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ZL - Chapter 1041- Two Star God General's provocation

God Dragon Horse neighed as I charged into the palace. Although I was no longer a Commander in chief , I was still the Royal Army General, so no one moved to stop me. I entered the palace right away but noticed the presence of many people. Tan Taiyu, Qu Hu, Liang Yin, Ou Zhidi, Huyan Li, Situ Xin, and the other NPC generals were all inside. Even Jiu Li City's three generals, Shao Shiyang, Lin Qiong, and Qin Yi, were not absent. The higher-ranking players were not around; they were probably preparing to settle the Ancient Imperial City.


  "Master Li!"

  Lochlan smiled. "You definitely have a reason for rushing over, right?"


  I looked at the official page. Three days after the Ancient Imperial City was over, the second country war would begin. I said, "Does Your Majesty know about the city that has appeared in front of the Deer Forest?"

  Lochlan nodded. "En, I am actually discussing how we should take it down with Ocean Duke and the other generals. I heard that there are endless treasures and also lost techniques in that city. If Tian Ling Empire can obtain these treasures, our strength will definitely increase!"

  "It will definitely be a bloody battle. We should expect Waterfront City's Floating Clouds and Xing Huo to interfere. Nine Heavens City in the east is strong and will definitely try competing for the city, too. If we send troops without thinking, we may suffer losses, so I’d like to ask Your Majesty to hand over all control to me!"

  Zhu Hai could not take it anymore and said, "Preposterous! How could we hand the troops to such a lousy person?"


  At the side, the Purple Spirit Army General Huyan Li raged, "Master Li has been fighting wars since Pearl's time and has blocked the Hybrid Demons many times before. He is Tian Ling City's god general; how can you say that he's lousy? Let me ask you, Ocean Duke: When Master Li was leading the Tian Ling City troops to force back Lanais and Luo Ding, where were you? What rights do you have to judge his honor? Who even are you here!"

  I was shocked. I did not expect this Huyan Li to be my supporter!

  Zhu Hai's mouth went agape. "Master Li wants all the troops. I think that that isn’t approapriate. If he wants to revolt, no one will be able to stop him!"

  Situ Xin smiled. "Ocean Duke doesn't have to doubt. If Suiding Duke wanted to, this throne would have long been his. Why would he even wait until today?"

  Lochlan stood up and smiled. "Master Li, are you really willing to take control?"

  "Yes!" I nodded.


  Lochlan did not care about his status and jumped off. He took out a shining token and knelt on one knee. "I shall greet the commander here. In the presence of Master Li, I shall appoint you as Grand Executioner. You shall lead all troops, promoting and demoting anyone as you see fit. With this, you can also mobilize all troops. If someone doesn't follow your commands, you can punish them. Those insubordinate generals and soldiers ranked four and below, you can behead them without question!"

  I was stunned. I only wanted the power to mobilize troops, but I did not expect Lochlan to trust me so much. Tian Ling City's powers were now all gathered into my hands.

  I knelt on one knee, feeling touched. "Li Xiao Yao will definitely go all out; I will bleed every drop of my blood for the empire!"

  Very good. Even I was proud of what I had just said.


  Lochlan helped me up. "Master Li, please rise!"

  He walked back to his throne and looked at everyone. "War is about to begin; I have appointed Master Li as The Executor. From here onward, he is in charge of troops and is the Marshal. I hope that all of you can fight alongside Master Li for our home, for Tian Ling City, and for the future!"

  The officials all knelt onto the ground. "Your Majesty is wise!"

  Zhu Hai looked at me unhappily, but there was nothing he could do. He knelt and cupped his fists. "His Majesty is wise!"

  When everyone got up, Situ Xin smiled and congratulated me. "Congratulations, Master Li! Oh, no. I should be addressing you as Marshal Li now!"

  I smiled. "General Situ is being too nice."

  Fire Dragon Army's Tan Taiyu also smiled. "Marshal Li, I shall be under your rule from now onward; I hope that you can give me advice!"

  "Sure sure."

  Lochlan smiled. "Since that’s the case, I shall go enjoy the flowers. Generals, Master Li, remain and discuss this matter about the Ancient Imperial City!"

  I nodded to show my gratitude and looked on as Lochlan departed.

