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PBS - Chapter 2017 - Shocking Land of Treasure

Qin Nan's aura underwent vague changes.

As Meng Jiugong was being devoured, he thoroughly unleashed the power of his Flesh of Good Luck to execute a Forbidden Art. He was doing his best to improve Qin Nan's luck.


Qin Nan wore a displeased look.

He was placing all his attention on the tomb, so those people were able to pull off the trick!

He was being too careless!

Qin Nan glanced at Xiang Tianqi, Lu Qingyin, Meng Shanyue, and other cultivators who were approaching rapidly. He took a deep breath to suppress his emotions before flying into the light.

"Isn't that..."

Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat when he saw the scenery before him after he landed on the ground.

In addition to him, Xiang Tianqi, Lu Qingyin, Meng Shanyue, and the others shared the same reaction too.

In front of them was a vast battlefield littered with incomplete remains of various sizes. They were still emitting a strange presence despite the time that had passed.

Even Qin Nan felt tense subconsciously.

In addition to it, almost every corpse had a kind of strange flower growing out of the ground beside them. The flowers were drifting in the wind while emitting all kinds of light that contained shocking immortal force.

Each of the flowers turned out to be an Immortal-Blessing existence!

"Why are there so many Immortal-Blessing resources here?"

The cultivators who came in later were dumbfounded. They could not believe their eyes.

Normally, it was incredibly difficult just to find an Immortal-Blessing flower, but there were thousands of them in this place!

The eyes of the cultivators of the Tribe of Immortal Spirits flickered with excitement. Even Lu Qingyin's eyes were glittering.

If they could nurture these Immortal Blessing resources and communicate with them to obtain their power, it would bring them unimaginable benefits!

On top of it, they could use the energy of the Immortal Blessing resources to build all kinds of deadly formations with the secret arts of their tribe.


A shocking explosion took place. Two vivid statues over ten thousand zhang tall with stern looks emerged from the ground at the end of their vision.

A stone platform covered in markings that resembled a lotus appeared between the statues. An ordinary-looking Nine Dragons Seal without any aura was placed in the middle.

A line of terrifying words written in blood was spotted at the bottom of the platform.

Those who take the seal without permission will be punished by the Dao Calamity!

The Ownerless Heaven Pattern in Qin Nan's Divine Sense buzzed. Its feeble, hoarse voice said, "My master, this is the seal. You must acquire it at all costs..."

Qin Nan collected his thoughts. White flames burned vigorously in his eyes. He sprang at the two statues like an arrow being fired.

Xiang Tianqi, Lu Qingyin, and the cultivators collected their thoughts too.

Qin Nan and the Fifth Immortal were after the seal!

"People of the Tribe of Immortal Spirits, listen up, activate the Immortal Spirit Flesh to establish the Spirit-Shrouding Formation so the Immortal Blessing resources here..." Lu Qingyin immediately transmitted her voice.

Before she could finish, Qin Nan's hands performed a mystical hand seal, which fired rays of light into the Immortal Blessing resources.

The Immortal Blessing resources shuddered before soaring into the sky with overwhelming auras like soldiers that were awakened from a deep slumber.

"WHat just happened?"

Xiang Tianqi asked Lu Qingyin. He was dumbfounded by the sight before him.

"Did he just..."

Lu Qingyin's eyes widened.

"Could it be...the legendary Primary Spiritual Seal?"

The Exceptional Geniuses and Peerless Rulers of the Tribe of Immortal Spirits were astounded. The shock from witnessing the Primary Spiritual Seal was comparable to the shock they experienced when they saw Zhuang Chen's tomb.

The Primary Spiritual Seal was the most precious belonging of their tribe. Only the patriarchs were allowed to practice it!

However, once, someone had learned the Primary Spiritual Seal without permission and destroyed the Boulder of Succession. Even the patriarch and the previous patriarch during that time had died when they were chasing down the culprit!

Until now, their patriarchs were not able to practice the seal again. It was a huge regret and scar for the people of the Tribe of Immortal Spirits!

But now, the Primary Spiritual Seal had appeared in Qin Nan's hands!

Where did Qin Nan learn the Primary Spiritual Seal?

Did it mean the Fifth Immortal, the Divine God of Battle was the thief back then?


The Immortal Blessing resources began to absorb the energy in the surroundings under the control of the imperious Primary Spiritual Seal. They unleashed outstanding forces while charging at Xiang Tianqi and the rest of the cultivators.

Even though they did not possess any intelligence, nor were they executing any Dao Arts, but it was still terrifying when they were charging at the cultivators angrily, like the Sea of Calamity.

"Lu Qingyin, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and take care of them!"

Xiang Tianqi, Meng Shanyue, and the people of other factions were enraged. They let out furious roars while executing a series of Dao Arts.

Lu Qingyin finally collected her thoughts. She clenched her teeth and transmitted her voice, "We'll join hands with them! Once it's over, we will retrieve the Primary Spiritual Seal from Qin Nan at all costs and kill him!"

She only wanted to kidnap Qin Nan all along, but now that she learned Qin Nan had the Primary Spiritual Seal, it simply made him the nemesis of the Tribe of Immortal Spirits!

A shocking battle took place. Deafening explosions were taking place almost every second.

As for Qin Nan, he soon reached a hundred zhang away from the two statues. He landed on the ground.

The danger from behind was resolved temporarily, but he was still wearing a stern look on his face.

He had a strong feeling that the two statues were insanely dangerous!

Qin Nan summoned the Flower of Eternity. It floated beside him. He slowly approached the seal.

When he took the tenth step, a brilliant glow burst out of the eyes of the two statues while a terrifying aura rose rapidly in their bodies.

Peerless Ruler!

Peak Peerless Ruler!

Nine Heavens Supreme!

Peak Nine Heavens Supreme!

In the blink of an eye, their auras had surpassed the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. They even reached the Master Realm. The whole battlefield shook vigorously.

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