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PBS - Chapter 2037 - The Time-Traversing Call—Xiang Hun

"At last!" the Beast Hide Drawing's eyes flickered with joy. He immediately performed a hand seal to gather the will of the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh. It turned into mystical light and entered the White-Blue Flower.

An ancient aura surged in all directions like a tremendous tide.

The Ancient Taboo, the Masters of Dao, and the Nine Heavens Supremes immediately had a strange feeling, as if they were witnessing the birth of a legend.

"What is that flower? Is it something which that guy had left for Qin Nan?"

The Ancient Taboo's heart skipped a beat as the thought crossed its mind.

If so, the flower must be absolutely terrifying!

"The forbidden taboos of the Heavens and Earth, the fall of the Daos!"

The Ancient Taboo quickly reacted with a twisted expression. A strong murderous aura surged wildly as it executed an exceptional move.

"Ancient Taboo, are you ignoring my existence?"

The Beast Hide Drawing was in a great mood. He executed over ten Master Arts at once.

His Impenetrable Sacred Flesh had almost reached the Greater Success Stage. Not only was it impenetrable, it could also execute a hundred arts in an instant. Once it reached the perfect stage, it could even execute ten thousand arts in an instant!

"We can't let the young man live!" the peak Nine Heavens Supremes of other Supreme Daoism factions collected their thoughts. Their eyes flickered menacingly.

Qin Nan had such a formidable background, yet he was clearly not on their side. Once Qin Nan overcame the Tribulation and became a Master of Dao, he was surely going to be a troublesome enemy for them.

The Peerless Rulers over a hundred thousand li away were utterly lost.

So were the representatives from the mysterious factions in the Void Heaven Realm, and other powerful existence.

However, none of them had noticed Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan's thoughts were being dragged into an abyss. They had lost their consciousness.

Their eyes were filled with the shadow of a white and blue petal respectively.

A mysterious aura was gradually growing in their bodies.

If someone above the Master Realm was around, they would notice the faint connection between them and the White-Blue Flower on Qin Nan's forehead.

Mo Xiaoli who was wearing a gloomy expression in the rift shuddered and said, "Old man, did you notice that our disciples are behaving strangely ever since the flower shows up?"

Li Ji rolled his eyes, "Isn't that obvious?"

He soon wore a stern look and said, "Empress Feiyue did mention that their souls were once merged with the White-Blue Flower. It seems like the flower didn't just grant them a special power, but it will continue to grow together with the flower."

Mo Xiaoli's expression shifted, "Is it a good or a bad thing?"

"Are you seriously asking me that? It's the power of the White-Blue Flower that originated from the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh, what do you think? Quick, we should lend them a hand."

"Holy crap, keep a low profile, don't let the Beast Hide Drawing and Ancient Taboo notice what we are up to. We can't possibly defeat those two maniacs..."

Meanwhile, among the memory fragments of Qin Nan's past life...

The same scenes kept repeating themselves.

Every repetition would drag Qin Nan's mind deeper. In the end, he had combined with the person in the scenes, like he had traveled back in time and experienced the scenes in person.

Everything felt extremely real to him.

"How ridiculous, I, Xiang Zun am the Young Master of the Shidao Tribe, the top one genius of all tribes. Why should I acknowledge you as my master? What can you give me if I accept you as my master?"

"I'll show you the scenery of that place."

"...Can't I just be your disciple?"

"I don't recruit disciples."

"Fine, I'll do it!"

In the next scene. he reached his hand out and said, "Xiang Hun, Cheng Wuming, I admire the both of you. If you don't mind, you may acknowledge me as your master. I will help you get your revenge!"

"I...I accept!"

"Mm, from today onward, Xiang Zun will be your Big Brother, you are the Second Brother, and you are third!"

"You will no longer use your names. No one can mention their names again, or I shall punish you accordingly! As for your titles, once you became the Immortals, we'll just name you according to your ranks!"

In the next scene, he was carrying a chubby kid. He exclaimed, "First, fifth, sixth, ninth, come and take a look, how alike are we!?"

"Master, can you not call me first?"

"So I should call you boss then?"

Some time later, outside the first Sacred Area...

The white-blue color on the White-Blue Flower slowly dissipated. The moment it lost its color, its light and aura both disappeared.

Even though it did not trigger any rare phenomenon or emit any unusual aura, the Ancient Taboo and every Master of Dao and Nine Heavens Supreme were well aware of one thing.

The flower had completed its transformation and reached the next level.

The Beast Hide Drawing seemed very excited. He immediately charged at Qin Nan.

"Don't you even think about it!"

The Ancient Taboo's roar rose through the Heavens, yet three terrifying figures appeared from the rift and established a powerful formation to encapsulate it before it could make its move.

"Crap!" the Ancient Taboo was startled.

It did not think the Beast Hide Drawing had come prepared. Even it did not sense the three cultivators' presence in advance.


The Beast Hide Drawing burst out laughing.

He did it!

He was finally going to claim it!

Once he refined the flower and other things he had gathered, his flesh would be upgraded to the Flesh of Eternity!

Once he achieved the Overlord Realm, no one in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm could possibly stop him, including the old guys and the ancient factions hiding in the Void Heaven Realm!

However, Qin Nan's eyes opened just as he was about to reach the flower.

He was wearing a complicated look as if he had just gone through a lot.

"Oh? You've regained your memories? Just in time, a trash like you is going to watch me..."

The Beast Hide Drawing wore a mocking look.

However, before he could finish, Qin Nan let out a sigh and said, "Sixth."

The Beast Hide Drawing's eyes widened.

His tone and the way he addressed him...

"Impossible, that's impossible!"

The Beast Hide Drawing denied it right away. He snarled, "You have no right to call me Sixth! I'm telling you, even if..."

Qin Nan groaned, "Xiang Hun!"

The words served as terrifying claps of thunder in the Beast Hide Drawing's mind.

Xiang Hun was his name!

There was nothing special about a person's name.

However, it was different in his case. Ever since he acknowledged the man as his master after the great calamity, he had forfeited his name forever. It was a brand new start for him according to his master.

He was nameless for a long time until he was titled the Sixth Immortal. He was then referred to as the Second Brother and Sixth.

His master would call him Sixth, while the others would call him Second Brother. Xiang Zun was the Big Brother.

However, that piece of trash would never know this secret!

Could it be...

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