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ZL - Chapter 1051- Attacking Green Rock City

Since Destiny began, although Legend had occupied the top of the rankings, Zhan Long had constantly been catching up. The gap between us was less than 30% at this point. As long as Zhan Long performed beautifully in this country war, we would be able to close that gap once more and maybe even orertake them. Zhan Long Hall experts' points were too high, so it could help our guild jump up in the rankings. Legend had obtained Xue Jing but lost Xue Rou, so their strength had dropped instead of increasing. Naturally, Fang Ge Que wanted to have a good war to raise the rankings of their guild. Attacking Nine Heavens City was his plan, so now, no one could stop him from trying that.

  Naturally, I did not think that I could convince him, and I did not want to convince him, either.


  The Guards Army troops manning Tian Ling City’s walls held their spears and shields as they dared not to glance at me. I had no guards at all, so there was no reason for them to be so afraid.

  "Marshal Li!"

  A shout came from the steps as a general charged up. It was Lin Qiong, who jumped off the horse and smiled. "Greetings, Marshal!"

  "No need to be so polite; why are you here, General Lin?" I had a good impression of the strongest general in Tian Ling City. Moreover, also being a Commander in chief, he was at my level.

  Lin Qiong smiled. "Marshal Li, the scouts reported that Moon City is charging over from the dessert and will arrive in less than two days. Swirling Abyss City has gone all out and is now in Ice and Fire Plains. Should we intercept them?"

  "Intercept. Where?"

  "Flame Lion Mercenary Group's Lion City!" Lin Qiong cupped his fist and smiled. "If we move troops in, we can catch them off guard."

  I sucked in a deep breath and said, "That's a good idea, but I went over before and the walls are badly damaged. To be honest, one Dragon Crystal Cannon can destroy ten miles of the wall!"

  Lion Qiong opened his eyes wide. "Oh, the legendary Lion City is so weak? Ah, Marshal Li just treat it as if I spoke nonsense. Marshal Li, so when are we heading out? Heaven Barrier Army's one hundred thousand warriors are ready to serve the empire!"

  I nodded and smiled. "Camp outside the city and wait for orders. There are probably many areas that I’ll need you to head to."



  Two hours more and scenes of war started to appear in the distance. Heaven Planning Hall with Rumor at the helm sent seventeen million troops to attack Waterfront City. I did not restrict troops, so this time they brought over tens of thousands of NPC troops and hundred cannons. Among them were some from Violent Thunder and Fire Axe armies. This included the ten thousand that Wang Zecheng had taken from the Fire Axe Army. D*mn! Wang Zecheng looked determined to follow the Grand Battle Axe.

  However, with Wang Zecheng's mentality, he might replace him. Would that be his final goal?

  What surprised me was that Clear Black Eyes did not send any troops out. She just ordered the India Region players to defend the city. Those in charge were second or third rate. Those first-rate experts were all hiding inside. Clear Black Eyes saw through Fang Ge Que's thoughts. In this country war, the three cities of Tian Ling, Waterfront, and Nine Heavens were like three countries. Joining hands with the weak to attack the strong was the plan. Unfortunately, Rumor did not understand that theory and had exposed his own hand early on.

  On the other side, most of Nine Heavens City's troops did not move. Demon Mountain, 7K, Cold Winter, et cetera remained in the city. The small server players were the ones who had gathered. Around ten million of them had moved toward Waterfront City. The goal was really obvious. They wanted both China and India Region players to suffer heavy casualties before they tried obtaining Waterfront City. Unfortunately, they did not have any chance. Rumor's seventeen million had no chance of defeating Clear Black Eyes.


  It was not until 4pm that Li Mu sent me a message: "Xiao Yao, do you know about Green Rock City?"

  "I know. It is a secondary city between Waterfront and Nine Heavens. The Japanese and Korean players are there, right?"


  Li Mu laughed. "Since Zhan Long is free, why don’t you have our allies head over? I just got news that Green Rock City's Japanese and Korean players headed towards Waterfront City and should be far away now. We can take this chance to grab their nest."

  I laughed, "Aiyo, this is their last home, if we take it down, wouldn't it be too shameless?"

  "No, it definitely won't."

  "Okay, then. Let me call a NPC army to follow us along!"

  "Okay, are you calling the Royal Army?"

