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ZL - Chapter 992- Only in death


  Wang Zecheng rode a black horse down the mountain while the halberd in his hands shook. Hatred appeared in his eyes; he was clearly unwilling to accept this defeat but had no choice but to do so. Since Rising Sun Like Blood had been established, everything was within his plans. He swallowed Thousand Burial's Hungry Wolf Cavalry and invited people to wipe out Hero Mound's main guild. This time, he even made the Fire Axe Army and Rongdi Army attack the Royal Army. This was one of his boldest plans, and if he won, he would be in charge of the Fire Axe Army and become someone really powerful in Tian Ling City.

  Unfortunately, he had underestimated Lochlan's intelligence, thinking that that ruler was just an ignorant kid. Who knew that Lochlan would decide to send Situ Xin over to inform the Royal Army? If not for the news, they might have really failed and taken a loss under the hooves of the Rongdi Army.

  Call Me Master looked at the cannonfire and frowned. "We've got no hope. The Royal Army and Zhan Long are prepared and our sneak-attack has already failed."

  Wang Zecheng felt helpless. "What should we do next?"

  Call Me Master shook his head. "I don't know. I told you not to be too anxious, but you didn't listen to me; what other plans would I have at this point?"

  Free Time said, "Continue attacking. The more Royal Army troops we can kill, the fewer they will have left. Still, Hero Mound is really annoying; they keep biting back at us."

  Call Me Master frowned. "Free Time, your words are pushing Rising Sun Like Blood to the abyss!"

  Free Time was stunned, asking, "What do you mean?"

  Call Me Master explained, "If we lose this battle, we at most will all lose a level, and that is nothing much; it isn't that we haven't lost before. However, if the Fire Axe and Rongdi armies get wiped out here, we'll have truly suffered a significant loss. For what reason should we insist on fighting against Zhan Long and the Royal Army?"

  Wang Zecheng nodded. "Okay, I understand what you're saying. Everyone, prepare to retreat; slash a path out and open a way for the Fire Axe Army!"


  The situation slowly became clear. The Rongdi Army fell to the attacks of the Furnace God Cavalry, Royal Army, and Cliff Dragon Cavalry. After three hours of fighting, the battle on Fire God Mountain had finally reached an endpoint. Over 70% of the Rongdi Army's two hundred thousand soldiers were killed. Louis, Luo Xun, Les, Floating Clouds, and the other generals' camp had successfully been surrounded by the Royal Army and the players.

  "War Hawk," Luo Xun shouted, "come down and send us back to Tian Ling City. Li Xiao Yao has rebelled!"

  In the air, one could hear many hawks crying out. Many war hawks that the Violent Thunder and Fire Axe armies raised started to fly toward the camp.

  How could I let Luo Xun flee again? I shouted, "Dragon Cavalry, Flame Hawk Archers, kill all their war hawks so that they can't leave!"

  Chi Yu Qing held her whip and led a Flame Hawk over. With a slap, two hawks were slapped into two. I charged into the sky and used Butterfly and Zhen Yue Sword onto one war hawk. In another direction, Qingluo rode a Crystal Dragon and charged, slicing a war hawk in half before the dragon chomped on another!

  Pa pa...

  The blood of the war hawk splattered on Luo Xun's face. He touched the blood on his nose and his face turned even more ashen-white. The South Protecting King sword in his hands shook. "We... Do we have no chance anymore? Little Li... When did this traitor, this d*mn kid, have so many helpers?"

  Les walked forward with his sword and shouted to the sky, "Suiding Duke, as one of important generals of the empire, why did you try to rebel? You've killed so many of our soldiers! Let me give you some advice: Give up! The South Protecting King will say something good in front of the emperor for you, and maybe then... you can avoid death!"

  Louis raised a scroll. "Li Xiao Yao, you have been wanted by the emperor, and if you continue like this, even if you kill all of us, you'll still be looked down on in history!"

  I laughed coldly. "Marquis, all of you threaten Lochlan, so aren't you afraid of being looked down on in history? All of you are so vicious and want to wipe out the Royal Army. Since things have reached this stage, there's no way out and I won't show mercy at all!"

  I raised Butterfly and shouted, "Royal Army, Guards Army, listen to my command: Kill every last one from the Rongdi Army!"

