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PBS - Chapter 2005 - Land of Deer

Two days were gone fairly quickly.

Qin Nan and Meng Jiugong did not encounter any danger or traps along the way. However, many cultivators did try to rob them.

As Meng Jiugong mentioned, the first Sacred Area was no different from some of the small immortal realms. However, the resources were lacking a lot more here.

After all, the highest level of cultivation was only the peak Peerless Ruler Realm among those who were allowed to come in here. As a result, they were unable to overcome many of the dangerous forbidden places.

The two eventually arrived at the Land of Deer.

Qin Nan floated in the sky while staring into the distance.

Ahead of them was a spacious grassland with no visible ends.

The grass was around half a zhang tall with the appearance of crystals. The grass would drift elegantly when the wind blew. It was spectacular like an ocean.

Qin Nan noticed that each stalk of grass was extraordinary using his Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle. The grass was somehow bound to the place. Ordinary cultivators would have trouble uprooting them.

On top of it, there was a mystical power deep in the sky. It was like a bottomless abyss hanging upside down. Even with Qin Nan's cultivation, he felt like the abyss would suck him away if he kept staring at it.

"From what I know, the mysterious immortal deers would come from the sky and feed on the grassland for some time. It's during this period that cultivators could ride them up into the sky."

"However, whenever the immortal deers show up, this place will be fully crowded with people. Almost ninety percent of the cultivators in the Peerless Ruler Realm would compete for the immortal deers," Meng Jiugong said.

Qin Nan nodded. They kept going for some time and soon noticed an enormous immortal mountain shrouding the sky like a pillar between the Heavens and Earth.

However, someone had dug a huge hole in the mountain. There were dojos, walls, and palaces with cultivators going in and out of them inside the cave.

"This place is the Supreme Mountain. It had long existed since the first Sacred Area appeared for the first time. Almost thirty percent of the cultivators in the first Sacred Area would gather here."

"It's also where many factions are established. I believe the Hall of Rogue Immortals and the Heaven Heart Sect are in charge now," Meng Jiugong said after recalling the information.


Qin Nan grinned.

"By the way, Qin Nan, you should put this mask on. It will give you a different appearance and guarantee that no one will recognize you within a day."

Meng Jiugong said softly, "It's not like I have to remind you that the Shidao Tribe, Ancient Taboo, Mumen Sect, and other factions have long sent their people here. They had most likely told the two factions here to send their disciples and experts after you."

"You're right."

Qin Nan put on the mask and said, "Come, let's collect some information."

The two randomly picked an entrance and entered the Supreme Mountain.

Everything in the mountain was no different from the cities in the outside world. However, they could only see the mountain wall looming over them when they lifted their gaze.

The streets had stone palaces of different sizes on both sides. They were full of vendors too.

"A peerless Dao Art, you wouldn't want to miss out on it!"

"An ultimate art that might alter your destiny!"

The street vendors promoted their catalog. Most of them were selling Dao Arts and martial techniques.

Qin Nan was quite intrigued. He purposely slowed down and observed the stalls.

"Qin Nan, over there, someone is selling information."

Meng Jiugong soon transmitted his voice to Qin Nan. Qin Nan lifted his gaze and saw a skinny old man sitting on the ground with his legs crossed. In front of him was a piece of white cloth written with the word 'three'.

The old man opened his eyes as if he was aware of their arrival. He said calmly, "What would you like to ask? I know everything that happens in the first Sacred Area."

Qin Nan asked after giving it a thought, "What happened after the spear Chigu flew into here?"

The old man's eyes glittered. He said, "You are the thirty-ninth person to ask the question. It will cost you a half-Immortal Blessing healing pill."

Qin Nan obviously could not afford it. Luckily, the man with him was quite wealthy. Meng Jiugong indifferently handed the old man the pill. The old man said, "The speer Chigu is currently deep inside the sacred area. You'll be able to see its tip outside the Immortal-Slaying River."

"In addition to it, the area within a hundred thousand li from the spear has ceased to exist. The whole place has turned into an abyss, with a skeletal head of an enormous beast at the bottom. It's most likely be the passage to the mysterious land."

"From what I've calculated, five days from now, a stony path will appear on the Immortal-Slaying River, and the beast's head will be fully lifted and become accessible too."

White flames flickered in Qin Nan's eyes.

He had to wait another five days?

Meanwhile, the entrance of the first Sacred Area...

The number of cultivators in the cities continued to increase. The storm that Qin Nan started had intensified.


An immortal ray descended from the sky in the east, landing on the enormous gate on the sea.

"Mm? What's going on?"

Many cultivators immediately raised their heads.

Around half the duration of an incense stick, the immortal ray suddenly dissipated as it was replaced by an illusionary figure over three zhang tall. It floated into the sky while a wisp of golden flame erupted within it.

The whole process only lasted for around ten breaths.

"That ancient lamp...could it be the Exquisite Immortal Lamp?"

"Exquisite Immortal Lamp? What's that?"

"It's on par with the Tree of Wonderful Fruit, the Exquisite Immortal Lamp is also one of the Three Unique Dao! Rumors say whoever claims the immortal flame inside the lamp will be able to master the Dao Realm!"

The crowd was startled by the words.

Each of the Three Unique Dao was incredibly precious!

The Tree of Wonderful Fruit had attracted a lot of attention in the past. More than ten Exceptional Geniuses had shown up to claim it.

The news about the appearance of the Exquisite Immortal Lamp soon spread across the first Sacred Area like a storm. It further spread throughout the Supreme-Transforming Realms and the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm!

"The Exquisite Immortal Lamp has appeared?"

"Very well, I shall pay the first Sacred Area a visit!"

"Master, there's no point stopping me! I'm an Exceptional Genius, so what if it's the Death Zone? If I'm not brave enough to take the risk, I will never be able to become a Nine Heavens Supreme!"

"HAHAHA, I shall see if the Death Zone is exactly as terrifying as everyone mentioned. I can also duel with the two Sacred Ones, Qin Nan, and Jiang Ni!"

Countless experts and Exceptional Geniuses began to make their way toward the first Sacred Area with strong determination.

The Ancient Taboo chuckled when it learned their intention.

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