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ZL - Chapter 1047- Laying in wait

The India Region players had moved into Waterfront City for a month and they lacked all sorts of resources. Waterfront City was less than 50% the scale of Flaming Cloud City, so it naturally was unable to provide enough leveling resources for them. As a result, the average level in Clear Black Eyes's guild was 2.7 lower than that of Zhan Long. From that, one could see the gap. Moreover, since Beautiful Life could not compare to us, the mid- and small-sized guilds were even worse. Game depended on levels, and once there was a gap, one's hidden stats would be suppressed and their attacks would easily miss. Naturally, they stood no chance at all against us.


  More than an hour later, Ye Lai brought over Judgement members. A while later, Q-Sword led Hero Mound's forty thousand people over to assist. Enchanted Painting was here too with ten thousand Legend cavalry players. This battle lasted until 11pm; finally, India Region's players were greatly reduced. Clear Black Eyes had no strength to change anything.

  However, we also suffered heavy losses to destroy Clear Black Eyes's forty million army.

  Piles of campfire burned in the forest. Player and NPC corpses could be seen everywhere. I checked Fan Shu City's soldier interface and my heart hurt. We lost 51% Cliff Dragon Cavalry and 67% Flame Hawk Archers. How long would it take to produce these many troops again?

  Still, it was okay; the sacrifices were definitely worth it.

  I looked at Zhan Long and Judgement; we suffered huge losses. Each guild lost at least 50% of our troops. We were close to two million when we started, but at this point there were just seven hundred thousand of us. The outcome was the sight of 3.5 million India player corpses lying there. Clear Black Eyes also went all out, but she did not expect that they would lose. Beautiful Life was left with fewer than ten thousand, and she led them back toward Waterfront City. Li Mu wanted to chase them, but I stopped him.

  I looked at the time. There were thirteen hours left until the end of the event.

  Ye Lai, Li Mu, Misty Clouds, Mu Xuan, Q-Sword, and the others all wanted to charge in from the southwest and then fight for the city. The prerequisite was for someone to defend the entrance and that landed on Blood Contract. Han Bei Song was given the title of defending general by us. He felt helpless. "As long as Clear Black Eyes returns, her first blade will slash my face. That's just too sad; why not leave some people for me?"

  In the end, Ye Lai and Misty Clouds were brothers and left two hundred thousand troops to guard the entrance.

  However, Clear Black Eyes might gather a million people. Along with Drunk Maple, both sides would have over two million troops. Although it was not much compared to the large battlefield, this gamble might be hard to handle.


  Nighttime. Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, and I sat by the campfire. Dozens of Furnace God Cavalry gathered around. We had not joined in the battle for the city, and that was left to Li Mu and Wang Jian. Whether or not Zhan Long could get it depended on them. As for us, we had more important things.

  Yue Qing Qian used her dagger to push at the twigs. "Brother Xiao Yao, why are we here and not attacking the city?"

  I replied, "You will know soon."

  Yue Qing Qian blinked. "Is Brother Xiao Yao planning to use the NPC army to intercept Clear Black Eyes?"

  "Smart,” I looked at her with praise and smiled, saying, "but you aren't totally right.”

  "Ah?" Yue Qing Qian opened her mouth slightly and smiled, too. "Brother Xiao Yao is too naughty. You must’ve thought of a plan to scam Clear Black Eyes, right?"

  I laughed. "No, how can I do that? Moreover, Clear Black Eyes has killed so many China Region players that... I can't even count the number."

  Lin Wan Er touched Little White's huge forehead. "If I am right, piggy didn't even think about the city, right?"

  I nodded and, resting on the tree behind me, smiled. "What can one Ancient Imperial City change? Waterfront City was taken by the Indians; after seventy-two hours, the country war will begin. Jian Feng Han, Rumor, Bai Li Ruofeng, et cetera went all out with Nine Heavens City for the city, but what of them getting it? How could we block the east and west attacks in the next country war?"

  I felt a little bitter. "Moon, Swirling Abyss, and Iron Skull cities won't let us go. The second country war means that War God River will be under huge threat. Rumor's Heaven Planning Hall is offending Nine Heavens City. If we can't cause Clear Black Eyes to lose her trump card now, we don't have to fight the next battle at all."

  Shock appeared in Lin Wan Er's eyes. "Have you thought of something?"


  I looked at her and smiled. "We really are going all out. Clear Black Eyes is too smart. She’ll definitely attack Flaming Cloud City during the second country war, and to protect it, I need to cause Waterfront City's army to lose its ability to fight. This Ancient Imperial City is a good chance."

  Yue Qing Qian was shocked. "Brother Xiao Yao, what are you thinking?"

