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PBS - Chapter 2054 - Not Joining Either

"Kid, what about this? If you join the Wu Clan, I'll arrange the ritual to make you an inner disciple of the clan tomorrow!" Supreme Longhui said.

He assumed Qin Nan had only turned down his offer because he wanted more benefits.

"Supreme, that won't be necessary, I have no intention to join the Wu Clan," Qin Nan shook his head once again.

Leaving aside the possibility that he might fall out with the seven Heaven Highness Clans in the near future, why would a Nine Heavens Supreme bother joining their clan as an outer disciple?

"You won't?"

Supreme Longhui's face darkened. He said, "Then I guess there's nothing else to say."

Qin Nan had only triggered ten rare phenomena. He had tried inviting him twice with great offers. He had already given him a lot of face.

It was already surprising that he did not lose his temper after Qin Nan turned down his offer twice.


The crowd was startled.

Supreme Hongxiu's eyes glittered. She said with a smile, "If you aren't going to join the Wu Clan, you can join the Zheng Clan instead."

Even though she had no idea what the young man was planning, she could easily teach him a lesson after he joined the Zheng Clan.

"I'm sorry, I won't be joining the Zheng Clan either."

Qin Nan shook his head. His words served as a thunderous clap.

The two Nine Heavens Supremes and the others wondered if they had heard it wrong.

Did he just say he wasn't going to join either of the clans?

Why did he come here in the first place then?

Did he only want to claim the two drops of Supreme Blood Essence?

"I'll be going," Qin Nan brought his fists together.

He turned and was about to leave.

"How bold of you!"

"Stop it right there!"

Supreme Longhui and Supreme Hongxiu collected their thoughts. Their aura surged across the dojo fiercely. The atmosphere suddenly intensified.

The Peerless Rulers of the two clans reacted swiftly too. They immediately surrounded Qin Nan with cold expressions.

They would make their moves if Qin Nan dared to take a single step!

"What do you mean by this?"

Qin Nan slightly frowned.

"Kid, are you seriously asking for our intention now? You've participated in the trial and won the two drops of Supreme Blood Essence, yet you aren't going to join either of our clans? Are you trying to trick us?" Supreme Longhui snarled.

He did not look like an old man. He was more like a furious warrior with an overwhelming aura.

"I will kill you right on the spot if you aren't going to join our clans!"

Supreme Hongxiu was even more straightforward. She thoroughly unleashed her murderous aura.

"Was the guy out of his mind?"

Many among the crowd gasped.

He was simply asking for his death trying to offend both the clans at once!

"Aren't you two being a little unreasonable?" Qin Nan retained his calm expression while facing the two Nine Heavens Supremes. He said, "Was there any rule that says the participants must join one of your clans?"

Supreme Longhui, Supreme Hongxiu, and many were startled. It was true that there was never a rule like that.

However, it did not necessarily mean they had made a careless mistake. Only the people who wanted to join their clans would bother participating in the trial.

"Who would even participate in the trial just for the reward?"

"Supremes, don't let him trick you! The trial is held to recruit outer disciples for the Zheng Clan and the Wu Clan. Therefore, it only makes sense for those who are qualified to join one of the clans!"

"If the participants can decide to join the clans or not, wouldn't it make the trial a child's play? Wouldn't they be challenging the authority of the Zheng Clan and the Wu Clan?" Zhang Tianfeng suddenly stepped forward and argued.

He was actually overjoyed on the inside.

He initially thought he no longer had a chance to claim the two drops of Supreme Blood Essence, but the young man was stupid enough to make a mess out of it.

He believed Qin Nan would be executed on the spot, or they might reclaim the two drops of Supreme Blood Essence and give them to him instead!

Qin Nan glanced at Zhang Tianfeng and said, "Don't you accuse me falsely, or I won't go easy on you."

Zhang Tianfeng was overjoyed instead of being afraid. He said angrily, "Look, he even tries to threaten me!"

He was not afraid of Qin Nan at all.

Was he going to start a fight?

Did he think he was a Nine Heavens Supreme?

Supreme Longhui and Supreme Hongxiu's eyes turned cold.

"You dare challenge the authority of the two clans? It might not cost you your life, but I shall cripple your cultivation today!" Supreme Hongxiu said coldly. She was too lazy to waste her time any further.


Following a huge explosion, the surroundings were covered in darkness. A terrifying icy flicker slashed at Qin Nan at a shocking pace.

Many people felt their hearts skipping a beat. They subconsciously took a step back.

"The Nine Heavens Supreme has made her move. He's done for!'

Some of the Peerless Rulers shook their heads.

The man was supposed to have a bright future ahead, yet he had to seek his own death by challenging the two Heaven Highness Clans.

However, a shocking sight took place.

Qin Nan waved his hand and summoned a formidable force. It shattered the icy flicker into pieces.

Even though they were both Nine Heavens Supremes in the early stage, and Supreme Hongxiu even possessed the unique power of her lineage, the difference between their strength was outstanding still!

"Your cultivation...you're a Nine Heavens Supreme?"

Supreme Hongxiu and Supreme Longhui were astounded after realizing something.

The whole place fell silent. Everyone could not believe it.

The young man was a Nine Heavens Supreme?

A Nine Heavens Supreme came to participate in the trial that was recruiting outer disciples for two Highness Heaven Clans?

Qin Nan ignored them. He looked at Zhang Tianfeng while unleashing his will to encapsulate him.


Zhang Tianfeng was suddenly struck by lightning as a great chill ran down his spine.

He did not expect the man was actually a Nine Heavens Supreme!

If he knew beforehand, he would not dare to say those words to Qin Nan even if he had a formidable background!

After all, Nine Heavens Supremes were already above the average cultivation level of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. How could a Peerless Ruler possibly stand a chance against him?

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