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100000PSI - Chapter 68.3: Goodbye (3)


It was 9 PM when Ji Fanyin finally got off work. Song Shiyu appeared to have gained immunity against the countdown timer as he nonchalantly watched her switch off the alarm. He asked, “Who are you meeting tomorrow?”

“That’s an infringement of my client’s privacy,” answered Ji Fanyin without raising her head. She opened the cab’s door and said, “Goodbye.”

It’ll be a true farewell this time around.

As soon as Ji Fanyin got home, she blacklisted Song Shiyu on her reservation app and double confirmed that he no longer had the authority to access the platform. 

Shortly after, she received a call from Bai Zhou. He asked, “Are you home yet?”

“It’s outside of working hours now. Are you intending to pay me OT?” asked Ji Fanyin lazily.

Bai Zhou immediately responded with a question, “I can do that? What are your charges?”

“… No, you can’t,” replied Ji Fanyin. She headed to her fridge to grab a can of cola. “You haven’t sent me the meeting location for tomorrow.”

Bai Zhou let out a disappointed “Oh” before saying, “I’ll fetch you. Where do you live?”

“Don’t bother. I’ll head there myself,” Ji Fanyin coldly rejected him. 

“I don’t care. I’ll be coming over,” insisted Bai Zhou. “I got a private investigator to uncover the neighborhood you live in a few months ago. It’s just that I didn’t get him to continue looking into your exact address. I’ll meet you on the southern street of your neighborhood. That much should be fine, right? I did pay you after all!”

He hung up the call right after, not giving Ji Fanyin a chance to say anything.

Ji Fanyin put down her phone and began contemplating moving places once more. 

The thought of moving into the apartment she received from Mr. Bai’s mistress wasn’t appealing to her, so she hired a realtor to have it sold. She was planning to buy another apartment for her to stay in. 

It feels like everyone already knows the address of the apartment I’ve rented. I guess I’ll find some time day after tomorrow to buy a new apartment.

Ji Fanyin made up her mind.


Bai Zhou heaved a sigh of relief after putting his phone down. He was proud of how fast he hung up the phone.

Doesn’t Ji Fanyin hold her professionalism in high regard? As long as I refuse to answer her calls, she’ll have no choice but to meet me at the location I’ve decided on.


Song Shiyu’s car had been idling by the roadside for quite some time now. He was in the midst of fighting against the little reservation app, which kept displaying an error message, ‘Invalid credentials’, despite him trying to log in more than ten times now. 

In the end, he had no choice but to accept that Ji Fanyin meant what she said.

She had really removed him from her list of clients. 

Song Shiyu punched his steering wheel angrily. 

He looked at the nearby neighborhood with eyes as deep as the ocean and spent a moment in deep thought. Eventually, he picked up his phone and called Ji Xinxin. He told her that he had just noticed the missed call from her and asked if there was anything up. 

“It’s almost 9. Are you that busy with work?” asked Ji Xinxin lamentably. “I wanted to talk to you about my big sis… if you’re willing to listen.”

Song Shiyu gripped the steering wheel tightly while his eyes continued lingering at the entrance of the nearby neighborhood. His face was completely impassive, but his voice remained as elegant and gentle as always, “You want to talk about your big sis?”

“It has something to do with you too. Can you guess what it is?” said Ji Xinxin half-jokingly.

“That’s too tough for me,” replied Song Shiyu. “Shall we meet up and talk tomorrow morning? I’ll have to leave at ten.”

“Alright, I’ll wake up a bit earlier,” said Ji Xinxin. “Do you have something up at ten?”

Song Shiyu chuckled softly before replying, “There’s a place I need to be before eleven.”


Ji Xinxin bade Song Shiyu farewell before hanging up the call. She sat on her bed pensively for several minutes before heading downstairs to look for Mother Ji, who was in the midst of sewing a cotton shirt. “Mum, do you still remember big sis’ address? Can you tell me where she lives?”

“You’re planning on looking for your big sis?” Mother Ji revealed a look of worry. “She has quite the temper nowadays. Your father and I have visited her, but all she does is snub us. I don’t think you’ll be able to deal with her yourself. Why don’t you bring someone else with you? What about Shiyu?”

“Don’t worry, mum. We’re sisters. Big sis won’t bully me,” replied Ji Xinxin sweetly. “I just want to visit big sis and have a talk with her. Who knows? I might just be able to move her.”

Seeing how insistent Ji Xinxin was, Mother Ji had no choice but to send the address to her. She nagged for a while longer before asking, “What time are you heading there tomorrow?”

“I have something up in the morning. I should have some free time after ten,” said Ji Xinxin with a smile. “I think I’ll try asking big sis out for lunch.”

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