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PBS - Chapter 2045 - Unprecedented

"Mo Xie? Why does the name sound a little familiar?"

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli frowned.

"Mo Xie, the Third Immortal, according to the records, he's the master of the Seventh Immortal, Demon Emperor Wutian. He was killed in the battle," Empress Feiyue said calmly.

"What? The Third Immortal?"

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli were astounded.

Even though they were not familiar with the era of the four Supreme Highnesses, they still knew that the Third Immortal was never Zhou Di's subordinate.

"Qin Nan, I forgot to mention, the Ten Immortals were mainly split into three sides. The First Immortal, Fifth Immortal, Sixth Immortal, and Ninth Immortal were with Supreme Highness Zhou Di."

"The Second Immortal, Fourth Immortal, Eighth Immortal, and Tenth Immortal were rogue cultivators."

"The Third Immortal and Seventh Immortal were with another mysterious Supreme Highness, but I have no idea who he is," Empress Feiyue said.

"Mm?" Qin Nan's eyes widened.

If that was the case, why did Mo Xie and Demon Emperor Wutian call him their master?

"As expected of Empress Feiyue, you are familiar with our secrets too!" Mo Xie exclaimed.

He lifted his gaze and looked at Qin Nan, "My master, I've purposely spread the news of my death to trick the Ancient Demon Path and the seven Heaven Highness Clans just so it's easier for us to carry out our plan."

Empress Feiyue immediately transmitted her voice to Qin Nan, "Qin Nan, Mo Xie and Demon Emperor Wutian assume you are Zhou Xiao's reincarnation instead of Zhou Di's reincarnation just like Ancient Taboo and the other factions, so make sure you don't tell them the truth yet. Let's listen to what they have to say."

Empress Feiyue remembered what Demon Emperor Wutian said just then, "My master, you're wrong about everything. Zhou Xiao isn't your true past life..."

Qin Nan nodded upon collecting his thoughts. He said, "Senior Mo Xie, please get up first. I've already awakened my past life's memory. I am Zhou Xiao's reincarnation! Why are you two referring to me as your master if you used to take orders from another Supreme Highness?"

Mo Xie slowly rose to his feet. He did not speak right away. He glanced at Empress Feiyue and the others instead.

Mo Xie only spoke respectfully after Qin Nan nodded, "My master, you should know about the terrifying battle between Zhou Di and Cang in the past. However, many people did not know that they weren't the only ones involved in the battle. Your past life and the fourth Supreme Highness were involved in it too!"

The words served as a huge thunderclap.

All four Supreme Highnesses were involved in the battle!

"It was an intense battle. The three Supreme Highnesses and you were severely injured."

"You didn't have much time left. You realize you could no longer achieve your ambitions, so you started planning for your reincarnation and told me about it. You said that once you reincarnated, your plan will work and change everything!"

"Your true identity is actually Huangfu Jue, one of the four Supreme Highnesses!"

The words were shocking like thunder.

Li Ji, Mo Xiaoli, and Rudao were completely dumbfounded.

"Why does Qin Nan have Zhou Xiao's memories instead?" Empress Feiyue asked.

"I already told you, it's a part of my master's plan!"

"During the battle, Cang brutally murdered Zhou Di's son Zhou Xiao. Zhou Di was enraged. He unleashed his wrath across the Primary Upper Realm, resulting in terrifying consequences."

"However, that was only on the surface. Zhou Di actually reincarnated Zhou Xiao with some law-defying method and told the Divine God of Battle about it."

"I believe you've seen through their plan and used some obscure method to reincarnate yourself through Zhou Xiao's reincarnation."

"That way, you'll be able to obtain the Flesh of Eternity and Zhou Di's natal artifact after you reclaim your memories. You'll be able to order the First Immortal and the others around too."

"It's only part of the plan you came up with," Mo Xie explained.

"Mo Xie!"

Qin Nan grinned after collecting his thoughts, "Everything you said might sound reasonable, but how can you prove that I'm Huangfu Jue's reincarnation? Why didn't I ever see Huangfu Jue's memory fragments in my Divine Sense?"

Mo Xie and Demon Emperor Wutian exchanged glances with one another. They performed a strange hand seal.

Qin Nan suddenly felt his heart pounding heavily.

A wisp of demonic aura floated out of his heart with a terrifying aura.


Qin Nan was startled.

"My master, this is the True Will of the Immortal Demon of your past life! Only you have it in the whole Primary Upper Realm!" Mo Xie said.

"My master, we know this alone isn't enough to convince you! However, from what we have speculated, you will awaken some of your memories once you achieved the Master Realm!" Demon Emperor Wutian added.

"On top of it..."

Mo Xie looked into Qin Nan's eyes and said, "The Dao Seeking Land has the art that your past life practiced. It's the Art of the Immortal Demon which you've invented yourself. You're the only person in the Primary Upper Realm that can practice it. The others won't be able to practice it even if they found it!"

"Besides, even though you didn't have much time left after the battle, your injuries were the least serious among the Supreme Highnesses."

"Therefore, you were able to reincarnate your soul after you're done with the preparations. Your flesh is still hidden in some mysterious place in the Void Heaven Realm!"

"I have no clue where it is, but I'm sure you will figure it out after you've awakened your memories. You'll be able to retrieve it and merge with it!"

Mo Xie and Demon Emperor Wutian's words served as a series of thunderclaps.

Li Ji, Mo Xiaoli, and Rudao were left speechless.

According to Mo Xie's explanation, and the existence of the True Will of Immortal Demon, it was quite likely that Qin Nan was Huangfu Jue's reincarnation!

After all, Mo Xie and Demon Emperor Wutian would not spill the beans unless they were confident with their speculation!

However, that was not the case!

Both Mo Xie and Demon Emperor Wutian were wrong!

The memory which Qin Nan awakened belonged to Zhou Di who was also a Supreme Highness!

If Qin Nan was the reincarnation of both Supreme Highnesses...

Who exactly was he?

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