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PBS - Chapter 2015 - Zhuang Chen

The Ownerless Heaven Pattern in Qin Nan's Divine Sense started showing a reaction too. The faint light it was emitting was drawing a map.

"To my left?"

Qin Nan immediately cleared his mind of the doubts he had after taking a glance at the map. He turned into a ray of light and flew into the distance.

"Qin Nan, die!"

Xiang Tianqi, Meng Shanyue, the five rebels, and the Peerless Rulers of their factions executed a series of Dao Arts upon collecting their thoughts.

Nie Wufeng, Lu Qingyin, and the rest of the Exceptional Geniuses and Peerless Rulers made their moves too. A variety of deadly attacks loomed over Qin Nan.

"That way!"

Feng Wuheng and Jiang Ni quickly reacted and followed Qin Nan.

For some reason, the further they went, the darker the surroundings were. They could only see the thirty-three glowing objects in the sky.

Everyone's vision was greatly limited too.

Qin Nan kept executing the Sky-Stride Blow to dodge the Dao Arts.

His gaze soon sharpened.

The cultivators behind him were using all kinds of moves to hinder his Sky-Stride Blow. A huge battle was inevitable before he could reach his destination.

However, Qin Nan suddenly tensed as a strong chill ran down his spine.

In addition to him, the eyes of Xiang Tianqi, Nie Wufeng, Lu Qingyin, the Exceptional Geniuses, and the Peerless Rulers widened too after having the same feeling.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Thousands of wisps of crimson-red flames suddenly appeared in the darkness. They rapidly formed several titans over twenty zhang tall with legs on their foreheads, each with a murderous aura.

"It's the Karma Flame Demon Soldiers!" a cultivator of the Wengu Tribe blurted out. "Rumors say they are the guardians of the underworld. Their cultivation is the same as their enemy's cultivation, while their Karma Flame will set their enemy on fire based on their karmic hindrance!"


The Karma Flame Demon Soldiers let out deafening roars. They charged at the cultivators like an ancient army. Their auras began to shift depending on the cultivators they were facing.

"Dao-Melting Immortal Flames!"

Qin Nan was engulfed in white flames. He became one with the saber and slashed forward.

The rest of the Exceptional Geniuses displayed extraordinary strength too. They continued to press forward.

"Move into positions!" "Let's join hands!"

Huge roars took place among the cultivators as the Peerless Rulers of various factions moved rapidly while performing hand seals to establish formations to combine their strength.

The rest of the rogue cultivators teamed up to fend off the demon soldiers too.

Xiang Tianqi, Meng Shanyue, and the five rebels harrumphed coldly. In their eyes, the Karma Flame Demon Soldiers were actually doing Qin Nan a favor by holding them back.


A series of explosions took place across the mysterious land.

Not long after, many cultivators were dumbfounded when they noticed a new Karma Flame Demon Soldier would show up whenever a Karma Flame Demon Soldier was killed.

Cries of agony began to take place.

The Karma Flame had burned a few cultivators into ashes.

"Qin Nan, I'll lend you a hand!"

Qin Nan turned around when he heard the voice. Meng Jiugong was coming from the distance with over thirty cultivators. There were ten Peerless Rulers among them.

They were the disciples of the Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect. Meng Jiugong had secretly gathered them to his side when the gate opened.

"I no longer have to worry about his safety with these people following him around," Qin Nan murmured.

Even if the mysterious existence was to pick on Meng Jiugong and his men, they would have no trouble escaping.

The battle lasted for over half an hour. Qin Nan eventually came to a stop.

"Holy crap!"

Meng Jiugong's eyes suddenly widened.

Over a thousand tombs showed up in the darkness ahead. They scattered in the air, each emitting a different glow.

The tomb closest to them was the smallest. The tombs further from them were bigger, especially the ten tombs at the end of their range of vision in a straight line. The first tomb on the right was massive like a heavenly mountain, like it could support the Heavens and Earth.

The Karma Flame Demon Soldiers which they recently encountered were like mere ants before the tomb.

Meanwhile, they were as tiny as dust particles.


Nie Wufeng, the Exceptional Geniuses, and the Peerless Rulers of the Mumen Sect were startled.


Meng Shanyue and the rest of the five rebels were dumbfounded too.

They just sensed the Exquisite Immortal Lamp was somewhere among the tombs, but its aura had suddenly disappeared.

They frowned and made up their minds after a brief hesitation.

The Exquisite Immortal Lamp was surely going to make the situation even more chaotic!


Every tomb suddenly shook vigorously. The light they were emitting grew ten times stronger.

On top of it, the last ten tombs at the back began to project purple words, starting from the tomb on the left.

"Master Luo's Tomb!"

"Master You Huitian's Tomb!"

"Master Shang Quetian's Tomb!"

The cultivators were astounded when they saw the words. These tombs actually belonged to authorities in the Master Realm?

However, the words which the biggest tomb projected had a golden glow, and only consisted of two words.

Zhuang Chen!

"Zhuang Chen? Isn't that the name of the Second Immortal? Could it be..."

The eyes of Meng Shanyue, the cultivators of the Wengu Tribe, and the others flickered with astonishment.

"What? The tomb of the Second Immortal?"

Almost every cultivator was surprised.

The Ten Immortals were no ordinary cultivators. Among them, the Fifth Immortal was the most unique existence, while those ranked in the top four were experts who were above the Master Realm!

There was news about the Immortals occasionally over the past few thousand years, but there had not been any news about the top four Immortals!

"Is the thing which the Pattern Spirit mentioned in there?"

Qin Nan's heart pounded heavily as the thought crossed his mind.

A loud sound echoed across the Heavens and Earth. A lamp emerged from the back of the tomb. Its flames took the form of an enormous golden turtle and lit up the surroundings.

Following its awakening, a breathtaking sight took place before the crowd.

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