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CSG - Chapter 3038: A Small Man Intoxicated By Success

Under the interference from the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance, Gongsun Zhi’s control over the Radiant Saint Hall reached an unprecedented height. No one dared to defy any of his orders.

The first thing he did after gaining power was to search for the Martial Soul lineage’s traces. In particular, Gongsun Zhi hated Jian Chen to the bone.

Immediately, all of the Radiant Saint Hall’s forces were mobilised under Gongsun Zhi’s orders. They began to search the entire Saints’ World for news regarding the Martial Soul lineage.

This feeling of being able to order everyone around is simply wonderful. It’s intoxicating.” In the Radiant Saint Hall, Gongsun Zhi sat back in the hall master’s throne lazily. He felt extremely satisfied inside.

“Someone go summon Xu Zhiping of the Xu family and Huangfu Guiyi of the Midheaven clan. I have something important to discuss with them.” Gongsun Zhi issued another order. An elder who had condensed a soultree that was equivalent to an Infinite Prime heard this and immediately became serious.

Xu Zhiping of the Xu family and Huangfu Guiyi of the Midheaven clan were peak experts who stood at the apex of the plane. Their cultivations had both reached the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Gand Prime, even stronger than the previous hall master Yu Chen. But now, Gongsun Zhi actually treated these supreme figures who could create a great disturbance on the entire Desolate Plane with just a stamp of their foot with absolutely no regard at all, which made the elder extremely nervous.

Even if the Radiant Saint Hall was very powerful now, even if they possessed the six protectors, the elder still believed that peak experts like Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi still deserved some basic respect.

However, there was not a single hint of respect in Gongsun Zhi’s words.

The elder originally wanted to find two Radiant Godkings to pass on the message, but with some further thought, he decided it would be better for him to go in person.

Gongsun Zhi issued the order before glancing at Bai Yu, Han Xin, Donglin Yanxue, Xuan Ming, and Xuan Zhan below. He said seriously, “Don’t be in such a hurry to leave. Stay here for now. You’ll go later when I tell you to go. You can’t defy me like before anymore, do you understand?”

Bai Yu and Donglin Yanxue immediately became furious, while Han Xin remained calm. His emotions did not fluctuate at all.

Xuan Zhan seemed to read Gongsun Zhi’s thoughts and revealed a slight smile. He clasped his fist. “You have nothing to worry about, hall master. We obviously won’t cause you any embarrassment.”

Before long, two elders of the Radiant Saint Hall ventured to the Xu family and Midheaven clan individually and passed on Gongsun Zhi’s message in an extremely tactful manner.

However, even though the elders had put it extremely nicely, basically showing the Xu family and Midheaven clan sufficient respect, they still left Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi extremely displeased.

Hmph, does this Gongsun Zhi really take himself to be a big deal? He’s actually bold enough to order us around.” Huangfu Guiyi’s face sank in the Midheaven clan as he snorted coldly.

Gongsun Zhi is becoming haughtier and haughtier. He actually wants us to go and see him in the Radiant Saint Hall? Hmph, without the protector swords, he’s just a puny Radiant Godking. It’s absurd to think that a puny Godking would be bold enough to order us around on a whim.” The ancestor of the Xu family, Xu Zhiping, also showed coldness in his eyes. His face was ugly. He was such a mighty existence on the Desolate Plane, where he could change the overall situation on the plane with a single word. He possessed such great status and such great powers, yet a Godking was actually ordering him around now. That was basically a form of humiliation.

My patience with Gongsun Zhi is wearing thin. Whatever. For the sake of the protector sword he promised to us, I’ll put up with him for now.” Huangfu Guiyi sucked in a deep breath and slowly calmed his anger. He still ended up choosing to bear with it.

Fair enough. In order to obtain a protector sword for my Xu family, we’ll let Gongsun Zhi be complacent for now. The vice hall master of the Radiant Saint Hall, Xuan Zhan, has told us that the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance can take away the protector swords at any time. Kiddo Gongsun better hope he remains in possession of Godslayer’s sword forever, or…” Cold light flashed through Xu Zhiping’s eyes.

Huangfu Guiyi and Xu Zhiping resided in two different regions with an extremely great distance between them, but with their cultivation, the concept of distance did not exist for them across the entire Desolate Plane. As such, they only needed a single thought to traverse the distance and communicate with one another.

In the next moment, the two of them took off, and immediately, the landscape around them changed. In a single step, they had covered an extremely vast distance and immediately appeared at the entrance to the Radiant Saint Hall. Afterwards, with a few flashes, they directly arrived before Gongsun Zhi.

Gazing at Gongsun Zhi who sat lazily on the throne, Huangfu Guiyi took in a deep breath and settled his annoyances before clasping his fist. “Hall master, may I ask why you are looking for the two of us?”

Only now did Gongsun Zhi notice Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi’s arrival. He immediately sat up and crossed one leg over the other with a smile in a condescending fashion. “Seniors, you’re finally here. I’ve been waiting here especially for your arrival.”

Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi frowned. When they saw Gongsun Zhi sitting there condescendingly, gazing at them like a lord to his subjects, they were basically tempted to butcher him on the spot.

Given their statuses, even the undisputed greatest expert on the Desolate Plane, the Celestial Sword Saint, would never treat them like this.

Gongsun Zhi seemed to be completely unaware of their thoughts. He smiled resplendently and waved his hand at the five protectors. He said, “Xuan Zhan, Xuan Ming, Donglin Yanxue, Bai Yu, and Han Xin, you can go for now. I have something important to discuss with the two seniors.”

“If that’s the case, we won’t disturb the hall master any further!” Xuan Zhan nodded with a smile and clasped his fist at Gongsun Zhi before backing down with the other protectors in tow.

Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi’s eyes immediately narrowed at this sight. They exchanged glances and both became astounded, but they seemed to think of something soon afterwards. They immediately asked, “The artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance has accepted you as its master?”

Gongsun Zhi had been paying close attention to their expressions the entire time. He immediately became filled with complacency when he noticed the surprise in their eyes, and he said proudly, “The artifact spirit has already awakened. Under the support of the artifact spirit, the five of them are already under my control for good. Apart from that, I have the right to distribute the three remaining protector swords too. Once the artifact spirit recovers a little more strength, I can allocate the protector swords.”

Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi immediately became overjoyed. They had run around all this time for Gongsun Zhi’s sake exactly for what? Was it not for the sake of giving their respective clans a protector sword?

Now, the wish was finally close to coming true, so the two of them were obviously overjoyed.

“But before this, there is something I need you to do for me, which is to destroy the Martial Soul lineage and take back the Method of the Exalted Saint. As a result, I want your Xu family and Midheaven clan to do everything within your ability to find the Martial Soul lineage,” said Gongsun Zhi.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.