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ZL - Chapter 998- All Beauty Battle

Fourth battle, Simple vs. Drunken Spear. I felt a little sad when Drunken Spear stood up, so I said when he passed by me, "Hold on for a little longer; it'll look nicer!"

His face turned green. "Then I hope that you'll get 2:0-ed; you just wait and see!"

I laughed. "I have spent my life casually and I don't care about the score."

Drunken Spear did not say anything and just walked into the competition room.


In less than four minutes, I was proven right once more. Simple defeated Drunken Spear 2:0. No choice. Drunken Spear's attacks had all been seen through by Simple; the latter used Dimensional Leap to dodge everything fluidly. He then used the skill twice more to create a distance. As a result, Drunken Spear died really badly. Simple's accurate spells meant that she won 2:0.

Like that, A and B groups were done. Next was group C.

Enchanted Painting vs. Q-Sword!

Before my Xiao Yao Zi Zai ID rose and Little Demon disappeared, Q-Sword was the top close-combat player and had pretty much perfect mechanics as well as combat understanding. Along with the essence of Battle Reflux Style, he rarely had any worthy opponents. Even Jian Feng Han had a 40% to 45% chance of beating him.

Unfortunately, the goddess's luck was not on Q-Sword's side today as he was up against Enchanted Painting. Moreover, Enchanted Painting was currently really strong, each movement and timing well-grasped. Even then, Q-Sword was able to use his mechanics to fight back, and Enchanted Painting's second and third sets came really close, with both featuring lethal strikes; in the end, Q-Sword lost because of that bit of health.

What was truly unexpected was that Enchanted Painting won against Q-Sword 2:1. She successfully broke four times; Q-Sword did, too. He lost solely on luck as both their Critical Strike chance was only 15%. The deciding factor was that Q-Sword was unable to crit while Enchanted Painting did.

I looked on as Q-Sword walked off, thinking that this Allstar Battle was truly inhumane... It was a torture to peak experts!


Sixth match, Six Ya vs. Misty Clouds.

This battle was really intense. Both were newly rising players and they went all out in terms of understanding and mechanics. Only when it was the seventh minute did a victor get decided. Misty Clouds won and eliminated Six Ya 2:1.

Seventh fight, a battle between Zhan Long players, Yue Qing Qian vs. Dong Cheng Yue!

Dong Cheng Yue used her strong ability of magic prediction to find Yue Qing Qian's position before killing her. Alas, the next two were Yue Qing Qian's solo performance. She used vision, such that Dong Cheng Yue was unable to release her spells. She came back and won 2:1, eliminating Dong Cheng.

When the two girls walked out, there were no signs of conflict. They were still really close and just held hands!

The final battle of the top 16 was between Furious Milk and Ye Lai. One was an old expert and the other was a rising star. When Furious Milk walked up, everyone was shocked. She was quite a beautiful girl and her body was really good, wrapped in a skirt that showed off her assets. Such a girl was actually forty-first on CBN Battlenet; that really was not simple.

The screen quickly showed their battle. Yue Qing Qian told me, "Brother Xiao Yao, this Furious Milk, who is ranked forty-first, created a guild two months ago called Six Palace Pink. It’s ranked thirty-fourth on the server rankings with twenty-seven thousand members. That guild has been rapidly expanding recently, and its members are soaring toward fifty thousand. In less than a month, I think that they’ll jump to the top 20. They’re not much weaker than Tyrants of the Storm.

"So strong?" I looked at Furious Milk in shock.

Yue Qing Qian nodded. "En, many of those in the top 1000 joined them, adding some mystery to this Furious Milk. She's a hidden expert."

Old K said, "Hidden expert; is she Mocha?"

I was speechless. "Even if Mocha made a new account, could she train to level 169 in a month? Plus, you saw Furious Milk; her face is different from her. Her chest is, too."

Li Mu said, "From what I can see, her front is bigger than Mocha and it's around D."

Wang Jian smiled. "Her legs aren't bad..."

Dong Cheng Yue was speechless. "A bunch of hooligans!Can you guys stop staring at her body? Look at Ye Lai's one—aiyo! Why does he only have low Health now?"

