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ZL - Chapter 996- Numerous guys that ended in one round

At 1pm, we all entered the auditorium. When we walked in, we were shocked by the huge crowd. We knew that tickets were sold for the Allstar Battle and the cheapest one was at least 300 RMB. Who knew that there would be so many people here? There should be over ten thousand?


  We sat down at the competitor stand.

  Only then did I notice that, apart from Destiny players, three other games were included. They were the other games that had become popular, namely Overlord, Conquest, and God World. Of the three, Overlord and Conquest were games that had been popular for four years. God World was a game released at the same time as Destiny, but its popularity was only 10% of that of Destiny. Overlord and Conquest took up 30% of the market, whereas over 50% of people were in Destiny. The main event was still Destiny and the other three were surviving through their small number of fans.

  What surprised me was that the MC of the battle was not Fei'er but rather a pretty-looking girl, who was wearing a white dress. She announced the rules of the competition. After Destiny got to the top 16, the other games would decide their top 8. These three games only invited their top 16 players mainly for the cost?

  "First," the girl smiled, saying, "let's invite the top players of each game up. Please welcome Destiny's top player Fang Ge Que, Overlord's top player Liu Xing, Conquest's top player Lin Yan, and God World's top player Wang Lanhe. Head up onstage!"

  The four highest CBN-Battlenet-rated players of each game were made to give a speech!

  Fang Ge Que's words were really short, which described Destiny's situation and also hoped that the battle would be fought well. Next was the strong guy Liu Xing, who said just one sentence. Following him was Lin Yan; he was the top Mage in Conquest and was similar to Fang Ge Que. However, his eyes were filled with arrogance, which was a stark contrast to the humble Fang Ge Que. As for God World's top player, he just said a few simple words, too.


  After the series of introductions was over, the matches began. The first stage was Destiny's round of thirty-two. The automatic line up by the system appeared on the screen. I did not pay attention to it much; with just these few Zhan Long players, it did not look too optimistic for us—

  Xiao Yao Zi Zai vs. Bai Li Ruofeng
  Li Mu vs. Yan Zhao Warrior
  Cang Tong vs. Quick Thunder Swift Wind
  Cang Yue vs. Mu Xuan
  Dancing Forest vs. Fang Ge Que
  Old K vs. Jian Feng Han
  Yue Qing Qian vs. Lu Chunyang
  Wang Jian vs. Enchanted Painting


  Looking at the formation, Dong Cheng Yue's lips twitched. "I think that Dancing Forest is only here for fun..."

  Dancing Forest was still calm. "That's fine; anyways, the battle ends in a day, so we'll all be spending a day here. Still, why did the system give me Fang Ge Que right away? Without my bow, what chance do I have..."

  I replied, "That is fine. Old K and Wang Jian aren't any better. Jian Feng Han and Enchanted Painting aren't weak. Let's just work hard!"


  After the organizing commitee discussed it a bit, they finally declared the group that would open the battle. Bai Li Ruofeng and I were moved to the first. They were really giving me so much face!

  I stood up. From afar, Bai Li Ruofeng eyed me coldly. Lin Wan Er pulled my hand and smiled. "Without combo and without Big Dipper Meteor, you just have to force out Bai Li Ruofeng's Crystalize ability and then draw close to him."

  I smiled. "I know!"

  The job difference was just like that. Once the Warrior got close, Archers would basically be finished.

  I entered the game room and used a helmet under the worker's instructions. I entered the game after a retina scan and was teleported to a battle room. I was still in my Xiao Yao Zi Zai form, just that my equipment was all Divine Tier. Moreover, I did not have two swords and just one basic iron sword. I looked at my stats; the 1500 points were evenly divided. Thinking about it, I put 300 to Agility, 500 to Stamina, and the rest to Strength. I then looked at my Attack and Defense; it was terrible—

  Xiao Yao Zi Zai
  Level: 150
  Attack: 17,650-24,500
  Defense: 12,140
  Health: 74,000
  Magic: 22,000
  Charm: 0
  CBN Battlenet ranking: 6
  Title: None


  My stats had totally been cleaned out, alright... These stats were quite pitiful, but Bai Li Ruofeng was in commoner gear, too. His bow seemed really rough and did not appear to be much better than mine. I chose to add Agility so I could catch up with him and Stamina so I could tank a few more arrows. This was much smarter than putting everything into Strength. I hope that players could add points before each battle; if not, the job counters would be too much.

