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PBS - Chapter 2009 - The Shocking Hunt

The moonlight felt extremely familiar to him.

He remembered the strange species called Dao-Seeking Fish when he first entered the Qinglong Sacred Area in the past. The Dao-Seeking Fish was extremely fond of the Chaos Qi in his body, which resulted in a series of trouble.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan also noticed around twenty-five Immortal Deers raising their heads and staring at him with the same passionate look.

"Don't tell me these Immortal Deers have set their eyes on the Flower of Eternity?"

Qin Nan's hair stood on its end as the thought crossed his mind.


He could not afford to stay for any longer!

Meng Jiugong said when Qin Nan had just made up his mind, "Qin Nan, look, aren't they the Sacred One of the Mumen Sect, Nie Wufeng, the first Exceptional Genius of the Extreme Living Gate, Jiang Ni, and the first Exceptional Genius of the Reincarnation Sect, Lu Gufeng?"

Qin Nan subconsciously looked in the direction Meng Jiugong was pointing at.

He saw Jiang Ni involved in an intense battle with a calm expression. His white robe remained clean despite the blood that was scattered everywhere.

Behind him were two magnificent figures with overwhelming auras. His sword was emitting blinding glows too. He completely stood out when they were countless Dao Arts surging across the place.

They had not seen for more than two months. The man's cultivation had now reached the peak Peerless Ruler Realm.

On the other side was a young man wearing a black mask whose eyes were white like snow. His hair was long enough to reach his ankles. He was emitting a deadly aura as he pushed forward with three ancient tombs flowing behind him.

He was the Sacred One of the Mumen Sect, Nie Wufeng!

In comparison, Lu Gufeng had decided to keep a low profile. His pitch-black eyes were unleashing sword intents that lunged forward like dragons. A black realm of reincarnation was established behind him, which devoured the nearby Dao Arts and Immortal Arts.

In the past two months, not only did Lu Gufeng have some fortunate encounters, he even mastered the secret art of the Reincarnation Sect. His cultivation too had reached the peak Peerless Ruler Realm.

Qin Nan grabbed Meng Jiugong upon collecting his thoughts, "We'll worry about them later. Let's leave this place at once!"

Meng Jiugong was startled, "Why are we leaving? Can't we just stay here and watch? It's rare to see such an interesting battle...Qin Nan, I think the Immortal Deers are running at us!"

The first Immortal Deer that Qin Nan exchanged glances with gave up on grazing on the field. It started charging at them instead.

Its unusual behavior took many cultivators by surprise.

Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat.

"Holy crap, Qin Nan, twenty-eight more Immortal Deers are running toward us!"

Meng Jiugong was both shocked and excited.

Did his Flesh of Good Luck attract the Immortal Deers to him?

Qin Nan's heart sank.

He was not worried that the Immortal Deers had set their eyes on the Flower of Eternity, These Immortal Deers were never going to devour the Flower of Eternity.

However, every Immortal Deer was a chance to become a Nine Heavens Supreme, making them insanely valuable in the eyes of the cultivators!

If only one or two Immortal Deers were behaving abnormally, it was not going to attract any attention, but it was different when twenty-nine Immortal Deers were acting the same way!

As Qin Nan thought, the cultivators on the Land of Deer were staring at the Immortal Deers with blank faces.

They only collected their thoughts when they saw the Immortal Deers jumping into the sky and were about to leave the grassland.

"What's going on?"

"Why are the Immortal Deers heading that way?"

Some of the cultivators had stayed in the Death Zone for more than a hundred years, or even up to a thousand years, yet they had never seen anything like it.

"Let's go!"

Qin Nan could not care less about anything else when he saw the Immortal Deers running at him. He immediately executed the Unstoppable Step and quickly ran away.

The twenty-nine Immortal Deers cried. They were speeding up too.

"Look, there are two cultivators over there!"

"Are those Immortal Deers chasing them?"

"How is this possible!? Why would the Immortal Deers chase someone?"

The cultivators were dumbfounded. A Peerless Ruler from the Bamu Tribe who had just entered the Death Zone not long ago suddenly realized something. He blurted out in surprise, "That guy is Qin Nan! He's the successor of the Fifth Immortal!"

The words served as a great thunderclap.

Many people were familiar with the name Qin Nan. Even the cultivators who had come to the Death Zone a few hundred years ago had heard his name too.

Besides, the representatives of various factions had been spreading words around about what they should do if they stumbled into Qin Nan.

Jiang Ni, Nie Wufeng, and Lu Gufeng who were in the middle of a battle shifted their gaze too.

"Chase him!"

They immediately executed incredible moves to chase after Qin Nan without any hesitation.

Nie Wufeng even transmitted his voice to other people of the Mumen Sect.

"Let's follow them too!"

The rest of the cultivators soon collected their thoughts. They turned into rays of light chasing after the twenty-nine Immortal Deers.

More than forty percent of the cultivators had left!

Qin Nan was related to the secrets of the Fifth Immortal, the Capital of Future, and the Spear Chigu. They would be doing their faction a huge deed if they managed to capture him!

Besides, the Immortal Deers they were after were chasing after Qin Nan too!

Qin Nan clearly had something valuable that was attracting the Immortal Deers!

They could not imagine the benefits they would receive once they laid their hands on Qin Nan!

"Holy crap, Qin Nan, we should run!"

Meng Jiugong completely lost the excitement he previously had when he saw countless figures were chasing after them. His face turned extremely pale.

He had been through many huge occasions, yet it was simply too terrifying to be hunted by so many Exceptional Geniuses and Peerless Rulers at the same time!

"Isn't that obvious!?"

Qin Nan rolled his eyes while running at his maximum speed.

Even though he had the Flower of Eternity which could ignore every attack of a Peerless Ruler, something might still go wrong if he was to take on thousands of Peerless Rulers and Exceptional Geniuses by himself!

Besides, there were still two more days until the Immortal-Slaying River was accessible. He would not want to waste his energy on fighting so many people!

The twenty-nine Immortal Deers suddenly let out another cry. Their antlers fired a ray of light at Qin Nan. He did not even have a chance to dodge it.

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