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LTBE - Chapter 404.2: Look Closely, Don’t Blink (2)

Time swiftly passed amidst their conversation. Soon, another important group of figures for tonight’s celebration arrived at the venue—the transfer students from Knight Kingdom Pendor. 

The reputation of the transfer students had improved greatly due to their outstanding performance in the tournament. In particular, William, Teresa, and Kurt had built up a fairly huge fan base around them. Their entrance was warmly welcomed by the students,

Looking at them from afar, Roel was relieved to see that his frost aura didn’t appear to have left any lasting traumas on William. However, he was intrigued to see that she was still dressed in her usual full armor that concealed her face.

It was just that no one appeared to be particularly bothered by her appearance, and Roel eventually decided not to think too much into it too. 

His goal was to release William from her fate as a scapegoat, not to change her dress-up. She could have just grown fond of her armor over the years. Besid…

Written by Bells on Cat Ears (猫耳铃铛). Translated by StarveCleric. Edited by Welmar.