flesh and a peerless art coexist with one another?

Qin Nan did not stop the infighting. He was observing them carefully like a bystander, yet his gaze sharpened all of a sudden.

"Do it!"

Qin Nan fully unleashed his twelve Arts of Dao Seeking some time later. The Dao Pattern in his body immediately unleashed twelve shocking intents to encapsulate the peerless flesh and the peerless art.


The clash between the two powers grew even stronger, as if they were trying to crush Qin Nan's Dao Pattern into pieces.

The pressure which Qin Nan was under grew rapidly, like he was suffering the wrath of the Heavens.

Qin Nan understood he was playing with fire. He might end up destroying his Dao Pattern. The peerless flesh and the peerless art would go astray, inflicting serious damage on his Master Force.

However, the Dao Pattern consisted of his will!

Qin Nan was not trying to suppress the peerless flesh and the peerless art with the Dao Pattern. He was not that stupid and arrogant.

He was trying to merge them all into one!

His idea was even crazier than his attempt to merge Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue's will.

He had only merged the two Supreme Highnesses' will temporarily, but the merge between the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh and the Art of the Immortal Demon was permanent, not to mention the two would grow continuously together with Qin Nan.

No one could possibly tell what was going to happen after the three merged into one.

Even if Qin Nan did merge them into one, how was he supposed to improve and cultivate them?

There were too many uncertainties, yet Qin Nan had a strong urge to make it work.

After the fight with Xiang Hun, Qin Nan realized he could no longer rely on his old approach and just follow the flow, whether he was going to end up as Zhou Di or Huangfu Jue.

Since Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue had given him their memories, arts, flesh, and precious belongings, couldn't he just accept them all and pursue an unprecedented path?

Since his predecessors had planted a towering tree for him, wouldn't it be better for him to stand on the tree to enjoy a wider view which his predecessors never had the chance to enjoy? 

As such, he had nothing to fear about.

Meanwhile, a mysterious residence in the Land of the Duo... 

The young man who claimed himself to be Di was staring at a pond. Images were flickering on the surface. They included Tang Qingshan, Princess Miao Miao, Jiang Bilan, Gong Yang, Qin Tian, and many more, but most of them were Tang Qingshan. 

"The world is in chaos, but I still can't find the cause after so many days!" 

The young man exclaimed. He waved his hand and cleared the images on the pond.

Now that he thought about it, he was a little relieved that Qin Nan did not ask him which of his close-ones he was going to kill, since he did not know the answer either.


The young man raised his brows when he suddenly sensed something.

"Tsk tsk, oh Xiang Hun, why do I feel like you are not a traitor but a man who's willing to become a grindstone for his master? The fight you started has invoked a terrifying thought in him," the young man murmured. He was feeling a little annoyed.

He was trying to understand everything in recent years, yet he still could not find out the truth, nor was his eyes able to see through what fate had in mind.

However, he had a bad feeling about the things that were going to happen.

He felt like something was going to happen in the Nine Heavens a year and three months from now.

The young man shook his head to calm his thoughts. He went into his room and noticed a bright glow on a copper plate. His eyes glittered.

This was getting interesting.

It turned out that guy was not a reincarnation.

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