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100000PSI - Chapter 65.1: Is Asking For Her Marriage In Hand Not Considered a Promise? (1)

There were several reservations Ji Fanyin harbored about accepting the deal.

It was definitely within her means to dupe Bai Zhou into going out with her before heartlessly jilting him. She knew of ways to instill deep-rooted traumas in him, to the point that he would never want to fall in love ever again. 

But that would change the consensual nature of the transactions between her and Bai Zhou.

There were benefits to going along with Mrs. Bai’s offer. Money was a huge reason, and it would eliminate the possibility of the Bai Family trying to settle scores with her in the future. 

Rejecting Mrs. Bai’s offer was also a viable option, but it would risk a falling-out. 

It would be foolish to think that Mrs. Bai was on the same level as Father Ji and Mother Ji. She wouldn’t just resort to petty measures if she wanted to make things difficult for someone.

Even though there were only two options to Mrs. Bai’s offer, Ji Fanyin decided to pick neither and instead created a third option for herself.

“You’re only interested in the outcome. I can give you the outcome you want,” said Ji Fanyin, “but how I go about doing it shouldn’t matter to you, right?”

“That’s right, I’m only interested in the outcome,” replied Mrs. Bai. “You can do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t bring about any health issues for him. That shouldn’t be a problem for you, right?”

Ji Fanyin displayed a look of sudden recollection and said, “Do you know that Bai Zhou has always suffered from gastric problems?”

Mrs. Bai’s movements halted for a moment. “Is that so?”

Then, she raised her hand to gesture for the manager to serve them the food. 

This was the quietest meal Ji Fanyin had in the past few months. 

Mrs. Bai was the type who wasn’t fond of speaking during a meal. Even her chewing barely produced a sound. 

Now that she thought about it, Bai Zhou was the same when they first started dining together. It was just that he slowly became chattier after they shared a few meals together. 

Right before leaving the restaurant, Ji Fanyin finally voiced the doubt floating in her mind, “Don’t you think it might be better for you to personally teach Bai Zhou such life lessons?”

“He needs to experience it himself to get it inside his head,” replied Mrs. Bai as she straightened the wrinkles in her coat. “I am his mother, not his teacher. It’s my responsibility to hire the best teachers to guide him down the right path. That’s why, Ji Fanyin, I hope that you’ll be a satisfactory teacher.”

Ji Fanyin rested her chin on her arm as she watched the female mogul board her car and leave. She then took out her phone and jotted down the name of the restaurant.

The food here is really no joke. I’ll have to make sure to drop by again.

She took a look at her watch.

It’s about time for me to make my way to the airport. 

Before she left her apartment, she got a delivery man to bring her suitcase to the airport, so there was no need for her to take a detour. She could head straight to the airport and collect her suitcase and boarding pass there.

Li Xiaoxing wanted to do a rehearsal for his proposal, and the location he had chosen was none other than the Tokyo Tower. 

Ji Fanyin couldn’t comprehend why he had to propose in a foreign country, but that was really none of her business. He could propose wherever he wanted to, and her job was to cooperate with him. 

Speaking of which, how did Song Shiyu’s blind date go? Are they still discussing engagement plans?

After some thought, Ji Fanyin decided to ask Chen Yunsheng: 【Are you there? I previously met your older sister at the basketball competition. Is she in a relationship with Song Shiyu?】

Chen Yunsheng’s response was as swift as ever: 【With Senior Song? I’m not too sure whether she’s going out with Senior Song, but she does appear to be in a relationship with someone. I heard from my parents that they have confirmed the engagement date.】

Ji Fanyin: “…”

She tapped into her reservation app and looked at the full-day reservation made by Song Shiyu for tomorrow. She figured that it was time to wrap things up with him.

There’s no way I’d refund the reservation fee when it’s a problem on the client’s side. If anything, he owes me a compensation fee on top of that.

Chen Yunshan, Ji Xinxin, and Ji Fanyin.

Is Song Shiyu trying to become a ‘King of the Seas’ too?

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