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PBS - Chapter 2053 - Rejected

Rare phenomena took place continuously and stopped after the eighth one occurred. Their auras were like an army of soldiers on galloping horses. The whole place began to tremble.

"Eight rare phenomena?"

Many cultivators were astounded.

Even Supreme Hongxiu and Supreme Longhui were startled.

No one had ever triggered eight rare phenomena over the past thirty years when the seven Heaven Highness Clans came to recruit outer disciples.

Supreme Hongxiu swiftly reacted. She nodded expressionlessly as Qin Nan went to the side.

Zhang Tianfeng's expression sank. He did not expect someone like Qin Nan to show up out of nowhere.

The trial continued. It soon came to an end after half the duration of an incense stick.

In the end, there was only a second person who triggered six rare phenomena. Only Qin Nan was able to trigger eight rare phenomena.

"Supreme Hongxiu will now announce the results!" the Peerless Ruler of the Zhou Clan said.

Many people felt their hearts pounding heavily. They were keen to know the outcome.

Who was going to win first place?

Supreme Hongxiu's eyes briefly scanned the participants and stopped briefly on Qin Nan. She then looked at Zhang Tianfeng and said, "The winner in the trial is, Zhang Tianfeng!"

Zhang Tianfeng was overjoyed. The rock in his heart dropped to the bottom.

Luckily, that guy did not rob his first place!

The other cultivators were left speechless. They felt sorry for Qin Nan.

The man had triggered eight rare phenomena, yet someone else had won the first place instead. He had lost his chance to claim the two drops of Supreme Blood Essence!

Supreme Longhui of the Zhou Clan did not say a word either.

It was necessary for him to give Supreme Hongxiu face!

"Thank you, Supreme Hongxiu! I'm also willing to..." Zhang Tianfeng brought his fists together and bowed.

However, Qin Nan interrupted before he could finish, "Supreme Hongxiu, there's something I don't understand. Why did he come first when I've triggered two more rare phenomena than him?"

Many were startled after hearing the words. They could not believe their ears.

Why did Zhang Tianfeng come first? Did he really not understand the situation?

Supreme Wuxiu squinted. She said coldly, "The number of rare phenomena only reflects your compatibility. It doesn't really mean anything. The requirement is only four rare phenomena, so Supreme Longhui and I believe Zhang Tianfeng is more suitable to win the first place."

She would not bother explaining herself under normal circumstances, but many cultivators were present today, thus she had to give an acceptable saying.

Qin Nan smiled. He said, "So, that means triggering ten rare phenomena is meaningless too?"

Supreme Hongxiu's eyes turned cold. She did not expect the guy was insensible enough to keep going.

"Triggering ten rare phenomena is a different story. If you could trigger ten rare phenomena, you will definitely win the first place," Supreme Hongxiu said even though she was not in a great mood.

"If so, I would like to have a go at it again. Please give me the permission to do so."

Qin Nan's words took everyone in the crowd, including Zhang Tianfeng, Supreme Hongxiu, and Supreme Longhui by surprise.

He was going to try it again?

Did he think he could trigger ten rare phenomena?"

"Humph, it's fine if you want to have another go at it. However, if you can't trigger ten rare phenomena, you will be disqualified from the trial, and you will have to break one of your arms!" Supreme Hongxiu let out a hollow laugh.

Ten rare phenomena?

That's impossible!

If the man insisted to have a go at it because he was so full of himself, she could use it to teach him a lesson.

"Thanks, Supreme Hongxiu."

Qin Nan did not hesitate. He went up to the tablet and placed his hand on it again.

"He's actually trying it again?"

Supreme Hongxiu and Supreme Longhui were struggling to believe it.

The cultivators were in disbelief too.

Was that guy out of his mind?

Or perhaps...

The Blood Highness Boulder emitted a shocking light just as the thought crossed their minds. It dyed the sky red as a formidable aura surged in all directions like an ancient storm.

Different rare phenomena occurred until the tenth one showed up.

"Ten...ten rare phenomena, he actually triggered all ten of them!"

The cultivators were absolutely dumbfounded.

Even though it was only a trial designed to test their compatibility, no one had ever triggered ten rare phenomena before!

Qin Nan's expression remained the same.

If he wanted, he could even destroy the Blood Highness Boulder, but it would be overkill.

"Supreme Hongxiu, how about now? Did I win the first place?" Qin Nan asked after withdrawing his hand.


Supreme Hongxiu's face darkened.

She did not expect an outsider who was only a Peerless Ruler dared to confront her and embarrass her in front of the crowd!

"How could this be!?"

Zhang Tianfeng's face turned pale.

He had prepared so long to claim the two drops of Supreme Blood Essence, yet a nobody was going to take them away instead!?

"HAHA, I didn't expect someone to trigger ten rare phenomena. I didn't believe it when I heard others mentioned it!"

Supreme Longhui burst out laughing. He looked at Supreme Hongxiu and said, "Why don't we give him the first place instead?"

Supreme Hongxiu could still give the first place to Zhang Tianfeng if she insisted, but she would be slapping herself to the face. She had no choice but to nod.

"Here are the two drops of Supreme Blood Essence!"

Supreme Longhui flicked his finger and handed Qin Nan a jar.

Inside the jar were two drops of blood with a formidable aura.

"Kid, you've done well, why don't you join the Wu Clan? I'll arrange for you to join the clan as soon as possible!" Supreme Longhui invited personally with great admiration in his eyes.

It was exactly what Supreme Hongxiu had said. It was a different story now that Qin Nan had triggered ten rare phenomena. He was now worthy of his attention.

"Thank you, but I'm sorry I'll have to turn the offer down."

Qin Nan put the jar away and turned down the offer.

The people were startled again. They wondered if they had heard it wrong.

Did he just reject Supreme Longhui's offer?

Was he planning to join the Zheng Clan which Supreme Hongxiu was from instead?

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