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ZL - Chapter 999- Six Palace

Top 4 battle.It was a war between girls.

Lin Wan Er did not disappoint Zhan Long and continued to push forward, winning against Simple 2:1 and obtaining a precious point to enterthe finals. She would at least get 2,000,000 this time. Of course, I felt that she had a high chance of winning as her mechanics were the highest among the four. She also had mindreader, but even without it, she still had a high chance of winning. If she used it, she would definitely win.


Enchanted Painting, Furious Milk...This was a battle between Pulse Breaking Style experts. Furious Milk went all out and used an unorthodox method. In the first round, Enchanted Painting was unable to find her tempo at all and did not even manage a single pulse break.

In the second round, Enchanted Painting was much calmer and avoided Furious Milk's attacks. Her face was filled with confidence to avoid her, and as expected, she managed to pulsebreak twice. Furious Milk finally lost 1:1. The end was Enchanted Painting performing much better, with that Pulse Breaking Style of hers catching everyone's eyes. Needless to say, after this battle, her popularity would definitely rise. This time, Fang Ge Que would feel more consoled. She lost Xue Rou but got her cousin Xue Jing. To a certain extent that made up for the loss of a heavy-armored expert.

Thus, the final matches that had appeared on the screen—

Championship fight: Cang Tong vs. Enchanted Painting

Third place fight: Simple vs. Furious Milk


However, as the final matches in the entire competition, Destiny's battle had to be pushed back. Those three other games must be concluded first! Of the three, Conquest’s fighting was the most intense. Mage God Lin Yan against War God Lone God. The two of them ignited the field and all the Conquest fans became pumped up.

In the end, Lin Yan was slightly stronger and won. The two shook hands and appeared to be friends.

When God World decided its champ, it was already 7pm. Now, it was finally time for the final battle of Destiny!

First was the third place, Simple vs. Furious Milk.

Furious Milk was still really eye-catching, but since Simple could beat me 2:0, Furious Milk would have no chance, and as expected, she lost 2:0, too. However, to get fourth in her first time at such an event, she had shocked the whole China Region. Simple also obtained the title of heavy-armored killer. This girl really knew how to fight against heavy-armored players. Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai, and I all lost to her. Especially in such a battle without skills and flying effects, we could not counter Dimensional Leap. Fortunately, we did not face Fang Ge Que; if not, we would have died even worse.

Actually, the few of us had a chance of winning, but it would dependon the grouping. If Simple, Fang Ge Que, and Dong Cheng Yue were with Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian, the two Assassins would be able to wipe out these Mages. Following which, the heavy-armored players facing Assassins would be much simpler. Even though Lin Wan Er had the mindreader technique, I still had a 60% chance of winning. With that, there was at least a 50% chance that I would win.

When I thought about that, I laughed.

Lin Wan Er was about to head out, but she grabbed my hand and seemed wry."Dummy, what are you laughing about..."

I obviously could not say aloud what I was thinking, so I merely slapped her butt. "Good luck, baby; win the championship!"

"En, okay..."

Her face went red as she gave this soft reply.


In the end, Lin Wan Er really did not disappoint me!

On the Tian Ling City battlefield, Lin Wan Er and Enchanted Painting had clashed once, but because of rules, she lost. However, there were not any rules here, so Lin Wan Er broke Enchanted Painting's pulse breaking right away and obtained the first point.

In the second match, Enchanted Painting used a dodge to land a series of skills, sending Lin Wan Er to low health. However, at this moment, Lin Wan Er used Twin Blade Harmony. What the other lady did not expect was that Lin Wan Er's move would be a hoax, which she canceled right away. Lin Wan Er used that chance to stun her and then used Gouge, Backstab, and other skills. Once her energy recovered, she attacked anew to obtain that crucial point!

Although Lin Wan Er's Pulse Breaking Style was not as good as Enchanted Painting's, she had sparred with me too many times and knew a lot about it. Since she understood it, with her intelligence, she could naturally think of a way to counter it. Pulse Breaking Style had a wind up time and Lin Wan Er's move broke this. It was really smart. Enchanted Painting stood there feeling stunned; she did not understand how she had lost.


Everyone was pumped up and many people cheered for their goddess, Cang Tong. In fact, most players were her fans due to her influence during her career. Seeing their goddess stand on stage, how many people could suppress their joy?

When Lin Wan Er walked off, all Zhan Long members cheered. The champion spot was taken by Zhan Long!

Next was the price giving; I saw another familiar sight. Destiny's China Region CEO Ouyang Nuo Yan gave Lin Wan Er the trophy personally. Meanwhile, the monetary rewardswere directly transferred to the players' accounts. Destiny was really rich and it definitely would not delay giving out the prizes.

When I saw my girlfriend stand there with a happy face, I was surprised. Her success was mine, too, and I felt proud of her achievements!

Next was the dinner feast. Actually, the food was really good, just that there were too many people present. Some Shanghai and Nanjing's technical directors wanted to drink. Especially those who had gone bald, they wanted to shake hands. Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and the other girls were terrified, so they did not participate in the dinner. Anyway, since Lin Wan Er won 5,000,000, she should treat all of us.

Thus, we headed to the restaurant opposite the place. When we walked out, a girl happened to exit the venue, too. It was Furious Milk with her perfect body. She was currently holding a game helmet!

"Ya, isn't that Furious Milk?" Tang Qi laughed.

She recognized us and smiled. "Hello, Zhan Long and Hero Mound giants. Where are you all going? Isn't there a feast?"

"The feast's atmosphere was too oppressive for us, so we decided to head out."

Furious Milk smiled. "Okay, as expected from Xiao Yao Zi Zai!"

She reached out. "Guild Leader Xiao Yao Zi Zai, I am Six Palace Pink's guild leader; nice to meet you!"

I shook hands with her. "Nice to meet you, too, you dark horse."

She smiled. "All you guys think that girls are bad at games. Did you see that the top four were all girls. Truth proves that girls aren't any weaker!'

Li Mu touched his nose. "I don't want to hear that..."

Furious Milk looked at him and smiled. "That's why you are still single even now."

Li Mu was about to get mad.

I stopped him and laughed. "Okay, you are going to eat?"

Furious Milk smiled. "You can call me Yan Mo; I am also from Hangzhou. Okay, all of you go eat then!"

We went.

Not long after, Furious Milk said, "Guild Leader Xiao Yao!"

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"Why?" I turned around and asked.

She smiled. "Since we are friends, if Six Palace Pink gets attacked, will Zhan Long help us, won't it..."

I smiled. "Sure! Add us as allies later."

"Okay, deal!"



We went to eat. As for Yan Mo's guild, they had high potential and one ally was better than another enemy.

This meal lasted until elevel; we decided to rest in the rooms that they prepared for us. Nothing much happened in the game, just that the few of us did not get to level up. As for Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and Jian Feng Han, they all were leveling and exploring new maps. They probably were finding new mounts or sets. Our Furnace God Cavalry showed everyone how strong a high-class mount was. Ten thousand of us could crush thirty thousand from the House of Prestige. How could Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword not get amazed by that?

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.