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PBS - Chapter 2012 - The Immortal-Slaying River Is Open

The two traveled a fair distance until they discovered a secluded cave. They set up various forbidding auras to conceal their presence.

Qin Nan sat with his legs crossed and activated the Battle Dao Immortal Manuscript.

When he saw the tip of the spear Chigu, he had a feeling that the two were connected in some ways.

There was still a lot of time left. Perhaps he might learn something if he tried comprehending the Battle Dao Immortal Manuscript.

As the day when the Immortal-Slaying River was accessible gradually approached, more cultivators came from different directions. Qin Nan could occasionally sense powerful auras sweeping across the sky.

Meng Jiugong's Flesh of Good Luck finally had a breakthrough too. The red glow of luck he was emitting was now like flowing water. It had grown a lot stronger.

A day later, he received all kinds of updates from the disciples of the Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect.

"Holy crap, Qin Nan, more than half the people of the Hall of Rogue Cultivators and Heaven Heart Sect, the two great factions in the Death Zone, had arrived! The people of all fourteen Supreme Daoism factions, the ancient tribes, including the Shidao Tribe, Mumen Sect, and Ancient Taboo are here too!"

Meng Jiugong skimmed over the information. He was greatly astounded even though he had mentally prepared himself beforehand, "I'll read the names of the Exceptional Geniuses, Jiang Ni, Nie Wufeng, Xiang Tianqi, Lu Qingyin, Tang Tianjun, Feng Wuheng, the five rebels of the Ancient Taboo..."

Meng Jiugong read out more than eighty names, which only consisted of those who had shown themselves.

After all, many Exceptional Geniuses had come to the Death Zone over a few dozens, or even a few hundred years ago. Besides, the recent series of incidents had obviously gotten a lot of attention among the Exceptional Geniuses too.

In addition to them, there were also Peerless Rulers from the Minor Success Stage to the Greater Success Stage who had been through a lot in the Death Zone.

These Peerless Rulers were not necessarily weaker than the Exceptional Geniuses. Some might actually be stronger than the Exceptional Geniuses!

It was obviously going to be a grand event. One could even say it would be full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers!

Qin Nan was emitting a strong battle intent in the form of a blue glow. The forbidding auras were on the verge of collapsing.

Qin Nan soon withdrew his aura and closed his eyes.

Meng Jiugong did not speak further as he could roughly tell what Qin Nan was going through.

Time gradually passed. Some time later...


A shocking explosion echoed across the land.

"It's open!" Meng Jiugong blurted out.

Even though everything that was going to happen was the least of Meng Jiugong's concern, he was still overwhelmed by excitement when he imagined the grand scene that was going to occur soon.

Qin Nan nodded. He flew out of the cave while bringing Meng Jiugong with him.

Countless cultivators were flying out of the palaces. Many were approaching from the distance too.

Brilliant light rays were rising from the Immortal-Slaying River and soaring into the sky, resulting in a series of shocking explosions. The weather shifted dramatically with strong gusts of wind, as if they were symbolizing the wrath of the Heavens.

The scene lasted for over a hundred breaths before the pillars of light shattered into pieces and scattered across the land.

Following it, deep drum rolls came from the deeper region. The water of the Immortal-Slaying River began to boil vigorously too. Blocks of stone began to surface on the water.

The stones had the appearance of ferocious beasts. Their surface covered in mystical runes were emitting ancient auras. They remained still on the water despite the ferocious energy rolling underwater.

"The path has appeared. Let's go!"

The cultivators immediately unleashed powerful auras. They turned into rays of light and flew into the distance.

The nearby rift was full of energy ripples due to the auras of the cultivators. The rapid whooshes combined into deafening noises too.

The scene was like an unprecedented beast tide.

Meng Jiugong was absolutely dumbfounded. He blurted out, "Qin Nan, should we wait before heading over? If we go now, they are going to notice us for sure...AHH!"

Meng Jiugong screamed before he could finish the sentence.

Qin Nan was already grabbing onto him while he was flying forward at an insane speed.

The Immortal-Slaying River was now accessible. No one knew what was going to happen to the spear Chigu. It was important to get a head start.

He had already avoided the unnecessary trouble by backing away previously. There was no reason for him to hide any longer!

"Qin Nan, you finally showed yourself!"

Jiang Ni was the first to notice Qin Nan's presence. His aura skyrocketed as a formidable energy accumulated in his ancient sword when he saw Qin Nan approaching.

"Qin Nan!"

Nie Wufeng, Xiang Tianqi, Feng Wuheng, Lu Qingyin, and the rest of the Exceptional Geniuses noticed Qin Nan too.

Qin Nan did not hesitate. He executed two Arts of Dao Seeking simultaneously.

"Everyone, killing Qin Nan is your top priority no matter what happened later!"

Xiang Tianqi and the Exceptional Geniuses transmitted their voices.

Some factions were planning to kill Qin Nan. Some were going to kidnap him. Some had other plans in mind, but either way, they had to defeat Qin Nan first!

The Peerless Rulers instantly fixed their eyes on Qin Nan. They quickly performed hand seals. Various Dao Arts soared into the sky like immortal dragons.

"Holy crap!"

Meng Jiugong's face turned pale while he was trembling in fear.

Even though he was the future patriarch of the Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect, the pressure from the overwhelming number of Dao Arts was beyond what he could endure.

Even a Nine Heavens Supreme in the early stage would struggle to overcome them all, let alone them!

Qin Nan immediately used the Sky-Stride Blow. He weaved through the Dao Arts in the sky while firing countless saber intents.

Although many cultivators were attacking him, they had yet to surround him. There was a lot of space in the sky. He did not even have to rely on the Flower of Eternity.

"Qin Nan, I won't lose again this time!"

Lu Qingyin transmitted her voice. Her eyes were fixed on Qin Nan as she performed a series of hand seals.

She had obviously figured out a way to deal with the Flower of Eternity!

Qin Nan wore a calm smile. His blue-red hair drifted in the wind. He remained silent.


At the same time, a terrifying will soared into the sky, before devouring the area within a hundred thousand li with pitch-black darkness and ferocious lightning.

The spear Chigu that had been silent all along finally showed some reaction!

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