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PBS - Chapter 2032 - Battle at the Peak

"Nie Wufeng is dead?"

Many cultivators were astounded.

Nie Wufeng was the Sacred One of the Mumen Sect, one of the top ten Exceptional Geniuses who had acquired the power of the tombs. His strength had significantly surpassed ordinary Exceptional Geniuses.

Even though he was still some distance away from Qin Nan's strength, he was not fighting Qin Nan alone. The cultivators who had teamed up against Qin Nan had reached a shocking scale.

Even a Nine Heavens Supreme in the early stage was unable to achieve such an astonishing feat!

Qin Nan looked at the top of the mountain and jumped into the air.

He was only a few steps away from the top.

"Crap! Don't let him reach the top!" Su Nu and the Exceptional Geniuses of many factions were startled. They quickly transmitted their thoughts while performing forbidden hand seals.

"Luotian Spirit-Slaying Formation!"

"Nine Supreme Palaces!"

"Valiant Immortal Formation!"

Several reputable ancient formations were established across the rift.

In addition to them, various Supreme Will, Supreme Blood, Supreme Bones, and other ancient artifacts who were treated as trump cards were brought out too.

They were not hoping to kill Qin Nan, but they had to stop Qin Nan from reaching the top of the Supreme Mountain until the experts of their factions arrived.

"Soulless Flesh, Seal of All Magic!"

"Wuji Formation of the Four Directions!"

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan executed their powerful moves respectively. The former performed a hundred seals, each emitting a mystical will.

The latter executed a mysterious Dao Art which merged with the mystical will.

The rift shook vigorously as bright runes rapidly formed a square formation with demons each holding a huge blade covered in blood on four sides.

The demons' hollow eyes suddenly turned bloodshot. They let out a furious roar and unleashed blood-red saber intents attacking the formations.

An eerie sight took place. The formations suddenly turned extremely fragile with cracks over them. Their power dropped significantly too.

Lu Qingyin took a deep breath.

She had underestimated the two women still. More precisely, she did not expect them to come so prepared.

The moves they executed were specifically used to destroy formations, similar to the Formation-Devouring Insects.

"Qin Nan, it's time for a showdown between us!"

Jiang Ni's aura skyrocketed. His robe flapped wildly as wisps of sword intent appeared from the rift with destructive auras surging across the place.

He had used his trump card by merging a drop of blood left by his past life.

Even though the blood was no longer as powerful as it used to be after the time that had passed, nor did it have enough energy to help Jiang Ni with his breakthrough, but he was able to execute a sword art with it.

"The Dao is never-ending, but I, both in the past and present, only seek one sword!"

Following Jiang Ni's words, the sky nearby immediately darkened.

A terrifying sword intent began to accumulate. The hearts of many cultivators began to tremble.

"HAHAHA, Jiang Ni, I didn't expect you to possess such formidable power, it's a blessing from the Heavens!"

Feng Wuheng burst out laughing. His figure in the dark glittered as he spoke, "Qin Nan, since you've impressed me, I shall show you my strongest move!"

The nine vortexes behind him, led by the pitch-black vortex that was devouring the others began to merge into a nine-colored vortex.

It was extremely unstable. The vortex spun wildly as if it was going to shatter in any second, yet the aura it was unleashing had reached a terrifying stage.

Jiang Ni's slash was inferior compared to it.

Feng Wuheng had forcibly merged the power of the nine fleshes!

Feng Wuheng's face turned pale. His blood was burning vigorously too, placing him under incredible pain.

However, his eyes widened with excitement as he sensed the power surging within him "One with the soul, the Heaven-Attaining Hand!"

The Second Immortal, Zhuang Chen's figure appeared and merged with Feng Wuheng's figure. Following it, he waved the hand bone and unleashed an ancient aura to control the nine-colored vortex.

"HAHAHA, I shall destroy everything!"

Feng Wuheng's laughter echoed between the Heavens and Earth. The nine-colored vortex turned into a great sword flicker slashing at Qin Nan.

From afar, it looked like two formidable dragons were soaring into the sky like they were going to destroy everything in their path.

"Bring it on!"

Qin Nan's blue-red hair drifted wildly in the wind facing the two formidable attacks.

His battle intent skyrocketed.

A strong sense of danger rose within him as Feng Wuheng and Jiang Ni teamed up against him.

It felt like both sides were evenly matched. No one could predict what the outcome was going to be!


Qin Nan merged the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking in his body and placed them on the Heaven-Shattering Saber, resulting in a blinding white glow.

It pierced through the darkness and lit up the surroundings.

The saber glow went directly at the two ancient dragons.


The rocks below the waist of the Supreme Mountain shattered into pieces and turned into light dots.

A terrifying gust of wind surged across the place, leaving the cultivators in great fear. The rift was shredded into pieces too.

The Exceptional Geniuses and the rest of the crowd were dumbfounded.

The impact that resulted from the battle between the three was simply too astonishing. It felt like three Nine Heavens Supremes in the Greater Success Stage were fighting one another instead of just three Peerless Rulers.

"Is...is Qin Nan still alive?"

The cultivators murmured staring at the glow.

Who won in the end?

Two auras rose from the chaotic glow.

"It's the presence of Feng Wuheng and Jiang Ni!"

A cultivator blurted out, "Qin Nan was defeated!"

The crowd was dumbfounded too.

However, before they could react, a strong aura rose from the chaotic glow too.

Qin Nan was holding the Heaven-Shattering Saber. He was covered in blood as he landed on the top of the mountain with an imperious aura and looked down at the crowd.

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