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PBS - Chapter 2052 - Participating in a Low-Profile

Two brilliant lights exploded and spread across the dojo like a great tide, shining upon every cultivator.

The lights contained extraordinary auras of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. They also had a mystical force which was scanning the cultivators on the dojo.

The eyes of many cultivators glittered. They immediately executed Arts of Dao Seeking and other arts to display their talents.

Qin Nan shook his head slightly. He blocked the force from scanning him. However, a ray of light descended upon him and formed the seal of a leaf on his chest. Many cultivators wore an envious look upon seeing it.

The Highness Light might be a kind of trial for other cultivators, but it was nothing for Qin Nan who was also a Nine Heavens Supreme.

Besides, the two Nine Heavens Supremes were only in the early stage. They were unable to see through his disguise.

A few moments later, almost three hundred seals were formed in total.

The white-haired old man and the teenage girl in a white robe lowered their hands. The lights they were emitting dissipated.

The dojo immediately burst into an uproar. The cultivators who failed to receive a seal wore displeased looks. Some Peerless Rulers who failed to acquire the seal shrugged and left the dojo.

"Congratulations to those who passed the first round."

The Peerless Ruler of the Wu Clan spoke, "In the second round, we will be releasing the Blood Highness Boulder to test your compatibility with the lineage of the two clans! The higher number of rare phenomena triggered indicates the greater the compatibility. You can trigger up to ten rare phenomena!"

The white-haired old man flung his sleeves following the sentence. A boulder covered in blood over seventy zhang tall and thirty zhang wide appeared from the rift and landed on the dojo.

A terrifying aura surged across the place instantly.

The cultivators below the Peerless Ruler Realm were startled. Their hair was standing on its end.

"Huh? That boulder seems quite unusual," Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

He saw a faint yet ancient will rippling from deep inside the boulder.

The Peerless Ruler of the Wu Clan added, "The Wu Clan will be recruiting thirty new outer disciples! The Zheng Clan will be recruiting twenty new outer disciples!"

The dojo burst into an uproar once again. The cultivators who were overjoyed after acquiring the seals straightened their faces.

The two clans were only recruiting fifty outer disciples at most. In other words, only one in every six cultivators would succeed. It was going to be a fierce competition!

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"In addition to it, the person who came first in the trial will be given a drop of Supreme Blood Essence that belonged to the elder of our clans!"

The words of the Peerless Ruler shocked the crowd once again.

"What? Such an insane benefit for the person who came first in the trial?"

"Damn it, why didn't I get a seal?"

"HAHAHA, it seems like I'm in luck!"

A drop of Supreme Blood Essence was comparable to the value of an Immortal Blessing grade resource.

Besides, the Supreme Blood Essence of an elder from the Heaven Highness Clans would possess the unique power of the clans' lineage too, meaning that the person obtaining it would receive even greater benefits!

"Hmm?" Qin Nan raised his brows.

He was not interested in the second round in the first place, but since he had nothing better to do, he might as well try to claim the two drops of Supreme Blood Essence and see whether these two Heaven Highness Clans' lineage possessed any extraordinary power.

"Now, you will take turns to come forward and place your hand on the boulder to be tested!"

As soon as the Peerless Ruler finished the sentence, the cultivators who had obtained a seal immediately flew to the front. Qin Nan casually followed the others at his own pace.

The person who attempted the trial first was a Peerless Ruler in the early stage. When he placed his hand on the boulder, four different rare phenomena occurred in the air with outstanding auras.

The Peerless Rulers and the Heaven Immortals of the two Heaven Highness Clans nodded slightly.

It was already impressive that someone had triggered four rare phenomena.

The cultivators took turns to attempt the trial.

Most cultivators who were given the seal had certain talents, thus they were able to trigger at least two or three rare phenomena. Not many had triggered four rare phenomena, and so far, only one had triggered five rare phenomena.

More than a hundred cultivators soon had a go at the trial. It was almost Qin Nan's turn.

"Greetings, Supreme Hongxiu and Supreme Longhui, I'm Zhang Tianfeng!"

When there were only five cultivators left before Qin Nan's turn, a young man wearing a Dao Weapon long robe who was in the early stage of the Peerless Ruler Realm brought his fists together and bowed at the two Nine Heavens Supremes instead of placing his hand on the boulder right away.

The teenage girl whom the young man called Supreme Hongxiu smiled and said, "Mm, there's no need to be so courteous. Do your best to earn first place.

Supreme Longhui nodded slightly too after coming to a realization.

The hearts of the rest of the cultivators sank. They were not idiots. They could easily tell that Zhang Tianfeng was quite close to Supreme Hongxiu.

The way Supreme Hongxiu told the young man to do his best had some other meanings behind it too.

"It seems like we won't be getting the first place this time."

Many people shared the same thought. They would not dare to come first in the trial even if they were capable of doing so.

"Thank you for the motivation, Supreme Hongxiu!"

The smile on Zhang Tianfeng's face widened. He went up to the boulder and placed his hand on it.

A few moments later, the boulder buzzed slightly before emitting six rare phenomena with formidable auras.

Six rare phenomena?

"This Zhang Tianfeng isn't just an ordinary person!"

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"I bet he's going to come first in the trial!"

Many cultivators on the dojo were astounded.

The cultivators who took part in the second round shook their heads too.

The man had such high compatibility with the boulder, and considering his relationship with Supreme Hongxiu, he was most likely going to earn the first place.

"Mm, not bad!" Supreme Hongxiu complimented.

Zhang Tianfeng brought his fists together and went to the side with a proud look in his eyes.

The trial continued. The participants behind Zhang Tianfeng only triggered three rare phenomena.

It was finally Qin Nan's turn.

"Should I trigger ten rare phenomena? Forget it, it might bring me too much attention," the thought crossed Qin Nan's mind as he placed his hand on the boulder. He slightly unleashed the supreme force in his body.

The Blood Highness Boulder started shaking vigorously.

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