  Zhu Hai remained behind; he was unwilling to leave. I resolutely chased him away. "Apart from generals, the others can leave. Goodbye, Ocean Duke."

  Zhu Hai fumed but there was nothing he could do. He scoffed and stalked off with his few officials. The Jiu Li City officials like Lin Qiong all remained.

  An old official said, "His Majesty has cleaned up the side palace for you. Marshal Li and my fellow generals, please follow me over."

  I nodded and brought the Tian Ling City generals over. Apart from Q-Sword, the Commander-ranked generals were all present. This was the first time I had felt like I was holding power. En, not bad. At least, each step of the plan would follow what I wanted. There would be nothing that went against me.


  Side palace. A Guards Army soldier was manning this. Han Yuan held his sword while standing with a bunch of Royal Army troops. With the Royal Army here, no one dared to disobey rules; if not, they would be beheaded!

  A giant sandboard was placed inside, and depicted on it were the various cities and maps. I walked in front and said, "Generals, please be seated!"

  The generals sat at either side. I continued standing there as I pointed at where the three cities of Tian Ling, Waterfront, and Nine Heavens intersected. "The Ancient Imperial City is here. Our adventurer army should be heading over from Ba Huang City. What do you all think we shall do?"

  Fire Rhino Army General Shao Shiyang smiled. "Bring our Dragon Crystal Cannons and attack alongside the adventurers. Waterfront City's Flame Lion is just a rebel army. Nine Heavens City's Summer Fire, Dragon Beard, and Ice Shield armies have large numbers, but they aren't strong."

  I nodded and smiled. "General Shao Shiyang is right; our opponents aren't strong, but I still want to speak about something. Nine Heavens and Waterfront cities have millions of adventurers; we have fought with them and know how strong they are. As such, if we wanna win, we must be careful, or else everything will be for nothing."

  Shao Shiyang touched his nose and did not continue speaking.

  Huyan Li cupped his fist. "Marshal Li, you are the commander of the army, so your words are the law. Please speak frankly; there's no need to beat around the bush with us, as we only know how to fight."

  I nodded. "I’d like a few armies to defend the border and assign our top troops in the Giant Demon Forest located beside War God River. When the time is right, we will deal a lightning blow on our enemies!"

  Shao Shiyang frowned. "Who does Marshal Li want to task with defending the border?"

  Shao Shiyang was annoyed by me. I learned from Situ Xin that Jiu Li City's Earth Ocean Army's general, Qin Yi, was a conservative person. He knew how to protect his troops and not to suffer losses. These two were not on the same side as I was, so it would be best not to bring them. "Fire Rhino Army is strong, so you should head to Sea of No Return and defend against Lanais."

  Shao Shiyang cupped his fist. "Yes, Marshal!"

  Although he felt annoyed, he still listened to my orders. This was a good sign.

  After which, I said, "General Qin Yi, lead your Earth Ocean Army to the Bridge of Fate. Defend that place and take charge of our border defenses."

  "Yes, Marshal!"

  These generals got their assignments one after another until fewer and fewer people remained in the hall. The last one was a young general, who was Heaven Barrier Army's Commander Lin Qiong. This was a God Tier, two-star commander. He was a really strong general, way more than Situ Xin and Han Yuan.

  "Commander Lin Qiong, why haven't you left yet?" I asked.

  Lin Qiong's gaze was filled with disdain. "Marshal Li, we have met before. If I remember correctly, you were so weak and relied on tactics to kill Demon Dragon General. Did you not?"

  I nodded. "So what?"

  Lin Qiong stood up with pride. "A useless scholar, what gives you the rights to order me around? Don't think that just because you are Marshal Li, I will follow your command willingly. In my eyes, you are just a person playing with power!"

  I suppressed my rage. "Lin Qiong, how should I prove myself?"

  "Defeat me!"

  Lin Qiong pulled out his blade and Han Yuan did, too. "Lin Qiong, you want to revolt? Men, take him down and behead him!"

  I waved. "No, bring the Royal Army out. I have words to speak to Commander Lin Qiong!"

  His eyes were filled with question, but he did not object. He closed the door behind him when he exited the hall. Now, only Lin Qiong and I were left.


  "What is considered defeating you?" I looked at him and pulled out Butterfly. To solo a two-star God General, that was crazy but I still wanted to try doing so!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.