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PBS - Chapter 2019 - Outstanding Talents

Qin Nan's heart turned cold.

The words written in blood were different from the two lines of words left on the door frame. They were not written just to deceive people.

However, on second thought, he realized that it was making a lot of sense. It would be strange if the thing his past life was after could be claimed so easily.

"I wonder what exactly is the Dao Calamity? Is it a calamity given by the Great Dao? Forget it, I still have some of the blood left. It should be able to protect me for now," Qin Nan murmured.

He scanned the area ahead with his Divine Sense.

The spacious battlefield was filled with the flickers of countless Dao Arts. Xiang Tianqi, Lu Qingyin, Meng Shanyue, and the cultivators were busy fending off the Immortal Blessing resources and the corpses.

Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh.

It seemed like they would not be able to make it to him until he had fully claimed the seal. He was not in danger for the time being.

"Look, Qin Nan isn't moving!"

"He has obtained the seal. He's going to refine it!"

"His flesh and immortal force are sealed away by some force. It must be the seal's power!"

Xiang Tianqi, Lu Qingyin, Meng Shanyue, and the cultivators soon noticed Qin Nan's situation, especially those with an outstanding eye-technique. Their expression sank as soon as they took a close look at Qin Nan.

Xiang Tianqi burst out cursing.

Lu Qingyin frowned as she tried to figure out a plan. Meng Shanyue's expression shifted continuously. It was difficult to tell what was on his mind.

Time gradually passed. Half the period of an incense stick later, outside the terrifying tomb...

One of the tombs that belonged to the nine Masters of Dao suddenly fired a brilliant ray into the sky. A terrifying aura surged across the place like a great storm.

The cultivators were startled. They lifted their gaze and saw Jiang Ni floating in the light. He was sitting with his legs crossed and a calm expression on his face. Wisps of unknown energy were pouring into his body.

Countless ancient swords emerged from his back and clustered like a net with overwhelming intents.

"Jiang Ni has obtained the flesh of his past life and merge with it!"

The cultivators were dumbfounded.

Once Jiang Ni successfully claimed the body, his cultivation would become absolutely terrifying!

It felt like the wheels of fate were spinning as soon as Jiang Ni made his appearance!


The sky above the tombs shook vigorously as storms resembling dragons appeared from the rift. Five other figures with formidable auras flew out of five different tombs.

The storms were known as the Supreme Dragon Gusts!

They would only occur when a cultivator had obtained the fortunate encounter that would help them achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm!

In other words, five Peerless Rulers had managed to secure their future path of cultivation after the endless battles and bloodbaths!

Normally, it would be rather shocking when five cultivators were going to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, but it was not so eye-catching under the circumstances.

The reason being that three of the tombs that belong to Masters of Dao were emitting terrifying auras too!

One of the tombs began to crack apart, revealing a sea of immortal flowers. A glamorous woman stood amid the flowers.

Buddhist chants sounded from another tomb and echoed in the ears of the crowd. Meanwhile, deafening drum rolls were heard from the third tomb, as if an entire army was charging out of it!

The first Core Disciple of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect, Su Nu, the Leader of the Hall of Rogue Cultivators, Liu Shaohua, and the previous strongest Core Disciple of the Extreme Living Gate, Xu Li had claimed the successions left by the experts in the Master Realm!

Meanwhile, the flames of the golden bird which the Exquisite Immortal Lamp had transformed grew rapidly, leaving the cultivators who were competing for it in bewilderment.

A Peerless Ruler in the early stage who was just a nobody somehow ignored the flames and went into them to claim the Exquisite Immortal Lamp!

"The Great Burial of Dao, returning to the void!"

Loud roars sounded simultaneously as the disciples of the Mumen Sect who previously vanished into thin air appeared above the tombs with their legs crossed.

Nie Wufeng too had shown up beside the mysterious tomb out of nowhere.

Their auras began to merge with the tombs. Their immortal force grew at a shocking pace. Their presence soon surpassed the understanding of the crowd.

Nie Wufeng's plan had worked. He had refined the core of the vassal's tomb and utilized the disciples of the Mumen Sect to assert control over the rest of the tombs apart from the mysterious tomb and Zhuang Chen's tomb!

However, Nie Wufeng's eyes suddenly widened in disbelief.


A shocking explosion took place. Zhuang Chen's tomb suddenly exploded into tiny light dots that scattered over a few tens of thousand li away under the crowd's astounded gaze.


A series of cries took place as strange skeletons that were punctured by a spear struggled fiercely in pain.

"HAHAHA, you mere trash under the command of the Ancient Taboo dares to oppose me?"

A loud burst of laughter echoed across the place.

Feng Wuheng was walking out of the brilliant glow, whose hands were grabbing the neck of two of the five rebels of the Ancient Taboo.

His long hair was drifting in the wind. He was wearing a disdainful look. His upper body and chest were covered with eight twisted faces.

Behind him were nine light glows of the same size that were constantly circling him with terrifying auras.

They represented the Flesh of Devour, Flesh of Good Luck, Flesh of Reincarnation, Flesh of the Yin and Yang, and the rest of the Top Ten Ancient Flesh apart from the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh!


"The Nine Fleshes?"

"How did he possess all nine of them?"

The cultivators were absolutely dumbfounded.

A man who possessed all nine fleshes. How insane would his strength and cultivation be?

Most importantly, Feng Wuheng was the successor of the Second Immortal too. He had most likely obtained the Second Immortal's succession by now!

Meanwhile, Meng Shanyue's eyes widened too after he received the news. His face was filled with astonishment. It took him quite a while to recover.

"Well, very well, this is great! Feng Wuheng, Qin Nan, Nie Wufeng, Su Nu, none of you have disappointed the master!"

"If that's the case, you are all going to die!"

The time had come!

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