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PBS - Chapter 2040 - The Terrifying Empress

The whole place fell silent.

The words took everyone by surprise!


Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli gasped.

They already knew Qin Nan was rather close to Empress Feiyue, yet they did not expect Empress Feiyue would say something like that!

This woman was really something!

She was not only imperious because of what she said, but how she always ignored everything and just followed her own will regardless of the circumstances!


The Patriarch of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect blushed as he collected his thoughts, "You're too full of yourself. Do you know what Qin Nan did? Chang Xiao, is this your idea too?"

Chang Xiao wore a wry smile. If Empress Feiyue was willing to listen to them, things would not be like this.

Rudao's eyes flickered with astonishment.

She greatly admired Feiyue even though she was a woman too.

"I'll let Feiyue be the first wife while Miao Miao, Bilan, and I will be your second, third, and fourth wives," she transmitted her voice to Qin Nan.

Qin Nan's lips twisted. He immediately sent out a message too, "Copper mirror, you and Mengyao should leave together. I have a plan! I'll deal with the problems myself."

He was extremely touched by Rudao and Feiyue's intention to help him, yet it was unnecessary for them to offend the Ancient Taboo and so many Supreme Daoism factions for his sake.

Empress Feiyue and Rudao ignored him as if they could not hear him.

The Ancient Taboo collected its thoughts. Its face darkened, "Feiyue, you shouldn't be too full of yourself. You have just achieved the Master Realm! With my..."

The woman was the only Master of Dao it was afraid of.

It seriously did not want to fall out with her unless it had no other choice.

However, Empress Feiyue made her move before it could finish. She executed two terrifying Master Arts to attack the Ancient Taboo and Xiang Hun without performing any hand seals.

"Empress Feiyue, why are you attacking me? I'm not going to harm Qin Nan!" Xiang Hun was startled. He was prepared to enjoy a good show, yet he was somehow targeted too.

"I find you an eyesore!" Empress Feiyue said coldly. She flicked her finger and unleashed a great force over a hundred thousand li away.

The temperature within its coverage dropped rapidly. Snowflakes began to pour down from the rift.

Each snowflake possessed formidable power, especially those around the Ancient Taboo and Xiang Hun. The snowflakes combined into deadly formations and surrounded them.

"Feiyue, you're too arrogant!"

Xiang Hun wore a displeased look. He was the Sixth Immortal. How could he possibly allow anyone to treat him like a fool?

The Ancient Taboo and the rest of the Nine Heavens Supremes chuckled.

They must admit that this Feiyue was unusually proud. It was already quite dangerous for her to take on the Ancient Taboo and the Nine Heavens Supremes of the Supreme Daoism factions, yet she even dragged the Sixth Immortal into the mess too.

"I shall bury you, Rudao, and Qin Nan here together!" the red light in the Ancient Taboo's eyes grew stronger as Master Arts soared into the sky.

The sky and the ground shook vigorously while the rift fell chaotic.

Empress Feiyue had displayed an outstanding strength. She was able to take on the Ancient Taboo, Xiang Hun, the Masters of Dao, and the Nine Heavens Supreme alone.

Any other Master of Dao would struggle against them.

"Rudao, don't you bring me away from this place. Copper mirror has only reached the Master Realm recently. She won't be able to defeat everyone here!" Qin Nan yelled when he noticed what Rudao was up to.

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He might only be a Nine Heavens Supreme in the early stage, but he could already assess the battle.

Feiyue might have stopped the enemy, but she was at a disadvantage too.

The battle had just started. If it dragged on further, Empress Feiyue was surely going to lose since she was all by herself!

"I have to use the Seal of the Divine God of Battle!" Qin Nan's eyes flickered with determination.

He had no choice but to expose the true identity of his past life!

"Husband, don't do anything reckless," Rudao said when she noticed the look in his eyes, "Empress Feiyue told me that she has everything under control, thus she has asked me to bring you to safety. She also asked me to keep an eye on you and prevent you from using some kind of power you aren't supposed to."

Qin Nan was startled.

She has everything under control?

Just by herself?

"Empress Feiyue, since you insist to protect Qin Nan, you're going to pay for it today!"

A thunderous voice exploded from the rift.

Following it, seven figures thrust forward like ancient immortal swords with shocking glows and formidable auras.

They were seven experts in the Master Realm from various Supreme Daoism factions!

More experts in the Master Realm were on their way too!


Qin Nan's expression sank.

Feiyue would have to face many formidable enemies on her own.


The Ancient Taboo burst out laughing.

It knew that Empress Feiyue must have some kind of reliance and trump card if she dared to intervene. However, nothing was going to stop them under the circumstances.

Empress Feiyue retained her calm expression. She moved around rapidly to dodge the attacks while performing hand seals continuously. She might be at a disadvantage, yet she was perfectly unharmed.

However, she suddenly performed a different hand seal.

A strange force spread toward the surroundings.

It was outstanding among the wisps of energy around her.

"Is that the Art of Three Lifetimes which is said to have the ability to summon one's past life and present life, and future life?"

The eyes of many peak Nine Heavens Supremes widened.

Rumors said Empress Feiyue was so powerful mainly because of the Art of Three Lifetimes."

"Oh? Art of Three Lifetimes?"

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The Ancient Taboo raised its brow. Its eyes flickered with disdain, "It's just a single art. What difference will it make?"

"You're right."

Empress Feiyue said, "It's only a single art. It won't make much difference, but I didn't practice the Art of Three Lifetimes, but the Art of Ten Lifetimes instead!"

Following her words, the strange force grew by ten times.

Illusionary figures appeared behind her, each with a formidable aura.

On top of it, every figure that showed up would boost her aura too.

In just a brief period, her aura had surpassed every cultivator at the scene!

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