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LTBE - Chapter 405: Your Name (1)

Teresa had always found banquets a bother.

Due to her powerful Hextongue, Teresa mainly relied on her writings to communicate with others. She could get most of her message across without trouble, but the efficiency was terrible, especially during social events. It was hard for her writing to keep up with conversations during social events, and others needed time to read her writings too.

For that reason, she would always have an interpreter beside her to read her messages to facilitate conversation. The problem was that students weren’t allowed to bring outsiders into Saint Freya Academy, so Teresa couldn’t bring her interpreter with her.

This made it hard for her to hold a conversation, especially when the other party was the star of the banquet.

Don’t go.

Roel was surprised by the notebook that suddenly appeared before him. He lowered his head and looked at the pink-haired woman grabbing his sleeves.

Due to her inability to speak, Teresa could only use her physical actions to draw Roel’s attention. It was embarrassing for her to grab another person’s sleeves in such a formal setting, but there was no denying its effectiveness.

Knowing the difficulties Teresa faced in communication, Roel first informed Paul and the others, who were waiting for him by the side, that he had some business to deal with. Then, he led Teresa to one of the seats by the side of the room, where she could take her time writing her message.

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Roel’s consideration touched Teresa’s heart, and she flashed him a radiant smile. She picked up her quill and began writing down her message.

Mister Roel, I’d like to relay my deepest gratitude to you about William’s affairs.

“You don’t have to thank me. I just did what I wanted to.”

That might be the case, but what you have done changed William’s fate. I feel indebted to you as her older sister, so I ask you to accept my gratitude.

“Alright. It’s William’s fortune to have a caring older sister like you.”

Roel casually remarked as he glanced at the armored knight surrounded by fans some distance away. Teresa’s face reddened at the comment. She quickly waved her hands to deny it before continuing with an ashamed look on her face.

I’d also like to apologize to you. I knew that you would react in such a manner prior to our conversation, and that’s why I told you everything.

“Is there a problem with that?”

But Mister Roel, I used you.

“Used me? You’re being too harsh on yourself. I see it in a completely different manner,” said Roel with a smile.

Teresa tilted her head in confusion, not knowing what Roel was getting at.

“Miss Teresa, didn’t you choose to tell me everything because you trusted my character? Am I mistaken?”


Teresa widened her eyes upon hearing Roel’s question. She took a moment to think about it before shyly nodding her head.

“Doesn’t that mean that everything is fine then? Besides, throughout that conversation, you didn’t use any misleading words to guide my line of thoughts. I think that it’s far-fetched to say that you have used me.”

Thank you for your understanding, Mister Roel.

“You’ve already thanked me enough. So, Miss Teresa, what do you all intend to do now?”

What do you mean?

“Since your plan to take me away and protect me has flopped, what will your next course of action be? Return to Knight Kingdom Pendor? Or…”

Regarding that, you might have to ask William in person.

Teresa smiled at Roel before waving William over with an invitational gesture.

But before William could walk over, a commotion suddenly echoed from afar.

Antonio and the other staff members had finally arrived at the banquet hall. Chris was also part of the group, and she was dressed in a gorgeous dress.

The students immediately put their conversations on hold to greet them.

Antonio and the others acknowledged their greetings with slight nods. Under the students’ warm applause, they made their way toward where Roel was standing.

“Roel, I was deeply impressed when you won the Champion Cup despite the odds,” complimented Antonio with a heartened nod.

“I’m honored to be one of the few people in the world who could impress you,” replied Roel with a smile.

After a short exchange of pleasantries, Antonio moved to the forefront of the banquet hall and officially announced the commencement of the celebratory party. Hundreds of magic fireworks whizzed to the sky, and grand music began playing. Excited cheers could be heard from the banquet hall to the grass field outside.

There was no need for the staff members to do anything since it was a party and not an award presentation ceremony. They wouldn’t want to steal the show from today’s stars, the challengers.

The celebratory party was a standing buffet, where the food was supplied by Saint Freya Academy and the alcohol was sponsored by Leinster’s administration. It was inevitable for the students to stuff themselves under the free flow of food and drinks.

The students began digging into the mouth-watering array of food prepared by the commercial street. Heavyweight drinkers also began heartily gulping down alcohol, determined to have their fill.

At the front row of the banquet hall, Roel and William finally managed to catch up with each other.

“Do we really have to do it?”

“Lord Antonio said that it’s the academy’s tradition.”

“I guess we have no choice then. Cheers!”


As if exchanging secret codes, Roel and William reached for the two bottles of super huge champagne placed at the front of the banquet hall. Through infusing their mana into the champagne bottle, they were able to swiftly increase the pressure within to pop its cork.

Pah! Pah!

Roel quickly scanned the crowd and confirmed his targets.

First and foremost, he didn’t want to spray the champagne over the ladies as formal gowns tended to be more revealing. Accidents could occur if those gowns got wet. He also didn’t want to target seniors like Edward as they could find it disrespectful.

After careful consideration, Roel’s gaze fell upon Paul and Geralt. The next instant, the alcohol started spraying out under the gaseous pressure and sprayed toward Paul and Geralt’s face.

“Big bro—Pu!”

The shocked Paul only managed to get a word out before he was sprayed down by champagne. The sharp-witted Geralt reacted fast and hid behind Paul, leaving Roel deeply impressed by his sharp reflexes.

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On the other hand, William had chosen to target the transfer students from the Knight Kingdom.

With the champion and the second runner-up leading the pranks, the atmosphere in the banquet hall soared to a new high. The excited Selina and the others quickly equipped themselves with bottles of champagne and joined the battlefield. The other challengers also began attacking each other with mischievous smiles on their faces.

Golden alcohol was raining all over the banquet hall in just a few moments.

Brittany grabbed the closest champagne bottle and began chasing Geralt, sending the terrified lad fleeing in a panic. Teresa used her Hextongue to seal off her surrounding space, preventing any champagne from spilling onto her. Juliana was infuriated to have her elegant demeanor ruined by William, so she sought to get her revenge.

Greenrose Ringbearer Glint and Greyrose Ringbearer Edward joined the battle as well. Charlotte was unharmed thanks to the protection of the Golden Soul. As for Lilian… Well, who in the right mind would dare to target her?

The banquet hall devolved into a champagne fight. Most students swiftly let go of their internal restraints and went wild. Those who weren’t able to find a champagne bottle used beer bottles as substitutes. The musicians switched to an intense melody to suit the mood.

The atmosphere was contagious. It didn’t take long for those in the grass field outside to join the champagne fight as well.

Antonio and the other staff members looked at the youthful scene before them and lamented that they had gotten old.

During the champagne fight, some of the students who got closer to Roel after losing to him in the tournament decided to unite together to exact vengeance. Caught off-guard, Roel ended up taking quite a few hits from them. In the end, he decided to team up with Paul and the other members of the Bluerose Faction to fight back.

On the other hand, William and her fans had gotten embroiled in a battle with Greenrose Ringbearer Glint.

The laughter and splashing alcohol washed away Roel’s pent-up stress, leaving him feeling more refreshed than ever. It was only when they finally ran out of alcohol that this moment of wild fun came to an end.

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