  "No, the Royal Army has to guard against Moon and Swirling Abyss cities. I shall bring Heaven Barrier Army. You saw Lin Qiong's strength; it will definitely be okay."



  I closed the communications and headed to Lin Qiong, who was on the city wall. "Gather Heaven Barrier Army and bring all Dragon Crystal Cannons as well as Flame Dragon Cannons to south of War God River. Wait for my orders."

  Lin Qiong smiled. "Are we finally going to fihgt?"

  "Yes, have you sharpened your sword?"

  "It’s always sharp. I’ve received your order; time to go!"


  On Tian Ling City's square, Zhan Long, Judgement, Appearance Alliance, Enemies at the Gate, Blood Contract, and the other guilds had gathered. Altogether, there were over two million of us. Along with one hundred thousand Heaven Barrier Army troops, it was enough for us to take down an empty secondary city! However, just in case, I still summoned forty thousand Flame Hawk Archers from Fan Shu City. As long as the Flame Hawk Archers were here, we had aerial advantage.

  The crowd exited Tian Ling City. I rode the God Dragon Horse and talked with Li Mu and Yue Qing Qian along the way. When I thought about how we would be attacking the Japanese and Koreans’ secondary city, I felt excited. The Japanese forums had been making noises about killing us all, so this was our chance to teach them a lesson. We were kind to other servers and always felt that we should give other players some room to survive. However, toward the Japanese, we had to kill them all. If we got Green Rock City this time, they would have nowhere else to go. Leveling and even learning skills would be a problem, but they were asking for it!


  Over an hour later, the two-million-strong army entered the Questioning Heaven Ice Plains and moved to Waterfront City. We looked like a China Region support army, so no one definitely expected our target to be Green Rock City!

  Half an hour later, the sounds of horse hooves shattered the silence of Dragon Lake. When we charged out of the forest, a green city stood on the mountain range. This was Green Rock City, its walls made of mountain stone. The city was built on the mountain range and was hundreds of meters above. No wonder no one could touch the Japanese and Korean players. As long as they had enough players, it would be such a hard place to take down!

  Pa pa pa...

  The War Hawk Knights flapped their wings and one Knight landed between Lin Qiong and me. "Marshal Li, General, one hundred thousand troops are left in Green Rock City, and very few adventurers are guarding it."

  "En." Lin Qiong nodded. "Scout more!"


  I looked at the city and asked, "How should we attack?"

  Li Mu laughed. "I don't think that cavalry will be useful. We need to climb up to open the city gates."

  Lin Qiong said, "En, this Dragon’s Den General is right. Green Rock City is hard to attack; everyone in the continent knows that. Cavalry and heavy machinery are useless against it. This is also reason I couldn't understand why Marshal Li wanted Dragon Crystal Cannons."

  "The Dragon Crystal Cannons aren't for destroying but for defending. Be careful of our back."

  Lin Qiong had realized it at this point. "I understand."


  Further forward, the two-million army lined up below the city. We looked up at the Green Rock City and sucked in a cold breath. This city was like a castle on a peak, like a coiled up porcupine with no place to attack.

  "Line up!"

  I shouted, "Form a fan formation and defend outward. The elites attack with me. Although the mountain range is tough to breach, as long as we do so, we can summon the Furnace God War Horse to charge!"

  Everyone pulled out their blades. Ye Lai, Misty Clouds, Han Bei Song, and the others ordered their respective players to attack. Lin Qiong led the NPC cavalry toward the foot of the mountain.

  When we were at the foot, we got off our horses and started to climb up. I did not use Icy Wings and just climbed with everyone. The city started to fire at us, many Dragon Crystal cannonballs landing on the rocks, causing pieces of stone to scatter. However, the vision here was not good and only a few people got hit. Yue Qing Qian also got news that there were no more than five hundred thousand people up there. Moreover, they were second- and third-tier players. This was our chance!


  When a bunch of Furnace God Cavalry arrived at the city, I used Icy Wings and charged forward to the arrows. I shall kill my way in and open the gates so that the Furnace God Cavalry could enter. Only then could we reduce our losses. Moreover, I needed the walls to remain intact. After all, the country war would last for seven days. I did not want us to lose it right after taking it down. If so, this forceful takeover of ours would be pointless.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.