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LTBE - Chapter 408.2: True Love Overcomes Everything! (2)

It had been several months since Roel had left the Ascarts’ manor. The moment he stepped into the estate, he felt a sense of security and comfort, which allowed him to better understand his heart. 

Life in Saint Freya Academy was exciting and fruitful. His victory in the Challenger Cup had shot him to stardom in Leinster, and he received looks of respect and admiration no matter where he went. Yet, he found that none of these mattered to him. 

Most youths struggled to understand the warmth of home since it was presented to them on a platter, but to Roel, who had to brave through many dangers from a young age, there were very few places in this world that could truly make him feel safe. 

He was fond of the light ink fragrance suffusing the study rooms of the Ascarts’ manor. He liked how the afternoon sun would shine in diagonally through his bedroom windows. He missed the tea that Anna would brew for him every morning to start off his day. 

These were probably insignificant in the eyes of others, but it was these minor details of everyday life that instilled in him a sense of belonging. They told him that he was home. 

Neither Ascart City nor the Ascarts’ manor could be said to be the most amazing place in the world, but they were one-of-a-kind to Roel. They were filled with fond memories. He wouldn’t change them for anything in the world. 

Sitting on a chair in the dining room and leisurely sipping on a cup of red tea, Roel patiently listened to Anna’s report on the development of the Ascart Fiefdom over the last few months. Alicia quietly listened in from the chair adjacent to his. 

Most of the recent plans concerning the Ascart Fiefdom’s development were vetted and set in motion by Alicia, but she chose to have Anna report on them instead of doing it herself because she didn’t want to influence Roel’s evaluation. She wanted to know his objective feedback on whether she had done well or not. 

This was an important consideration in how she determined her self-worth. She wouldn’t accept herself being a baggage to her Lord Brother. 

Time slowly ticked by.

Soon, Anna was finally done with her report. 

“You have done well,” said Roel with a nod of acknowledgment. 

With those words, Alicia was finally freed from the crushing pressure in her chest, and her heart swelled with pride. 

While it was unlikely that she could defeat Roel in terms of transcendent abilities, she was confident that she could be of help to him in a fight. However, when it came to fief governance, not a single person who knew the previous state of the Ascart Fiefdom would dare claim that they were superior to Roel.

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Not even Charlotte, who was known for her sharp business acuity, would dare say so. 

It was as if the predecessors of the Ascart House had relinquished their talents in management so that Roel could inherit all of it. Such could be seen from the earlier bustle caused by his return. Most in the Ascart Fiefdom would see it as a huge honor to receive his acknowledgment. 

Alicia was overjoyed to have received Roel’s words of affirmation. Roel glanced at the beaming Alicia and smiled as well. 

Having grown up together, Roel could tell what was on Alicia’s mind even when she wasn’t saying a word at all. Just like how she knew him better than anyone else in the world, it was the same the other way around too. 

He sharply noticed how many of the problems that arose during his period of absence were resolved in a manner in line with Alicia’s style of doing things. 

A while back, some of the nearby fiefs started maliciously spreading rumors to discourage merchants from doing business with the Ascart Fiefdom. Roel and Anna would have retaliated by engaging in information warfare, but Alicia instead opted to get rid of the ones spreading the rumors. 

In Eyes of the Chronicler, Alicia was an agent for the Theocracy, an assassin who removed threats from the shadows. She preferred resorting to methods that resolved problems once and for all. Part of it stemmed from the nature of her occupation, but her personality played a part in it as well. 

Alicia was an extreme person. Her world existed in two colors, black and white. Those whom she treasured would be more important to her than anything else in the world, but those whom she carried no attachment for would be no different from weed growing by the roadside. 

That was why she had no qualms taking the lives of others. 

When Roel took a different attitude to her and changed her future, he thought that she would grow up to become a graceful noblewoman. Things clearly didn’t go as planned. Instead, the militaristic aspect of the Ascart House further drew out her innate personality. 

However, this wasn’t a concern for Roel. 

Regardless of whether Alicia was a graceful noblewoman or a decisive transcendent, it made no difference to him at all. Alicia was Alicia. She was the closest kin to him, and this was a fact that would never change. 

Roel continued sipping his tea with a smile whereas Alicia lowered her head and immersed herself in her joy. 

Looking at this harmonious scene, Anna felt deeply moved. 

Having served Roel as his personal maid from a young age, she had a good grasp of what kind of person he was. Nevertheless, when she heard that Roel was going to enroll in Saint Freya Academy, she still felt deeply worried as the fanclub manager of the Roel X Alicia Ship. 

Adolescence was the age where people tended to easily lose themselves in the moment and act recklessly. It was one thing when they were in the Ascart Fiefdom, but Leinster was a city filled with youths of the same age. With Roel’s looks and credentials, there were bound to be many women who would view him as their prey. 

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There was no saying whether Roel could remain steadfast in the face of temptation. 

Hardly a day went by where Anna didn’t worry. 

It was only at this very moment, when she saw the harmonious scene between the two of them, that her heart was finally put at ease. She was healed by their interactions. 

As expected. No matter how many distractions there are along the way, there’s nothing in the world that can hope to undermine the true love that exists between young master and young miss!

Before she knew it, Anna already had a warm smile on her face. The lips of the nearby servants also curled up as well as they nodded in approval. Such a simple sight had brought about a merry atmosphere in the dining room.

However, the question Roel asked after finishing his cup of tea shattered the warm atmosphere. 

“Anna, were there any letters from the Holy Capital?”

“Of course. Ever since news of your accomplishments in the Challenger Cup got out, we have received quite a few congratulatory letters from high nobles,” replied Anna with a proud smile. 

“I’ll deal with the others later on. Bring me Nora’s letter first.”

Roel began waiting patiently for Anna to deliver the letter to his hand, but unexpected, the latter didn’t move. He raised his eyebrows questioningly, and Anna’s reply caused him to narrow his eyes.

“Young master, we didn’t receive any letter from Her Highness.”

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