I looked up, just in time to see Ye Lai being sent flying after losing 1 point. Furious Milk was really strong and her style was really tough, totally not like a girl. She was more like a tomboy who won all battles!

Ye Lai relied on his waraxe-throwing to lower her health, and then he used his wave of skills to win one game!

However, in the third match, Furious Milk dodged Ye Lai's axe throw and then used Double Hit plus Ice Blade to take out over half of Ye Lai's health. The freeze effect of Ice Blade stopped Ye Lai's footsteps. Furious Milk followed this up, forcing Ye Lai back!

Furious Milk won against Ye Lai 2:1; this was a total upset!

It was understandable, nonetheless. In terms of game strength, Ye Lai equipment, skills, and mechanics were quite good, so he had a 70% chance of beating Furious Milk. Alas, without all those advantages and with only mechanics and tactics to be relied on, Furious Milk turned out not to be weaker than him. After all, Ye Lai's fame came from how direct he was. This had nothing to do with this competition.


Very quickly, the top 8 lineups appeared on the screen—

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Cang Tong vs. Fang Ge Que

Xiao Yao Zi Zai vs. Simple

Enchanted Painting vs. Misty Clouds

Yue Qing Qian vs. Furious Milk


We had an hour before the next match. The fights of the other three games took place first.

I did not bother looking more and just played cards with Li Mu and the others. Very quickly, it was our turn.

The first match was between Lin Wan Er and Fang Ge Que. A top Assassin against a Mage. Actually, I had high hopes for Lin Wan Er, since all our equipment and skills were equal. Lin Wan Er was a mindreader; this was a natural skill of hers. They were less than ten meters away, so it was easy for her to deduce Fang Ge Que's skills!

As expected, Fang Ge Que was not in form or rather he had not been since Little Demon disappeared. To top players like us, form was everything. If one could not reach their max deduction speed and reaction speed, they would lose to people of their level.

Lin Wan Er was not much weaker than Fang Ge Que, and with her job countering his, Fang Ge Que lost 0:2. No one expected him to lose so badly, not even getting a single point, but Lin Wan Er was just outstanding, dodging many of his skills. That caused many loud cheers to erupt from outside. Of course, Lin Wan Er had the mindreader ability so she could do what others were unable to.

I was up for the second match. My opponent was an old enemy. Simple, the top Mage of Vanguard and also Dong Cheng Yue's biggest opponent!

I knew that I did not have any advantage. Mages were Destiny's children and Destiny took care of them a lot. Warriors only had Assault and Blade Rush. Assault was long-ranged yet not accurate, but Blade Rush was too short-ranged. As for Mages, they could use Dimensional Leap thrice for twenty yards. Against weaker ones, one could use Ice Blade to reduce their speed and kill them, but it was tough against the strong ones.

Simple was a top Mage, so when I used Assault, my opponent just dodged. I ended up charging into a ball of energy and got kited badly!

Two battles in a row. Simple did not give me any chance at all and took me away 2:0!

I lost in the top 8.Terrible!

Fortunately, I had 300,000as a consolation prize.That was enough...

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When I walked out of the battlefield, Lin Wan Er consoled me. From afar, I saw Fang Ge Que who had lost, too. His eyes were red and he just looked at me. I looked at Q-Sword and he was about to tear up. I then looked at Ye Lai, whose nose felt sour. Thefour of us nearly just hugged one another and cried. This Allstar Battle was too tough. Wing of Heroes and the Country War Battlefield were more suitable for us!

As for what Allstar, too boring...


The competition continued.

Enchanted Painting, who was in really good form, beat Misty Clouds 2:1. As for Furious Milk, she used her job advantage to defeat Yue Qing Qian 2:1. In the end, the top four were on the screen—

Cang Tong vs. Simple

Enchanted Painting vs. Furious Milk


Misty Clouds lost and her eyes were red. He was the only male player left, but at this point, the top 4 comprised girls. This Allstar Battle was basically All Female. What a tragedy.The guys were all crying to themselves.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.