  I smiled. There was nobody else around, just the two beautiful deputy guild leaders, so I honestly said, "Whether or not we get the city doesn't matter, but Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple definitely wants the two hundred thousand Ancient Demon troops, so in the next ten hours, she will come with the five hundred thousand Waterfront City troops. She’ll then use the cannons to suppress us and try to take down the city."

  Lin Wan Er asked, "So what are you thinking?"

  I smiled. "My idea is simple. After the battle ends, the map will chase away NPCs and players, and while players can use City Return Scrolls, the NPCs can't. I have used my identity as The Executor to gather eleven million NPC troops south of Demon Bamboo Forest. As long as Clear Black Eyes dares to let the Flame Lion and Azure Ocean armies attack the city, I will destroy them!"

  Yue Qing Qian opened her mouth, her eyes filled with shock and joy. "Great! Fighting alongside Brother Xiao Yao just feels so safe."

  I nodded. "We’ll just defend here and wait for news. Let them compete for the ancient city."



  Nighttime. I decided to sleep. I told Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian to wake up at 9. It would be three hours to the end of the event and that was enough. I did not care about who the city belonged to; what I cared about was whether or not I could crush Waterfront City before the next country war.

  I slept well during the night; it was already 8am the next day when I woke. I got up, ate breakfast, and then went online!


  I appeared at the border of Deer Forest; this place was thirty minutes away from the city. It was not far, but it was not near, either. The map was red, meaning that an intense battle was happening here. I checked the forums and saw many reports from witnesses. Even when we were offline, the battle was still intense—

  Battle report 1:04 - Nine Heavens City's top player, Demon Mountain, led Thor's Hammer to enter the path and killed three thousand from the House of Prestige.

  Battle report 2:27 - Fang Ge Que intercepted Nine Heavens City's troops and wiped out the seven thousand led by Demon Mountain with twenty thousand troops. Demon Mountain led two hundred plus people to escape into the mountains.

  Battle report 3:41 - Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple led out 2.4 million Waterfront City players to crush Blood Contract at the southwest entrance. She led five hundred thousand NPC troops and one hundred cannon cavalry to push toward the city.

  Battle report 4:12 - Fang Ge Que led ten thousand people into the city hall of the Ancient Imperial City and obtained control of it.

  Battle report 5:41 - Clear Black Eyes open fired at the city using the cannons and also sent cavalry to sneak-attack Nine Heavens City's twenty thousand NPC troops. She forced Fang Ge Que to retreat from the city.

  Battle report 7:22 - Heaven Planning Hall Rumor gathered three million China forces and crushed Nine Heavens City and Demon Mountain. Four of the seven kings of 7K were killed. China obtained a huge victory.

  Battle report 8:30 - A huge battle erupted on the path; Li Mu, Mu Xuan, and several other players killed India players. Both sides suffered heavy losses. Nine Heavens City's Portugal Region top beauty, Purple Wind Flute, led 200 thousand people to head over the mountain range. She sneak-attacked and chased Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple out of the city. Now, she was occupying the hall.


  This battle was far more intense than I thought.

  At 11am, Li Mu, Mu Xuan, and Ye Lai retreated due to their heavy losses. Moreover, Demon Mountain led twenty million Nine Heavens City people to counterattack. Rumor, Fang Ge Que, Jian Feng Han, et cetera were really tired from all the fights. Moreover, Demon Mountain brought two hundred thousand NPCs and two hundred fifty Dragon Crystal Cannons, causing Rumor to suffer a huge defeat. He was forced to retreat toward Ba Huang City.

  At this point, China's attempt to get the city ended in failure. Rumor definitely would not take this loss. Alas, China did not have time at all. Three hours was not enough to turn the tides.


  At 1pm, the battle was still intense. It ended up as a battlefield between Nine Heavens City and India’s war region. I watched all this while settling the Tian Ling City's troops around Three Blade Mountain and Deer Forest. I waited for the battle to end.

  At 2pm, finally, a bell rang in the sky. China and India regions failed to get the city—


  [System notification: Congratulations for occupying the Ancient Imperial City, Player Purple Wind Flute (Portugal)! It is now officially Cold Winter's camp. Player Purple Wind Flute has obtained two hundred thousand Ancient Demon soldiers. As this player is from Nine Heavens, the Ancient Imperial City will be included in that city’s map. The map will refresh, so all players will be removed. Player Clear Black Eyes is the MVP. Other ranked players will receive rewards accordingly!]


  I was ranked seventh, so I did not bother about any rewards.

  The valley was silent as the Royal Army troops lay in wait. Our cannons, which were covered by dense shrubs, were all ready to fire.

  "General, when will they come?" asked Han Yuan.

  I wiped Butterfly and smiled confidently. "Calm down. They will come sooner or later."


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