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100000PSI - Chapter 63.1: Have You Forgotten How You Treated Me In the Past? (1)

If possible, Ji Fanyin wouldn’t want to choose either of them.

One was a criminal in the making. Ji Fanyin already had a good idea of what he was going to say—he would either take his side with Ji Xinxin and threaten her to stop her stand-in business or let his psychopathic tendencies take over and become a two-faced bastard.

The other was an innocent client with a tendency to throw childish tantrums. Ji Fanyin was certain that he had nothing important to say.

It was a pity that Zhang Ning was busy socializing, so Ji Fanyin couldn’t use her as a shield. She took a split second to think of an excuse before glancing at her watch. “Ah, it’s about time for me to feed my tropical fish.”

Bai Zhou: “…”

Cen Xiangyang: “…”

It was such a perfunctory excuse, and her lackadaisical gaze clearly showed that she couldn’t be bothered to deal with them. She had already made up her mind to not get involved in their squabble. She wanted to return home, and neither of them could stop her.

While Zhang Ning wasn’t paying attention, she secretly made her way to the doorway of the banquet hall.

She soon heard footsteps echoing behind her.

“Bai Zhou, go back.” Ji Fanyin didn’t even have to turn around to figure out who it was.

“Is that director one of your clients too?” Bai Zhou matched her walking speed behind her and began unloading his questions. “Did you really start a screenwriting studio behind all of our backs? Have you forgotten where your money came from?”

“From proper work,” replied Ji Fanyin nonchalantly.

Her assets were being taken care of by an asset management company known for its high level of confidentiality. No problem could arise out of that.

“… What are you going to do next?”

“Do next?”

Bai Zhou wasn’t able to clarify his question right away, as if he found it hard to talk about this. Nevertheless, he continued trailing behind Ji Fanyin till the two of them were finally out in the hotel lounge.

Unlike the banquet hall that had its temperature regulated to a cozy level, the hotel lounge was chilly. It wasn’t as freezing as it was outside, but the difference in temperature was more than enough to make the two of them shudder.

Bai Zhou first scanned his surroundings with a frown before unbuttoning his blazer, but Ji Fanyin had already walked up to the receptionist to collect her coat.

Despite wearing an open-back red gown in this chilly environment, her posture remained upright and confidently relaxed. It felt like even the cold air shied away from her powerful disposition.

Staring at the confident woman before him, Bai Zhou couldn’t help but think: They are really different.

Ji Xinxin would have shuddered in this cold environment, hence giving him the chance to wrap his blazer around her.

But Ji Fanyin had never displayed her vulnerabilities before others, be it the meek her of the past or the current confident her. She had never tried to rely on anyone before.

Even when everyone privately scorned her for sucking up to Song Shiyu, Ji Fanyin had never asked anyone for help.

Bai Zhou found a woman like her terrifying. She could live perfectly well even without him in her life. Only someone delusional would think that they could shackle down such a woman with favors and debts.

Song Shiyu couldn’t do it. The director couldn’t do it. Bai Zhou couldn’t do it either.

The more he thought about it, the more infuriated he felt. He harrumphed coldly, “How did you even fall in love with Song Shiyu when he treated you atrociously in the past?”

Why can’t Ji Fanyin be like this from the start? If so, I wouldn’t have detested her for her weakness for so long. Perhaps we might have even become friends.

Song Shiyu must be wallowing in regret now.

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