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PBS - Chapter 2024 - He's Not Alone

"Qin Nan, you can still laugh under the circumstances? The flower must be your sole reliance? I shall destroy it first!"

Xiang Tianqi turned into a deadly ray slashing at the Flower of Eternity.

Lu Qingyin had told him how extraordinary the flower was, yet he did not treat her words seriously. He believed it was still possible to destroy the flower even if it was comparable to a Dao-Seeking Weapon.

Qin Nan simply ignored the man. He fired saber intents at the cultivators that were charging at him.

The huge battle broke out at once.

Even though it was only the beginning, the collisions and the impacts were already sending chills down the spines of the cultivators.

It was the difference between them and Qin Nan. If they were in his shoes, they would not even have the courage to start the fight.

"Damn it!"

Xiang Tianqi soon lost his will to fight. His expression greatly darkened.

He had executed over a dozen moves together with over thirty cultivators, yet the flower did not even budge like it was perfectly unharmed.

"Secret of the Underworld, seventeen spiritual gates!"

Lu Qingyin teamed up with the cultivators of the Wengu Tribe who had already shown their trump card to perform a series of mystical seals.

Seventeen huge gaps suddenly appeared amid the sea of lightning as ancient gates over eighty zhang tall covered in mysterious words descended from the sky.

A great force suppressed Qin Nan's Divine Sense the moment they landed on the ground. Qin Nan was no longer able to utilize his Divine Sense.

"It's only targeting my Divine Sense?"

Qin Nan realized what was happening at the first glance.

Lu Qingyin had obviously done a lot of preparations to take him down. Even with his outstanding cultivation, it would take him at least half the period of an incense stick to break free from the seventeen spiritual gates' suppression.

It was more than enough time for the enemies to overwhelm Qin Nan with their numbers.

"Qin Nan, aren't you embarrassed to hide behind a flower? Come fight me fair and square if you have the guts!" Xiang Tianqi snarled.

Feng Wuheng transmitted a thought to Qin Nan too, "Hehe, Cultivator Qin Nan, you're going to die at this rate! Why don't you give me a few drops of your blood essence and I shall lend you a hand to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm? How's that?"

"If you don't trust me, I can swear some oaths in advance!"

Qin Nan ignored Xiang Tianqi. He fixed his eyes on Feng Wuheng.

Feng Wuheng was asking for his blood essence? What was he up to?

"Don't even bother, we have unfinished business still!"

Qin Nan rejected the offer right away. The man had kidnapped Meng Jiugong, thus he had to rescue Meng Jiugong, not to mention how weird Feng Wuheng's request sounded.

Blue veins surfaced on Xiang Tianqi's forehead when he saw Qin Nan's attitude, "Like master like disciple! You and your master are the same, you're a coward, a piece of trash!"

Qin Nan's eyes flickered coldly.

"As you wish then!"

Qin Nan crossed the White-Blue Flower.

"Very well, you've said it yourself..."

Xiang Tianqi was overjoyed. He immediately prepared a deadly blow, yet his eyes suddenly widened as a strong sense of danger exploded in his heart.

"Tree of Dao!"

Qin Nan's aura skyrocketed when a powerful tree appeared and merged with his body while he was charging at Xiang Tianqi.

"Shidao Sword!"

Xiang Tianqi thoroughly unleashed the power of his Shidao Flesh.

Even though the Shidao Flesh was not one of the Ten Ancient Fleshes, those who were familiar with it would know the flesh was actually stronger than the Flesh of Devour in the perfect stage if anyone could fully recover the lineage of the Shidao Flesh.

Xiang Tianqi had yet to perfect his flesh, but he had achieved the Greater Success Stage.

However, a shocking sight took place when the two crashed into one another.


Xiang Tianqi let out a miserable cry following a huge blast. His glow dimmed significantly as he slammed into the distance after being knocked flying like an arrow.

The terrifying gusts produced by the impact swept at the cultivators who failed to dodge them in time.

Qin Nan began to show his strength. He was like a peerless emperor. He waved his hand and fired illusionary sabers at Xiang Tianqi and nailed him to the ground.


The cultivators were dumbfounded.

That was the Sacred One of the Shidao Tribe who was ranked in the top ten among the Exceptional Geniuses!

And yet, Qin Nan had defeated him with a single move?

"Tsk tsk, as expected of the successor of the Fifth Immortal, I didn't think you have refined such a strange tree. It explains why you've turned down my offer!"

Feng Wuheng squinted, "Fine, I shall play around for a little longer!"

His eyes turned pitch-black as nine vortexes with different glows emerged from his back.

His aura immediately overwhelmed everyone at the scene. It was slightly stronger than Qin Nan's aura.

"The coexistence of nine fleshes!"

Many people were astounded even though it was their second time seeing it.


Meanwhile, a peerless sword glow pierced the sky.

Jiang Ni had fully refined everything in his body. He was glowing brilliantly under the two illusionary figures in the Master Realm behind him.

His calm eyes were fixed on Qin Nan.

"Auras of the tombs!"

Nie Wufeng performed a hand seal. The ancient tombs immediately unleashed wisps of energy into his body, turning him into an ancient titan.

"Qin Nan, don't you let me down!"

Feng Wuheng licked his lips before making his move.


A series of explosions took place.

Qin Nan with his tree and saber collided with the cultivators and the Exceptional Geniuses.

The cultivators noticed Qin Nan's glow dimming in just a brief while, like it was being devoured.

"Qin Nan is ridiculously strong, yet he was all by himself! He's surely going to die in the battle!" a peak Peerless Ruler sighed.

It was not even a fair battle. It was just a one-sided fight.

"Qin Nan, you've really impressed me. I shall bury you with my own hands after the battle came to an end!"

Lu Qingyin said calmly after she approached Qin Nan while strengthening her force.

A cold harrumph sounded before Qin Nan could speak, "Aren't you embarrassed that so many of you are picking on the same person?"

Seven figures arrived from the distance, each with a magnificent aura that surpassed ordinary Peerless Rulers.

Qin Nan was startled. He was surprised that the people who came to his aid were Lei Daoming, Mu Zhengze, Zhao Li'er, and the Exceptional Geniuses of the Sky Taihuang Sect, Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect, and Sanqing Ancient Sect.

"Qin Nan, you might be unaware, but our three Supreme Daoism factions have formed an alliance. We happened to come to the Death Zone to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. Our masters have told us to assist you if we happened to stumble into you," Lei Daoming said calmly.

Lu Qingyin squinted and said, "The outcome will still be the same even if your factions are helping him..."

However, a displeased voice interrupted, "Do you think you can bully my man as you please?"

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