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ZL - Chapter 1039- Talking about tactics

"Li Xiao Yao, are you all waiting to rot here?" Liu Ying, who had drunk too much, started to mock me. "A few year 2 and 3 students are playing over there,  so why not bring Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue over to take a look? Isn't it very pointless just sitting here?"

  "Games?" My mouth curled up. "Not interested."

  "Afraid that you’d lose?" Liu Ying eyed me tauntingly. "Looking at you, I don't think that you can afford to lose."

  I smiled coldly. "Oh, what game are they playing?"

  "You'll find out when you go there."

  "Heh..." I grabbed Lin Wan Er's hand. "Let's head over to take a look. It does seem quite exciting over there."

  Lin Wan Er found it funny and laughed. "You pig, why are you so easily baited?"

  "I am not. I just feel like these mortals need to be taught a lesson."



  Dong Cheng Yue, Tang Qi, Tang Gu, et cetera followed me over. At the corner of the hall, the area was lit up and a group of students could be seen playing around. Many dart boards were hanging on the wall, and the students were focused on these. Among them were Liu Ying and Wang Zecheng. However, beside him was a girl, whose hair was dyed white and who was even prettier than Xu Yue. As expected from a second generation young master, he changed girlfriends so quickly!

  "Come come come! Step aside."

  Liu Ying smiled. "Is Li Xiao Yao here to join in?"

  "Join in?" I was stunned.

  A year 4 student smiled and explained, "The game is like this. Each participant must bring a date and then challenge darts. Three chances. Before you begin, the date guesses the number of times the other guy hits, and if the guy really hits that number, you can kiss your date once. Moreover, after winning, you can get the same amount of RMB according to how many darts you hit. What do you think? Do you dare to play?"

  I was stunned and frowned. "Is this a game where one changes girlfriends?"

  The senior smiled. "It can't be considered that; it's just a kiss. It's nothing much."

  Liu Ying smiled. "Are you too afraid to play? If you want to play, then I shall accompany you. How about that?"

  He stared at Lin Wan Er and me.

  I frowned. "Didn't you say that you have no girlfriend?"

  "Who said that?"

  Liu Ying hugged a girl in a short skirt beside him. "Mila, play this with me?"

  The girl called Mila giggled. "Oh? To let Li Xiao Yao kiss, that... Aiyo, I am so shy!"

  I laughed coldly. Enough!

  Liu Ying continued. "Why, do you dare to play?"

  I smiled. "Aiyo! I need to choose a girlfriend to play with you then. Since Liu Ying wants to play, I need you to have fun!"

  I grabbed Tang Gu's hand. "This is my date; help cover his eyes..."

  Liu Ying's body shook. "You... This is enough!"

  I laughed coldly. "Why? Are you looking down on my partner?"

  Tang Gu's face turned green. "I also look down on him, okay?"

  I stared at him, "You don't have a girlfriend, so stop picking!"

  "I want to pick someone female!"


  Wang Zecheng carried his wine glass over and said, "Li Xiao Yao, I think that there's no point in you using a guy to protect yourself. Everyone knows that Lin Wan Er's boyfriend is you. Do you want to deny it?"

  I said, "We are choosing a date, not a girlfriend."

  Lin Wan Er bit her lower lip in anger. It was obvious that she did not want to play this game. After all, a prideful girl would not allow a guy that she disliked to kiss her.


  Right when I did not know what to do, a girl walked out and said, "Since that's the case, let's not make things hard for Xiao Yao. I will act as his partner. Why, you don't dare to play?"

  I looked over and saw that the girl was Liu Tian Tian. Such a great girl, if I didn't have a girlfriend, I would definitely choose her!

  "Wan'er, is that okay?" I asked.

  Lin Wan Er nodded. "En, don't lose! If you lose even once, you must pay a dollar!"

  "Just a dollar..."

  "They're referring to 10,000 RMB...."

  "D*mn! I have to win then!"


  Liu Ying held his new girlfriend's hands. As for Liu Tian Tian, she walked to the center while hugging my arm. The dart board was five meters away, so the chances of hitting were quite high.

