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PBS - Chapter 2035 - Awakening of the Past Life, Part Three

"Qin Nan, Feng Wuheng!"

The Ancient Taboo fixed its bloodshot eyes on Qin Nan and Feng Wuheng.

Even though it was threatening the Beast Hide Drawing, it was not planning to do anything to it.

It had already missed out on the best opportunity to kill the Beast Hide Drawing when it first appeared. It would not be able to kill the Beast Hide Drawing under normal circumstances. It would have to wait for a better opportunity.

However, Qin Nan and Feng Wuheng were different. They must die today!

"Tsk tsk, Ancient Taboo, you were comparable to the Ten Immortals back then, yet you've turned yourself into such a hideous sight. Such a pity..." Feng Wuheng opened his eyes and mocked.

His aura gradually rose as everything in his body underwent significant changes.

The eyes of the Nine Heavens Supremes and the cultivators flickered with astonishment.

They did not expect Feng Wuheng would dare to utter such disrespectful words.

"Die!" The Ancient Taboo's bloodshot eyes glowed brilliantly. A terrifying force surged across the sky and turned into more than a dozen killing blows, each alone could be considered the apocalypse with no escape.

The Ancient Taboo was on par with the Ten Immortals in the past as Feng Wuheng had mentioned. Even though it was no longer as strong as it used to be, its strength was still quite terrifying, as it had surpassed the level of the peak Master Realm.

Its attacks were enough to destroy a Master of Dao, let alone a Nine Heavens Supreme.

"Ancient Taboo, I shall see how much weaker you are compared to before!"

The Beast Hide Drawing burst out laughing and activated the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh. He began to emit over a dozen ancient glows as he unleashed a destructive force to shatter the attacks executed by the Ancient Taboo.


The five Masters of Dao and the Nine Heavens Supremes of the Heaven-Slaying Sect unleashed their auras and executed their moves to attack the tide of skeletons that was approaching.

"Heaven-Repelling Sword!"

Meanwhile, a tremendous sword glow tore a gap in the rift.

Three Masters of Dao and Nine Heavens Supremes dashed out of it.

They were led by a Master of Dao in a dark red robe, whose face was covered by a hideous mask. He was holding an ancient sword with carvings of the Primordial People. The sword began to emit a strong Dao intent.

"It's a Dao-Seeking Weapon, one of the heirloom artifacts in the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect."

"The Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect is joining the battle!"

The Patriarchs of the Supreme Daoism factions and the peak Nine Heavens Supremes were astounded.

"What should we do now?" a Nine Heavens Supreme asked.

"Everyone, it's not a trivial matter to learn our Arts of Dao Seeking without permission!" the Patriarch of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect said. "Since the Ancient Taboo is involved too, we should send Masters of Dao to murder Qin Nan!"

The other peak Nine Heavens Supremes nodded.

"Not only are we going to target Qin Nan, we won't let Feng Wuheng go either. He was the one who devoured Lu Gufeng!"

A peak Nine Heavens Supreme of the Reincarnation Sect drew a long saber out and said, "Let's do it!"

The Nine Heavens Supremes of various Supreme Daoism factions were soon involved in the battle.

A terrifying battle took place above the entrance of the first Sacred Area.

Apart from Qin Nan, Jiang Ni, and Feng Wuheng who were still on top of their Supreme Mountains, placing them in the middle of the storm, the rest of the Peerless Rulers had long traveled a few hundred thousand li away. They were watching the battle with their eye-techniques.

Even so, the auras from the battle were causing their hearts to race.

"The battle has begun!"

The people from the mysterious faction in the Void Heaven Realm, and others from the ancient tribes were observing the battle too in their own ways.

They might not be involved in it, yet they were eager to learn its outcome.

The sky and the ground cracked apart as the rules were in chaos.

The Supreme Mountains where the three were on were like three little rafts amid a storm. If it weren't for the Beast Hide Drawing, the mountains would be long gone after being attacked by the experts of the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect and the Extreme Living Gate.

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Jiang Ni's eyes sprang open. The changes in his body calmed down as his cultivation reached the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

"Jiang Ni, time to go!"

A peak Nine Heavens Supreme of the Extreme Living Gate grabbed him and took him away.

"HAHAHA, Ancient Taboo, keep it up, I will excuse myself first!"

Feng Wuheng too was done with transformation. He used a secret item to teleport him away.

The three Masters of Dao and the other Nine Heavens Supremes of the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect immediately withdrew their attacks and withdrew from the battle.

"Trying to run away?" the Ancient Taboo grinned.

It had shown itself for the first time to carry out its plan. How could it possibly let its targets leave so easily?

"What's going on with Qin Nan?"

The Beast Hide Drawing noticed something odd about Qin Nan.

Qin Nan was supposed to be done by now. The Flower of Eternity in his body should already evolve.

An indiscernible chime of a bell sounded. It was clear despite the explosions that were happening. Everyone had noticed it.

"Mm? Isn't that..."

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The Ancient Taboo and the Beast Hide Drawing were startled. They wondered if they had heard it wrong.

Three other chimes took place, each clearer than the previous one.

Countless runes spread from Qin Nan's body and formed a mysterious pattern consisting of eight dragons at the top of the mountain.

The pattern remained still even when the force of the Masters of Dao and the Nine Heavens Supremes collided with it.

"Four bell chimes and the pattern of eight dragons! Isn't this the rare phenomenon that only happens when someone awakens the memories of their past life? Could it be..."

The eyes of the Ancient Taboo, the Beast Hide Drawing, the Masters of Dao, and the Nine Heavens Supremes widened.

The pieces of the purple crystal inside Qin Nan's Divine Sense had completely fallen off. The memories that had been sealed away for years started flowing into Qin Nan's Divine Sense like an unstoppable tide.

Qin Nan felt his surroundings changing. He was surrounded by stars.

An indescribable figure was standing above the stars.

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