  Bai Li Ruofeng was the top Archer in China and the closest to him was Dancing Forest, but she was already out of the top 20. This was why Bai Li Ruofeng's position was quite stable.

  I, who was twenty yards away from my opponent, waited for the battle to begin. At this time, my heart was beating fast. Was this out of excitement? It should be. The Allstar Battle's stats and skills were really fair. This was a true competition!

  The moment we entered, I quickly charged forward and my speed changed. I turned around to dodge a few of his auto-attacks. He was really careful and did not use skills until I was ten yards away from him. Once he was 100% confident in hitting me, he hollered and used his fifth job skill Windchasing Arrow, which dealt a giant fan-shaped damage!

  Only when he used the skill did I use Dou Qi Armor. I then locked onto him.


  The level 15 skill Double Hit landed!

  Bai Li Ruofeng coldly scoffed and used Crystalize. Good, my Double Hit exchanged for his Crystalize!

  The moment it disappeared, Bai Li Ruofeng retreated and used Ice Arrow on me. I avoided the arrow and also slashed. With this slash, I hit his back—


  Bai Li Ruofeng turned around and used Shield Breaker Shot and Rising Dragon Shot. These were all he had.

  Following this, my body sank low and I used Blade Rush. My angle was outside his calculations, so both his skills missed. I used Whirlwind Sword Break onto his back and his 40,000 Health was nearly emptied, but how could it be so simple? He held up his bow to block one of my basic attacks before retreating.

  My skills were all on cooldown, so in these six seconds, I could not use anything. He knew that and attacked while retreating. In the end, I was left with only 20,000 Health.

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  Even so, I continued to chase him. The instant the cooldown was up, I used Sword Break to force him back. He tried avoiding it, but then I raised my weapon and used Sword Control technique. The blade pierced his chest and he died!

  1:0, I got the first point and that was first blood.

  The second round was about the same; I used Whirlwind Sword Break to counter his Crystalize. Moreover, my Blade Rush was not for attacking but for moving, instead. Bai Li Ruofeng did not expect that and took a huge loss. He could not open any distance and ended up lasting only one round in the tournament!

  2:0, I won the first round!


  There were cheers and clapping. When I walked out, the second match had begun. Li Mu against Yan Zhao Warrior. Both were good at tactics and mechanics. Li Mu also knew a bit of Pulse Breaking Style, so he succeeded right away and led Yan Zhao Warrior by 1:0. Who knew that Yan Zhao Warrior would fight back quickly, winning two rounds in rapid succession? Li Mu's Pulse Breaking Style was, after all, not on my and Enchanted Painting's level, much less Mocha. Yan Zhao Warrior found a chance and broke it twice.

  The third spar was one where Lin Wan Er won Quick Thunder Swift Wind 2:0. The difference in mechanics was big, so she easily crushed him.

  The fourth match was between Dong Cheng Yue and Mu Xuan. These two Mages were total enemies; this was not the first time the two met. The outcome was better, with Dong Cheng Yue winning 2:1, officially pushing her toward the top female mage in the game.

  After which, Dancing Forest scored 0:2 against Fang Ge Que, Old K 0:2 Jian Feng Han, Yue Qing Qian 2:1 Lu Chunyang, and Wang Jian 1:2 Enchanted Painting. In the blink of an eye, half of Zhan Long's eight members were gone. Dancing Forest, Old K, Wang Jian, and Li Mu asked for a set of poker cards so they could pass the time playing with one another.

  They were really optimistic people and treated victory and losses as something common. Moreover, such a battle was a huge test on mechanics. Although Old K's equipment and game skills were okay, in terms of mechanics, facing people like Jian Feng Han, he had close to zero chances of winning.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.