  "Let's begin?" Liu Ying asked.

  I smiled. "Five meters isn’t too far; this is too easy?"

  "How far do you want then?"

  "Three times that; how about fifteen meters?"


  "You don't dare?"

  "What don’t I dare? Let's play then!"

  We retreated and each of us had three darts in our hands. The target was now fifteen meters away; normal people definitely could not hit it, but Liu Ying was an expert, so I did not know whether or not he could.

  Liu Tian Tian stood beside me and smiled. "Honey, how much should I say?"

  "Three. Let's see if he has the skill."


  Thus, Liu Tian Tian said it. Liu Ying needed to hit the dart board three times to win.

  Mila smiled and said three, too.


  Liu Ying went at it first. His body sank low. He judged the distance and strength and shot forward. Pa! It pinned to the bottom of the target and nearly missed.

  He licked his lips and fired the second one. This time, he adjusted the strength and aimed a little higher. He hit once more, as expected from an expert!

  Liu Ying continued to focus, but he was unlucky and the dart did not hit the target at all.

  He lost and now it was my turn.

  I took a deep breath and energy surged in my palms. These people were not cultivators, so they could not see it at all. Maybe Tang Qi could.

  I tossed one after another without any gaps and all of them hit the center. The students were all stunned. Very quickly, the girls cheered. Many of them even started to send signals with their eyes. This was a bad habit. One could not like someone because of just one of his strengths. Maybe these girls liked me because of my skills but did not know that I hated bathing and liked scratching my feet.

  "We won, we won!"

  Liu Tian Tian cheered and hugged me. Her shirt nearly slipped off. I pushed her aside politely. "En, three dollars. Let's split it?"


  Liu Ying's face was dead as ash. "Too far!"

  Mila smiled. "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, if you want to kiss me, then come. If you miss this chance, you won't have the opportunity again. Who knows when this chance will come back?"

  I smiled. "I just want the three dollars. As for kissing, forget it. I don't like kissing other people's girlfriends. Boss Liu Ying, thank you for the three dollars. Go and collect the money!"

  Normal people would not bring so much cash. Fortunately, there was an ATM at the side. Liu Ying went to grab the money. Liu Tian Tian appeared to really like me; if not for Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue being here, who knew what she would do? Such a girl was just wild. Why did she not appear a year ago when I was still single? I thought about it. Now that I had Lin Wan Er, other girls could not pique my interest at all.

  When one fully loved someone, only two types of people would exist in the world for them. The beloved person and those who were not them.


  This gathering ended at around 10pm. In those two hours of interactions, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and I helped out. Finally, that fiery Dong Ling was not so cold toward Tang Gu. I told her that, although Tang Gu did not look good, he was a nice person and was someone righteous and loyal. Those two words touched her heart and her need to be loved.

  Brother Glasses went to pick up chicks, while I headed out to get a car with Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and Tang Qi to head over to Shen Bing's place. Now, it was time that we headed to PaPa Bar and got familiar with the environment in advance so that I could protect Lin Wan Er. I also had to consider Shen Bing's safety. Although many of the people at the bar were from the base, it was still unsafe. Some people would change and do anything cruel.

  When we arrived at the bar, the business was unexpectedly good, and it was pretty full. Shen Bing did not come out right away probably due to her identity. She just sent a waiter to bring us in. After arranging drinks for us, she finally appeared. She was dressed in a black gown and really looked like the queen of the bar.

  Actually, she had drunk a lot, but she still dragged me to drink with her. She then went to greet the other guests, leaving Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and me to play. It was not until 12am that we finally got tired. However, it was really relaxing. The King's Hunt and NPCs’ power squabble was just really tiring; I rarely had such a chance to rest.


  On the way back, Lin Wan Er rested in my arms and fell asleep. Her face was flushed.


  On my phone, a message came from Yue Qing Qian: "Brother Xiao Yao, Dragon City has been attacked by Hybrid Demons! Li Mu and I brought men away; are Sister Cang Tong and you coming?"

  I replied, "Did any Lord-level Boss appear?"


  "Then have fun. I drank a little, so I'm going to sleep."


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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.