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ZL - Chapter 1048- Killing entire army

Dense horse hoof sounds spread from deep in the forest. As the Ancient Imperial City started to refresh, all NPC troops would be teleported away. Hence, Waterfront City's NPC army had no place to go and could only retreat. Unfortunately, their path back was already being blocked by all of us; a bunch of Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons were waiting for them, too.

  "They’re here!"

  Han Yuan emotionally held the handle of his blade, his hands shaking. He looked into the distance and said, "General, shall we attack?"

  "Calm down. Wait for more of them to appear first. Listen to my orders."


  Behind me, Lin Wan Er was rubbing Little White's neck to pacify it, such that it would not charge out. If that happened, our plan would be ruined.

  Waterfront City's Flame Lion Army flag appeared in our field of view. The front was all cavalry. Over thirty thousand of them charged out of the forest and gathered in front of us. They then pushed toward Waterfront City as they released War Hawk Knights to check the surrounding situation. Alas, it was too late.


  Butterfly was out of its sheath and I held it high up. "Attack!"

  Peng peng peng! Sounds spread from all over as more than two hundred cannons fired at the same time. Dense and messy cannonfire exploded and caused heatwaves to ripple out. The Flame Lion Army troops were ripped apart, but this was not it all, as the Royal Army had not yet been sent out. We only used cannons to make them suffer. After twenty minutes, only a few of the thirty thousand Flame Lion Army troops remained. Thousands of people charged to the right; behind them were the Azure Ocean and Dragonling armies. They were fleeing!

  I clicked on the map and looked at where they were fleeing toward. There was another forest in that direction.

  Lin Wan Er blinked and asked, "Are there troops where they are fleeing to?"

  I nodded. "Fire Dragon and Violent Thunder armies have around two hundred twenty thousand troops over there and more than two hundred Dragon Crystal Cannons. This Waterfront City won't be able to flee... We can gain experience and points from killing NPCs. Wan Er, do you want to kill some?"

  "Sure, I will gather the Furnace God Cavalry and tell them to come over to take the easy pickings."



  I charged out with my sword and ordered Han Yuan and Xiao Lie to lead the forty thousand cavalry and thirty thousand Barbarian infantry to attack the Flame Lion Army and Azure Ocean Army. Butterfly had been dyed with blood once more. Waterfront City's NPCs had lower level compared to ours, so it was not too hard to kill them. Lin Wan Er lay on Little White's back. After merging her blood with its own, she ordered Little White to use Frost Breath on the crowd. Yue Qing Qian's killing ability was lower, so she picked those low Health targets.

  After a while, Li Mu and Wang Jian led more than five thousand Furnace God Cavalry from the forest to attack the over four thousand Dragonling troops. These soldiers were mostly Floating Clouds's old squad, with some being the traitors purposely released in prison. They thought that they had escaped, but that was just their wistful thinking. Tian Ling City's war against Waterfront City had just been brought forward.

  In the ensuing cannonfire, Flame Lion Army's infantry and flag were burned until they were mere ashes. Fire Dragon Army General Tan Taiyu charged while shouting, "Xing Huo, you traitor, surrender! Are you waiting for me to slash you?"

  The Flame Lion Army was in a mess. Xing Huo's face was scorching black, yet still slashed at the Fire Dragon troops as he teemed with hatred. "Tan Taiyu, you haven't even been through puberty, yet you wanted to be my enemy? You're asking for death! Brothers, retreat! Once we return to Waterfront City, we will rise back up and slice off the heads of Tian Ling City's despicable ruler and his dogs!"

  Unfortunately, Xing Huo's life was not so smooth. A roar sounded above him as Lin Wan Er descended with the silver dragon. Little White spat out frost breath, locking Xing Huo in place!


  Xing Huo was shocked and retreated by dozens of meters. In the end, his war horse and a bunch of troops were frozen on the spot. He looked up at Lin Wan Er. "Flaming Cloud Infanta, you’re actually serving someone like Lochlan?"

  Lin Wan Er smiled. "Who is serving him? I'm just serving the one I love."

  Xing Huo got furious and jumped up. His sword, which was wrapped in thick flames, slashed at Lin Wan Er and Little White. Alas, despite him being a Deity Tier Boss, Lin Wan Er did not fear him. She sent out a slash at him, and it dealt many damage numbers. Xing Huo did not stop his assault, successfully slicing at Little White's neck to deal 70,000+ damage. That was fine, though. Little White had at least a million health, so he would not get killed so easily. With him remaining alive, Lin Wan Er would take no damage.