  Luo Xun, the mastermind behind all this, was relying on the two hundred fifty thousand troops under his control. These Rongdi Army soldiers were loyal to him as they were from the south. It was impossible to tame them; as such, there was no need to show mercy in the slightest bit. Kill them all!

  "Haha... Hahaha!"

  Luo Xun looked at me with sadness in his eyes, saying mockingly, "This is the legendary kind general, Li Xiao Yao. Was this the Royal Army General who said that he won't kill the innocent... You’ve finally torn off your mask, haven’t you? Come, kill them! Two hundred fifty thousand Rongdi Army spirits will die along with me!"

  I did not say anything and just waved my blade. The Royal Army and Zhan Long's Furnace God Cavalry launched their respective attacks. Luo Xun, Les, and Louis only had ten thousand people in their camp, so how could they block our concerted assault. In just ten minutes, they all collapsed. A little while later, the ten thousand Violent Thunder and Fire Axe armies surrendered, while the Rongdi Army was completely wiped out. In this battle, one got experience and achievement points from killing players and NPCs, so Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, and Wang Jian were happy to do all that.



  Han Yuan kicked Les's legs and the arrogant Violent Thunder Army General knelt in front of me. Louis's hand trembled as he knelt there. Despair appeared in his eyes as he accepted his fate. As for Xiahou Ren, he had already knelt, having long lost the arrogance and pride from before. Beside Xiahou Ren was a young girl with a halberd in her hands. She was Floating Clouds, the person who had taken over Qin Ye in the Dragonling Army. During the Green Qilin Valley battle, the Dragonling Army was only left with ten thousand people. After today, it would be surprising if they even had three thousand left. 

  Out of these few Generals, only Luo Xun still stood in place proudly with his sword in hand. He looked around coolly and used his sword to slash Xiao Lie's spear away. "Scram!"

  Xiao Lie was stunned and hollered, "You old thing, are you asking for death?"

  I said hurriedly, "Xiao Lie stop!"

  Xiao Lie was stunned. "Sir, why don't we just kill this old thing?"

  "Temporarily, it’s a no..."

  A bunch of Cavalrymen charged in from the Guards Army. Situ Xin, who was in front, shouted, "Suiding Duke, please let the South Protecting King live!"

  He got down from his mount and knelt in front of me. "Please let Luo Xun live; this is His Majesty's only request..."

  I frowned. "Situ Xin, I have my own judgement, just stand at the side!"



  Luo Xun laughed coldly. "Li Xiao Yao, you have won; how does that feel?"

  "Luo Xun..."

  I looked at him and said, "Lochlan is your son. For power, were you going to kick him out?"

  Luo Xun said coldly, "Since ancient times, the emperor's seat has always been for those who were good enough. Lochlan is too soft; he'll only end up hurting the Tian Ling Empire. Even if I win, I will just replace him and not harm his life."

  I smiled and took out Lochlan's letter. The seal on it was deep red. "This was a letter from the emperor. The Royal Army will clear out the empire's filth. As his father, you are just barbaric, trying to attack the Royal Army and stirring politics. Take a look; this is his writing and his seal!"

  Luo Xun was stunned. "Lochlan, he..."

  Situ Xin said, "South Protecting King, don't worry; Lochlan did mention to let you live, so you can just grow old in the palace."

  Luo Xun's body shook and hope appeared in his eyes. "Lochlan... he won't kill me?"

  Situ Xin nodded.

  "No..." I said.

  Everyone looked at me and Situ Xin was stunned. "General Li, what did you say?"

  "I said no."

  My tone was really calm as I pulled out Han Yuan's sword, tossing it over. It stabbed into the dirt in front of Luo Xun. "Do it yourself!"

  Luo Xun was stunned and tears started to drop. He laughed out loud. "Li Xiao Yao, Li Xiao Yao... you are the biggest thief in the history of the Tian Ling Empire, aren’t you? Haha! You are the true hero..."

  I smiled. "End yourself. Even if the people of the world scold me, I will accept it."

  Situ Xin knelt in front of me and said loudly, "General Li, don't.... This... Luo Xun is Lochlan's father; you can't let him take up the blame for killing his father!"

  I nodded. "I know, so I shall take that blame!"

  Killing intent appeared in my eyes. "Luo Xun, end yourself! Redeem yourself for all that you have done; redeem yourself for the tens of thousands of Royal Army troops whom you have killed. Your actions have caused half of the Tian Ling Empire's power to be lost. If you don't die, who should!"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.