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PBS - Chapter 2023 - Destiny

Strong gusts of wind surged in all directions.

Xiang Tianqi was knocked a few dozen steps back by the impact.

"Qin Nan, it's really not easy to kill you. I didn't expect you to regain your freedom at such a crucial timing!"

Even though Xiang Tianqi was displeased by the outcome, the murderous look in his eyes grew stronger, "It's fine, it's more meaningful to kill you in a fair fight!"

He performed a hand seal and emitted a Dao glow.

Meanwhile, Feng Wuheng, Nie Wufeng, Lu Qingyin, and the others came over and fixed their eyes on Qin Nan. Their intentions were quite obvious.

Qin Nan summoned the Flower of Eternity back to him.

He had claimed the Nine Dragons Seal. He no longer had to worry about anything else.

However, an unexpected scene took place.

The battlefield shook vigorously as ancient auras out of nowhere spread across the place.

The remaining Immortal Blessing resources and the corpses stopped glowing and fell to the ground lifelessly.

"Is that..."

Qin Nan lifted his gaze with a startled expression.

Cracks began to appear along the walls of the enormous tomb. They were spreading further rapidly too.

"The tomb is about to collapse!" Lu Qingyin blurted out.

Nie Wufeng immediately came to a realization. The tomb was most likely collapsing because it had lost its support after Qin Nan had claimed the seal.

Feng Wuheng cursed and quickly withdrew from the area.

The tomb was simply too terrifying. Even a peak Nine Heavens Supreme could not survive once the entire tomb collapsed, let alone a Peerless Ruler.

However, the eyes of Qin Nan, Feng Wuheng, and the Exceptional Geniuses widened as they sensed the rate of the tomb's collapse had increased dramatically all of a sudden!


The cultivators were absolutely dumbfounded. They quickly executed Dao Arts and summoned ancient artifacts and talismans to defend themselves.

They soon wore blank faces.

The terrifying tomb had collapsed, yet it did not make any noise nor produce any impacts when it collapsed.

The walls and the battlefield under their feet simply dissipated in the form of colorful light dots.

Jiang Ni, Su Nu, and the cultivators outside the tomb were utterly confused when they saw the tomb turning into a stream of glowing dots spreading across the land.

What was going on?

Qin Nan, Feng Wuheng, and Jiang Ni suddenly shuddered as a mystical feeling rose within their hearts.


The sky shook vigorously.

Strong winds that resembled dragons appeared from the rift and surged across the place at a shocking pace.

"The Supreme Dragon Wind?"

"Qin Nan, Feng Wuheng, and Jiang Ni have obtained the fortunate encounters to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm!"

Many cultivators immediately came to their senses.

However, it was no longer as astonishing after the series of incidents they had been through.

"I shouldn't obtain the chance to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm so quickly. Is it because the tomb has collapsed?" Qin Nan thought.

"Xiang Tianqi, suppress Qin Nan right now. Don't let him leave the Death Zone!" Lu Qingyin yelled.

Xiang Tianqi and Nie Wufeng immediately collected their thoughts. The rules in the Death Zone permitted anyone who obtained the fortunate encounters to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm to leave the place.

If Qin Nan left, they might have to wait for a long time until they had another chance like this.

"HAHAHA, that won't be necessary, didn't you notice that the three of us can only achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm in this place?"

Feng Wuheng burst out laughing.

Lu Qingyin and the others immediately realized something. They looked up and saw the rifts were replaced with stormy clouds.

A few moments later, the whole sky had turned into a sea of lightning!

The lightning consisted of three different colors—purple, golden, and blue. They were mixed together, resulting in a destructive aura. Their colors were reflected on the land too.

The sky had turned into a sea of lightning!

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It was the rare phenomenon that would only occur when someone was achieving the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm!

In other words, Qin Nan and the others were already in the middle of their ascension.

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"It seems like we have been granted the chance to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm because of our outstanding performance," Jiang Ni said calmly as he rose to his feet.

He had fully absorbed the glow from the tomb of a Master of Dao. His aura underwent tremendous changes too. He was now emitting two different ancient auras!

He had merged with the flesh of his past life!

"Qin Nan, it's our destiny that only one of us can become a Nine Heavens Supreme and dominate the scene."

Jiang Ni pointed his sword at Qin Nan.

"Everyone, we must take down Qin Nan at all costs today!"

Lu Qingyin and Nie Wufeng blurted out simultaneously.

"Fellow disciples, today is the day we punish the sinner's disciple!" Xiang Tianqi roared.

A strong murderous aura surged at Qin Nan under the stormy clouds.

Lu Qingyin, Nie Wufeng, and their men charged at Qin Nan like an overwhelming tide. Xiang Tianqi who was the closest to Qin Nan immediately executed a shocking move too.


The cultivators of other factions and the rogue cultivators, including Su Nu who was deemed the strongest Exceptional Genius of their respective factions were dumbfounded by the sight.

The murderous aura was absolutely shocking as so many Exceptional Geniuses and cultivators were going after Qin Nan.

Even a Nine Heavens Supreme in the early stage could not possibly fend off so many enemies at once, let alone Qin Nan who was all by himself.

"HAHA, very well!"

To their surprise, Qin Nan burst out laughing with a strong battle intent while his hair drifted wildly in the wind.

It was as Jiang Ni had said. It was part of his destiny to face them all. If he wanted to become a Nine Heavens Supreme, he would have to fight until the very end!

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