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IRNDGL - Chapter 112: Opened It By Accident

"Is this what he left behind?"

Lin Jie eyed the brass box before him.

This was a cube with sides of approximately 20 centimeters long. It seemed heavy and each face was adorned with intricate and mysterious patterns.

There was a slight square concave on the top face, and each of the cube's eight corners was inlaid with a ruby the size of a fingernail, joining the formation as a whole and 'locking' the box.

Without a doubt, this was an exotic and exquisite piece. It seemed very expensive and befitting a 'rich person' like Ji Zhixiu.

Indeed, someone who can be a 'scumbag' to this affluent young lady definitely wouldn't be any ordinary man.

If it was as Lin Jie suspected, the box might be filled with tokens of love, or perhaps photographs or other items left behind by the scumbag to threaten Ji Zhixiu with.

Therefore, it meant that this box was equivalent to a safe.

Making a safe seem like a treasure box was an absolutely despicable act by that scumbag.

Lin Jie had a look of subtle disgust.

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Ji Zhixiu watched Lin Jie's expression as he surveyed the box. When she saw the slight disgust in his eyes, she felt her heart tighten and she gripped her cane harder.

Damn it, the seal on this box is too simple, isn't it? Does Mr. Lin think that I'm wasting his time by bringing such a trivial matter to him?

She didn't know much about the sigils used by white magicians, but the fact that Heris kept the Sky Wolf's sordid blood formulation inside this box meant that he believed it to be safe.

This was the basis of a hunter organization!

The man who had single-handedly made White Wolf one of the top hunter organizations in the whole of Norzin definitely wouldn't be careless with this.

Even though he had been corrupted by the Magic Ovum Mirror in the past month, gradually losing his mind and dying as a fanatic martyr, the fact remained that Heris was ever calm, scheming, and intelligent before all this.

Ji Zhixiu had spent quite some time within White Wolf. She wouldn't have joined White Wolf if she wasn't satisfied back then.

After all, the support from Ji Bonong gave her more than enough options to take her pick from.

Heris was a consummate leader and schemer.

This bit could still be seen when he was under the influence of the Magic Ovum Mirror for a week.

At that time, he had made use of Kaji's death to escape, turning to Scarlet Cult and using them as a shield, as well as making use of Charles' corpse in an attempt to assassinate Wilde.

In that final underground stronghold, Ji Zhixiu had obtained some clues that were sufficient enough for her to piece together a rough truth.

These three incidents had been carried out by Heris, very quickly and stealthily, just that the third incident was suddenly exposed for some unknown reason which led to the rapid demise of Scarlet Cult...

Of course, Ji Zhixiu was aware that something had definitely gone on behind the scenes. After all, Wilde was addressed as 'Old Wil' by the bookstore owner and was also a fellow customer.

But as the Magic Ovum Mirror's influencedeepened, Heris was gradually consumed by the beastly nature of the sordid blood. He lost his ability to think rationally, and when eventually he was overcome by madness, his demise was already set in stone.

All in all, even in his most deranged state, Heris didn't forget to bring the formula with him, showing how important it was.

The sealing sigil on this box definitely wouldn't be simple given how precious the formula was to a cautious man like Heris.

However, while the sigil might be extremely difficult for people like her to crack, it might not necessarily be so for the bookstore owner.

She bowed her head and said, "Uh, these are his remnants. It may seem insignificant to you, but this is a very important step for me. Please do me this favor and I'll repay you with everything I have."


Lin Jie's lips twitched slightly. Forget it, the revenge plots of rich people always tended to have corpses stuffed in concrete.

Someone who had the audacity to try and rip off the young heiress of such a giant corporation would have probably guessed how he was going to end up, huh...

Struggling for a few rounds is honestly remarkable.

Hopefully, he was genuinely remorseful at his time of passing.

"This box is rather interesting... Besides, I don't need any form of repayment from you."

Lin Jie revealed a slight smile. "I gave you guidance back then only because you needed it."

This was true indeed. In the beginning, when Ji Zhixiu hadn't even revealed her name, Lin Jie had still helped her out.

"I misspoke, I am sorry." Ji Zhixiu nodded in shame, her pale face flushing red.

She regretted it as soon as she had said it. Wasn't everything she had now given to her by Mr. Lin? It was too ungrateful to mention repaying. She ought to have given him everything in the first place.

"There's nothing to apologize for, just remember to come and read some books from time to time." Lin Jie shook his head as he prepared to enter therapy mode.

It would be good to chat a little with this young lady first, so he shifted the box to the side and gestured for Mu'en to take care of it.

However, he was still rather curious as to why this affluent young lady had specially chosen him to help unlock the box.

Hmm... It could either be that she trusts me... or that there aren't too many people she can trust on her side.

Right, thought Lin Jie to himself as he recalled that subordinate of Ji Zhixiu who had run off after accompanying her to the bookstore. That fellow had practically returned back to report on the young miss' rebellious actions.

If even her own subordinate dared to tell on her, then this young lady wouldn't be as free as Lin Jie imagined. She would always live in the shadow of her father.

Under such circumstances, there was really a shortage of people that she could trust.

There were probably some serious issues between her and her family, especially with Ji Bonong, otherwise, she wouldn't have fallen into such a state where she got involved with a scumbag.

Who knows if Ji Bonong had spoken with her about it the last time.

Lin Jie pondered for a bit, then decided to just ask what was on his mind, "Did your father speak with you?"

Ji Zhixiu's eyes widened. As expected of Mr. Lin to know about it already.

She nodded. "He came to see me a while ago, but he clearly still sees me as a child even though I have already grown up."

Lin Jie could hear the pride in her voice and thus smiled. "Looks like you've convinced him. Congratulations."

"Yes, I have already successfully convinced him to stand on my side. He would like to come down in person and speak with you regarding more distribution channels for the books in your bookstore... Please forgive me for taking the liberty of giving him suggestions, for he would not have allowed me to continue otherwise."

Lin Jie blinked. Wait a minute, Young Miss Ji, what exactly did you talk with your father about?!

A top tycoon having taken a fancy to a small retail shop and wanted to collaborate was excessively ridiculous.

While it might not necessarily be a bad thing, it would definitely be a nuisance without much actual room for cooperation.

However, since this was some sincere intentions from the young lady, Lin Jie nodded his head and said, "Alright, I got it."

Still, Lin Jie couldn't help gazing at Ji Zhixiu with a bit of helplessness. Shaking his head, he sighed, "You need to find some people that you can trust and not always come to me for such simple matters.”

Ji Zhixiu felt that the bookstore owner was looking at her as if she was a kid that had not grown up yet and was doing something unreliable.

She opened her mouth, wanting to speak. Could opening this box really be that simple...

While she could get the magician employed by the family to open the box.

Realizing that the 'loyalty' brand on 'Rat' Ruen had been broken made her suspect that there was a traitor amongst white magicians that had sold out the method of removing the 'loyalty' brand.

In her helplessness, she had no choice but to turn to the bookstore...


The two of them turned towards the source of the mechanical whirl sound and saw Mu'en holding the box with one of her palms placed in the center of it.

The entire box was divided into four parts and had opened like flower petals. The four corners at the top were the apex of the 'petals' and split outward about thirty degrees.

And at the very center of the box, the concave portion had turned into a 'lid' which Mu'en had picked up.

The young girl was expressionless, but there was a slight hint of surprise in her eyes as she met the gaze of the two others before she placed the lid back on awkwardly.

"Oh, I opened it by accident."

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