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ZL - Chapter 1053- End of an era


  The sound of Zhen Yue Sword being pulled out of its sheath was really loud. Both sides were a mess in the battle below, but we had an advantage due to the cannons. Dragon Crystal and Flame Dragon cannons were fired simultaneously at the crowd and caused pain to the Green Rock City players. They kept all their NPCs to defend the city, but who knew that we would break through in just an hour?

  Ripples spread out from me as I used Zhenyue Warsong. Dancing Forest, One Second Hero, et cetera used their special skills, and that increased the attack of the Furnace God Cavalry and Archers. I looked at Dong Cheng Yue and said, "Both sides are clashing. Use your Aisha's Staff skill to maximize the use. You can use it two minutes later!"


  Dong Cheng Yue charged in front and used Country War Mode. Many Magma Lances were thrown at the crowd. I raised Zhen Yue Sword and led the Furnace God Cavalry into battle with a warcry. Horse hooves resounded through the clouds as seventy thousand Zhan Long players went all out!

  Minutes later, the surroundings became cold and frosty. This effect was familiar, but the Korean and Japanese players had no idea. The next moment, an ice shockwave swept the entire map and froze Green Rock City together with it. The millions of players were frozen, and they all stood stuck in place as easy targets!

  At wartime, millions of people fought in plains, so two minutes was not that useful. How many could one kill in two minutes and how much could they push in?

  Nonetheless, this affected morale!

  With the Furnace God Cavalry attacking, the top guild of the region suffered heavy losses. Those in the frontline killed at least two thousand people. Most of them were frozen, and with no heals, they naturally took a loss against the Furnace God Cavalry. When the ice melted, Frost Forest was furious. "Charge and wipe them out!"

  Unfortunately, their idea was good but reality was cruel. Their region had not witnessed the strength of the Furnace God Cavalry and actually dared to fight us head on. In the end, Zhan Long showed them how the strongest China cavalry-type troops were like. Flying General on top of Quickness, and they were instantly became easy pickings. The Dragon Crystal Cannons were fired, too, and in less than half an hour, the outcome had become obvious. Their entire formation was breaking down.

  "How did this happen..." Frost Forest pulled out his blade from the stomach of a Fire Dragon Cavalry and fresh blood dripped. However, more from his guild were being killed.

  After the Furnace God Cavalry were Zhan Long's new soldier-type, level 164 Divine Tier Boss Mounts, the Red Flame Cavarly. We had seventeen thousand of them. Furnace God Cavalry to break through, and Red Flame Cavalry to clear them up. Fighting alongside us were Appearance Alliance, Judgement, and Enemies at the Gate. Coupled with the twenty thousand Flame Hawk Archers that I had brought over, we obtained aerial superiority. The entire situation was progressing in our favor.

  Even the Korean's top guild was breaking down. Lee, Myra, and the other famous players fell to the charges of the Furnace God Cavalry and the Dragon Crystal Cannons attacks. They were getting wiped out and were losing completely.

  Ever since they lost Waterfront City in the first country war, they had been forced to hide out here and rely on the small map to barely breathe.

Their level, equipment, et cetera were worse than the few servers around. The battle showed the obvious fact that their glorious times were over.

  One era ending meant that another was starting. Our strength was shown in this country war, and it made our enemies tremble!


  Five more hours, the Korea and Japan Region had collapsed. Eighty percent of the fifty million were killed while the others had fled. I sent the Furnace God Cavalry to chase them down. One thousand per group. Along with the Red Flame Cavalry, there were a total of thirty teams that hunted them down.

  Moreover, with the loss of Green Rock City, they had no main city to revive in. Thus, the system allowed them to revive in the wilderness at random. This led to many sad situations. For example, they would revive in the Heaven Barrier Army camp or where the Furnace God Cavalry was charging at. Getting killed right after reviving, that did not feel good at all.

  "King is finished..." Mu Xuan looked into the distance and sighed. "In the past, we looked at King's matches while growing up. Seeing them like this now, an era has really ended. It doesn't feel good at all."

  I smiled. "Don’t think much. Stop being so sappy. After all, many people are looking at our matches now. Since we ended their era, we are the new legends."

  "En!" Mu Xuan nodded. "Little Zai Zai, to celebrate this victory, can you kiss me?"

  "You wish!"

  "Cough cough! You actually rejected me so easily. Such a guy..." Mu Xuan's face flushed, saying, "is just so alluring!"

  "Enough." I glanced at her. Mu Xuan was famous in the region and her ability was not something I could compare to. If I truly pursued her, she would mock me to no end. One should know their situation; Mu Xuan was not someone for me at all.


  At 9pm, the battle ended and this city became ours officially. As long as the country war ended, it would be formally announced. Moreover, to ensure that we did not lose the city, I moved two hundred thousand troops from Tian Ling City to defend it. I even encouraged China Region players to occupy the city. The bait was that this city belonged to the Koreans and the Japanese, and after we got it, maybe their beauties would move in. Whoever was here first may even get the girls. Everyone knew what I meant!

  Actually, this had happened before. Legend and Hero Mound players added the female Japanese and Korean players during the last country war. I heard that a Flagbearer from Hero Mound got very lucky and became an item with a Japanese lady. Seven days after the country war ended, she flew over and arrived at his home country. I heard that the kid had not been online for nine days, and after he returned, he was five kilograms lighter and looked really tired. Even though Q-Sword was envious, he had to kick him from his position!

  Of course, our allies got lucky, too. Judgement's first division had an Archer that became a couple with a Korean lady. I heard that she was really sweet; they started dating a week after the country war. They met in Beijing, and a few months later, we heard that she was five months pregnant. The kid was so happy that he got ready to marry her!

  Thinking about that, Ye Lai took off his helmet, afraid that we would say that his helmet was infected by green. Actually, that helmet was slightly green; I heard that it was a one-star god artifact. 


  As we cleared the battlefield, the Furnace God Cavalry continued to move about the map. They were really pumped up to earn more country war achievement points, so I did not stop them at all. Since my points were already far ahead, I did not need to compete at all. I sat in Green Rock City. This city was close to the main city, so we could move troops over to help.

  At 10pm, we got news that Swirling Abyss and Moon cities did not attack Tian Ling City. They were actually having a huge war in Lion City so as to obtain that wild city. That was just so pointless!

  Looking at the situation, if they wanted to arrive at China Region, it would take five hours, but if they were all cavalry, they could arrive in three hours!

  Thus, I sent orders to Han Yuan and Xiao Lie to defend Fan Shu City. Apart from that, I sent over the Fire Dragon, Fire Axe, and the other one hundred ninety thousand troops to help them. Fan Shu City was southwest of Tian Ling City. Besides the Russians of Swirling Abyss City wanting to attack us, Fan Shu City would be first to get hit. Fan Shu City was the Royal Army and Zhan Long's main camp, so we could not lose it. We had to defend it no matter what. At least, we had to defend until reinforcements could arrive.

  Thinking about this, I looked to the southwest. Flames surged into the sky with the intense war happening. Heaven Planning Hall was attacking Waterfront City. Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple naturally would not sit still and do nothing. This was their final city.


  At 2am, Waterfront City was unable to be taken down. Rumor lost 60% of the number he brought and kept asking Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword for more troops. These few Battle Axes were under huge pressure. Fortunately, I wasn not in that organization, so no one could do anything about me.

  At 4am, the sounds of war spread from the north. North...

  Fang Ge Que was finally going to attack. Next should be the battle between Tian Ling and Nine Heavens cities, right?

  No one could stop it from happening!

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