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PBS - Chapter 2003 - The Two Sacred Ones

Meanwhile, a mysterious land in the Void Heaven Realm of the First Immortal Realm...

White skeletons stopped trembling as the terrifying aura of a magnificent river gradually calmed down.

Their master had gotten angry a lot more times lately.

"It's fine, Qin Nan is heading for the first Sacred Area, so I won't have to lure him there intentionally!"

Ancient Taboo said coldly, "Meng Shanyue, you and the others will take lead and head to the First Immortal Realm right away. Stick to the original plan!"

Meng Shanyue immediately fell to his knees and acknowledged the order.

"Another thing, roughly three days after Qin Nan entered the First Immortal Realm, release that thing so the rest of the Exceptional Geniuses will be there too!" the Ancient Taboo added.

It had always been planning to eliminate Qin Nan and the Exceptional Geniuses who were not supposed to exist in this world once and for all.

As for Qin Nan who was responsible for the recent series of events, he had arrived close to the entrance of the First Immortal Realm.

Over thirty ancient cities were floating across the vast sea, each with immortal rays soaring into the sky and cultivators flying in and out of them. The cities were bustling with noise too.

"Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle, activate!"

Qin Nan withdrew his aura. White flames erupted in his eyes as his vision bypassed the formations and inspected the scenes in the cities.

The streets had lots of stalls with the majority of them selling sacred medicine and ancient talismans.

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After all, the first Sacred Area is unlike the rest of the Sacred Areas. It was also known as the Death Zone. If those who entered it failed to obtain the fortunate encounter related to the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, they would not be able to leave the place for eternity.

In the past, many reputable Exceptional Geniuses who went inside had never left. It was unknown if they were alive or dead.

Therefore, many cultivators would buy as much medicine and talismans as they could as a safety precaution.

"The Peerless Rulers of many factions are here too," Qin Nan murmured as his gaze scanned the cities.

"Mm? Is that..."

Qin Nan suddenly noticed many cultivators gathering inside the biggest city as if something had gotten their attention.

Qin Nan looked around.

He discovered a huge crystal standing on a dojo in the city. The disciples of the Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect stood on both sides. Meng Jiugong who possessed the Flesh of Good Luck was among them too.

Even though Qin Nan could not hear what they were saying, he could easily tell they were setting up bets again.

"Mm? Isn't that my name? Qin Nan, the successor of the Fifth Immortal is about to enter the first Sacred Area. The odds of him claiming the fortunate encounter of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm in ten days is one to ten! The odds of him doing so in thirty days..."

Qin Nan's lips twisted when he saw the lines at the top of the crystal.

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However, it was very likely that the bets were mostly about whether the Exceptional Geniuses were able to claim the fortunate encounter in the Death Zone.

"Let's see who's going into the Death Zone," Qin Nan moved his gaze down while having the thought.

"The three-hundred-and-seventh Sacred One of the Mumen Sect, one of the Ten Great Exceptional Geniuses, a peak Peerless Ruler. He has already gone into the first Sacred Area two months ago. The odds for him to claim the fortunate encounter within the next month are..."

"The three-hundred-and-twenty-fifth Sacred One of the Shidao Tribe, Xiang Tianqi, one of the Ten Great Exceptional Geniuses, a peak Peerless Ruler. He has already gone into the first Sacred Area three months ago. The odds..."

Qin Nan slightly squinted.

Being called the Sacred Ones basically meant these two were the strongest Exceptional Genius of their respective tribe and faction, similar to the top one Exceptional Genius of the Supreme Daoism factions.

Qin Nan looked down the list and saw two familiar names.

The top one Exceptional Genius of the Reincarnation Sect, Lu Gufeng. He had entered the first Sacred Area fifteen days ago.

Jiang Ni of the Extreme Living Gate was about to enter the first Sacred Area.

The rest of the names belonged to the Exceptional Geniuses of other factions and rogue cultivators. There were more than thirty of them on the list.

"It seems like the first Sacred Area has the highest number of Exceptional Geniuses."

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with battle intent. His aura skyrocketed too as he turned into a brilliant blue ray and flew toward the enormous gate over a thousand zhang tall, with countless demons and deities carved on its frame.

"Who's there?"

"It's Qin Nan! Qin Nan is here!"

The powerful aura immediately startled many Peerless Rulers in the cities. They noticed Qin Nan's presence right away.

"What? Qin Nan is here?"

The cultivators of other ancient cities lifted their gazes too.

Meng Jiugong who was feeling quite bored immediately straightened his figure.

That guy is finally here!

"Qin Nan, you're not going inside!"


In just a breath's time, ten peak Peerless Rulers reacted. The immortal force in their bodies rose tremendously as they unleashed a series of Dao Arts and summoned their ancient Dao Weapons.

Qin Nan showed no sign of slowing down. He waved his right hand and slashed forward with a formidable saber intent.


The Dao Arts shattered into pieces while the Dao Weapons were knocked back.

Qin Nan's strength had improved from the comprehension on the Supreme Blood Altar. He also absorbed the aura of the drop of blood left by his past life, which helped him to achieve the peak Peerless Ruler Realm.

"Qin Nan, hold it right there, we've yet to settle the duel between us..."

Meng Jiugong yelled as he made his way over.

His cultivation had reached the peak Heaven Immortal Realm over the past few months. The rate he was improving at was quite impressive.

"I'll settle it with you after I'm back."

Qin Nan suddenly had a headache. Why was this guy still after him?

"That's not happening!" Meng Jiugong clenched his teeth.

It had been several months since their last encounter at the Six Unity Forbidden Land. How long was he going to wait again if he lost the chance here?

"Alright, try receiving this."

Qin Nan wore a helpless look. He was going to fire a saber intent.

However, his gaze sharpened all of a sudden.


A shocking explosion took place in the distance. A terrifying immortal ray soared into the sky and spread ferociously like a storm.

The cultivators in the cities were startled.

It was the aura of a Nine Heavens Supreme!

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