  Before Xing Huo launched his second wave of attacks, I had charged from the side and activated Icy Wings. My body shone with golden light as I used the level 19 God Tier technique, Wind Carrying Slash. Pu pu pu! The sword left streaks of blood on Xing Huo's body. A total of fifteen swords pierced through him. Xing Huo fell back to the ground and knelt in a deep hole. He looked at me in rage. "Li Xiao Yao, you want to kill us?!"

  I looked down on him and smiled. "Such a person like you is better off dead. Your arrogance has caused your two hundred thousand Flame Lion Mercenary Group to die. I don't plan on releasing any of you. None of you can return to Waterfront City; all of you will be buried here!"

  "Wistful thinking!"

  Xing Huo stood up, his face covered in green veins. "Flame Lion Mercenary Group won't be defeated like this! Just you wait and see!"

  "Right, I am waiting!"

  My sword pointed at the dense Waterfront City. "Brothers of Tian Ling City, kill them and don't keep any of them alive!"

  Floating Clouds had appeared in the crowd, but she was protected by many Azure Ocean Army’s NPC troops, so it was really tough to kill her. I landed on the ground, while Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K led the Furnace God Cavalry over to charge. The system recognized that I was attacking the Waterfront City, so players gained points and experience from killing them. The only thing was that no equipment dropped, though that did not matter. The gains from this were being able to crush Waterfront City's NPC army before the country war. With that, Clear Black Eyes would have nothing to rely on.


  Cannons were fired in the forest,but pretty much all of them were from Tian Ling City. Waterfront City's Flame Dragon Cannons had all been left behind in the small path. Now, the opponents could only use their bodies to resist the cannonfire. At this time, I contacted Mu Xuan, Ye Lai, and Misty Clouds; I also contacted Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword to lead members over. In a short time, Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple would naturally come over to assist. If we did not make ample preparations, Clear Black Eyes and her army would start clearing out our eleven million NPC army.

  The Furnace God Cavalry swept the crowd. Along with Royal Army's Heavy-armored Cavalry, Azure Ocean and Flame Lion armies were in despair. Half an hour later, another Waterfront City group appeared in our field of view. It was their own Royal Army; a general from this group shouted, "Don't panic! I’m here. Warriors, charge and let Tian Ling City taste Waterfront City's Royal Army's might!"

  This shout immediately attracted death, as Long Xing and Autumn Leaf both raised their blades. "Royal Army, charge with me and let these Waterfront City Royal Army troops know what is a truly invincible force!"

  Horse hooves stepped across, and that Waterfront City’s Royal Army general lay in grass covered with blood. He had died on the battlefield just like that.

  Strong troops, along with heavy cannons, assisted. All of a sudden, we had the upper hand. Xing Huo and Floating Clouds, who were finally gathered together, tried to break through. After paying a huge price, they managed to create a gap in our blockade. Thirty thousand of them tried to get through and seemed like they would abandon the three hundred thousand brothers behind them.

  "General, should we chase?" Han Yuan asked.

  I looked into the distance and said, "This is Three Blades Mountain; there’s no need. Lin Qiong has one hundred thousand elites there; Floating Clouds and Xing Huo definitely won't be able to flee!"

  Han Yuan was shocked. "General gave Lin Qiong such an important location; do you trust him so much?"

  I nodded. "En, I trust Lin Qiong. If you use someone, don't doubt them."



  Not long after, Drunk Maple and Clear Black Eyes expectedly led their people outside Deer Forest. Behind them, there was a dense number of Waterfront City players. This did look uncertain. Fortunately, we had enough Dragon Crystal Cannons, so we just openfired at them. To prevent them from saving the NPC army, we went all out. After an hour, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Ye Lai, and Misty Clouds finally arrived. It was as if a country war was about to begin.

  Right at that moment, a horn blasted and a large group of cavalry arrived. Lin Qiong held his bloodstained sword and laughed. "Marshal Li, we were victorious on Three Blades Mountain and managed to capture Xing Huo and Floating Clouds. We killed their men; what should we do next?"

  I was delighted. "Bring them back to Tian Ling City! The battle here is pointless now. Let's scatter."


  Looking behind, after Xia Yu, the Fire Dragon, and the Royal armies had gathered, few of Waterfront City's four hundred thousand remained. When I hugged Lin Wan Er and arrived in the forest, Tan Taiyu smiled. "The Executor, we have killed most of them, but a three-thousand-plus-man group is still on the run."

  "Oh, let me take a look."


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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.