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PBS - Chapter 2031 - Killing the Sacred One

Meanwhile, the huge land above the first Sacred Area...

"As expected of my man, Xiao Nanzi, you're truly impressive!"

Princess Miao Miao smiled proudly. Jiang Bilan's eyes were glittering too. The black petal on her forehead gradually disappeared.

They were initially planning to establish a formation to lend Qin Nan a hand, but it was no longer necessary.

"Qin Nan, what a surprise this is, you are practicing twelve Arts of Dao Seeking. You have successfully embarked on an unusual path. No wonder your Supreme Mountain is a zhang taller than mine!" Feng Wuheng collected his thoughts. His face was filled with excitement and an eerie grin, "Apart from Feiyue, no one is worthy enough for my attention, but you are an exception!"

He left the Supreme Mountain after finishing the sentence.

If possible, he would hesitate to befoe Qin Nan. He would try his best to be on friendly terms with him.

Unfortunately, fate had decided otherwise. Qin Nan was preventing him from achieving his path, and since Qin Nan was never going to back down, his only option was to kill Qin Nan and merge the nine fleshes to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

"Qin Nan!" Jiang Ni roared. His body was covered in ancient runes. His aura rose gradually as he turned into a brilliant sword glow slashing forward.

The truth was, Feng Wuheng's existence was just as eye-catching as Qin Nan. His identity as the successor of the Second Immortal actually surpassed Qin Nan's identity slightly.

If Jiang Ni wanted to achieve his ambition, he would have to kill the formidable opponents blocking his way, including Feng Wuheng.

However, he only knew Qin Nan before this, and he already made up his mind.

He had to defeat Qin Nan whether by himself or by teaming up with others.

"So what if you've practiced twelve Arts of Dao Seeking? I'm going to defeat you still!" Nie Wufeng wore a menacing grin. He performed a hand seal and merged with the tombs.

"The Patriarch has given the order. All disciples of the Ten Desires Sect, kill Qin Nan at all costs!"

Su Nu joined the battle by unleashing her aura. She was like a celestial being who had descended to the mundane world.

"Disciples of the Reincarnation Sect, keep an eye on Qin Nan and Feng Wuheng closely. Use everything you have to kill them if you found a chance to do so..."

The Exceptional Geniuses and Peerless Rulers of the Supreme Daoism factions were heading straight toward Qin Nan's Supreme Mountain.

"Cultivator Qin Nan, I'm sorry, we must obey the orders given to us," Mu Zhengze and Zhao Li'er brought their fists together with a helpless look. They executed a series of Dao Arts.

However, they did not use any deadly moves. They were just putting up an act.

More cultivators were attacking Qin Nan. Their number had increased by a third.

The land had somehow turned into a battlefield with murderous auras rising everywhere. The land shook vigorously while rare phenomena were triggered.

The cultivators who did not participate in the battle were struggling to describe their feelings with words.

The scene was simply too shocking for them. No one could imagine how great of a storm it would become, nor could they predict the outcome.

"Great Illusionary Saber Art!"

"Ten Desires Saber Art!"

"Reincarnation Saber Art!"

Immortal flames burst out of Qin Nan's body as various Arts of Dao Seeking merged with his Dao-Jolting Saber Art before different saber arts slashed in all directions.

The Tree of Dao behind him unleashed a destructive force and overwhelmed everything nearby.

Cries of agony took place were heard continuously.

Many peak Peerless Rulers suffered serious injuries and fell from the sky as they were being too careless.

"Qin Nan's strength was just too terrifying!"

The expressions of the Exceptional Geniuses of the Supreme Daoism factions shifted.

They tried to approach the mountain and fought Qin Nan head-on like Jiang Ni, Feng Wuheng, and Nie Wufeng.

However, they immediately felt a great pressure when they went closer.

In addition to it, a great chill was already running down their spine when Qin Nan only slashed at them indifferently.

Not only was Qin Nan's eye-technique powerful, allowing him to see the weaknesses of the Dao Arts, he also practiced the same Arts of Dao Seeking as his opponents, thus he was extremely familiar with their uses.

Therefore, Qin Nan was like a natural foe to them since he was able to suppress them easily.

"Everyone, don't enter the battlefield without permission. We'll set up formations in the surroundings to take Qin Nan down!"

Su Nu and the Exceptional Geniuses were no ordinary cultivators after all. They immediately figured out a plan.

"The Forever-Existing Immortals, The Nine Heavens and One Sword!"

Feng Wuheng was finally serious too. He took out the bone of Zhuang Chen's hand and applied the will of the Flesh of Devour, Flesh of Reincarnation, Flesh of Yin and Yang, and Flesh of Eternal Lightning onto it.

He also executed the first half of the Art of Eternal Flesh which he had practiced.

Unimaginable sharp flickers appeared between the Heavens and Earth.

"Sword of the Emperor!"

"Burial of the Heavens!"

Jiang Ni and Nie Wufeng came from both sides while executing their strongest moves.

"A Tree Suppressing the Heavens and Earth, all rules cease to exist!"

Qin Nan's battle intent surged wildly as he transformed the will of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking into an invisible hand grabbing the Tree of Dao. The hand simply stuck the tree into the rift nearby.

The leaves on the nine-colored branches immediately emitted brilliant light rays before falling off the tree. They surged in all directions like peerless sabers.

In addition to it, a formidable nine-colored glow spread from its roots.

It looked like Qin Nan had summoned a formidable ocean that was going to devour everyone from afar!

It was the real strength of the Tree of Dao!

"How is the tree so terrifying?"

Feng Wuheng, Jiang Ni, Nie Wufeng, and the others were dumbfounded. Not only were their attacks overwhelmed, a strong sense of danger rose in their hearts too, forcing them to react.


The Peerless Rulers in the Greater Success Stage and early stage were astounded.

Deafening explosions took place as all kinds of forces spread wildly followed by countless flickers.

Peerless Rulers were sent flying. They slammed into the rift and were either shattered or left with serious injuries.

Feng Wuheng, Jiang Ni, and Nie Wufeng had just survived the first wave of attacks when they suddenly saw Qin Nan slashing at them. Feng Wuheng cursed and dodged the slash.

Jiang Ni's figure dissipated into sword glows and scattered into the surroundings.

Nie Wufeng was slightly weaker than them. He had consumed a lot of energy just to unleash the power of the tombs. He did not have the chance to execute his secret technique in time before Qin Nan reached him.

Nie Wufeng found himself under great pressure, as if a demon supreme was heading his direction.

"Transformation of the Tombs!"

Nie Wufeng's felt his scalp turning numb. He paid a huge price to execute a forbidden art.

However, following a loud crash, Nie Wufeng let out a painful cry before slamming into the distance. An icy flicker nailed his body in the rift.

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