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PBS - Chapter 2068 - You're Too Disappointing

Zhi Guang transmitted his voice with a complimenting look, "Cultivator Qin Nan is right. We should secure the beast cores first."

The rest of the Nine Heavens Supremes agreed. However, they first transmitted a message through the badges in their storage bags.

Either way, they must tell their factions that they had found Qin Nan!

Even though Qin Nan was unaware of their actions, he was already prepared for it before he made his move.

He was going to be exposed eventually. He might as well do it himself.

"You're going to settle the dispute between yourselves later? You sound like you can live until then!"

The little girl executed an Art of Dao Seeking. It emitted an obscure Dao intent, "I'm going to kill you all now!"

She immediately appeared above Qin Nan. Her hands had drawn two runes which emitted two icy flickers.

Qin Nan already saw the paths of the attacks. He moved aside and dodged them with ease. The icy flickers slashed at the forest and left two enormous ravines, indicating how powerful they were.

"Do it!" Supreme Zhi Guang yelled as he charged at the old man.

The other Nine Heavens Supremes were targeting the old man too, whether they were doing it on purpose or not.

"It seems like I'm not really in a good spot!" the old man shook his head. His eyes sharpened as he said with an imperious aura, "It's fine. I shall feed your blood to my son!"

A series of explosions took place.

Even though some cultivators were attracted by the impact that the Dark Flyer had caused when attempting its breakthrough, they immediately backed away after seeing the explosions.

"Lotus Sutra, one gives birth to two, two give birth to three, and three to infinity!"

The little girl extended her arms. Rays of light surfaced from which the same images of the little girl appeared. It finally stopped when there were one hundred and three of them.

Each figure had the same aura, as if they were all real. There was no difference between them.

"Vanguard Zone!"

The little girls spoke simultaneously. Their voices stacked on top of one another as they performed a hand seal.

The surroundings shifted rapidly with Qin Nan at the center. The sea was replaced by a confined space. Deadly flickers were emitting from the rift before pouring down at Qin Nan like they were going to destroy everything.

"Art of Saber of the Illusionary Immortal of Reincarnation!"

Qin Nan's saber intents suddenly transformed. They were enchanted by a hint of reincarnation and illusion. They either placed the deadly flickers in reincarnation or trapped them in illusions.

The great advantage of learning twelve Arts of Dao Seeking was the ability to merge the will of different Arts of Dao Seeking into extraordinary moves.

"You've done a great job mastering the Arts of Dao Seeking which you've acquired without permission! I wonder how good you are with the True Scriptures of Lifeless Taiyan!"

The voices spoke thunderously.

Qin Nan's eyes suddenly widened.

He felt his body and his saber intents shrinking rapidly. They were thirty times smaller in just a single breath.

When he lifted his gaze, the deadly flickers were massive like the wrath of the Heavens. They were going to devour him at any second.

"How is this not an illusion?"

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

With his current eye-technique and his mastery of the Illusionary Dao Immortal Manuscript, he would definitely notice something if he was under an illusion.

"Humph, practicing twelve Arts of Dao Seeking might be impressive to the others! However, it's amusing in my eyes!"

A shocking sight occurred followed the voice.

The little girl appeared at the end of the zone, but she had turned extremely huge. Her single finger was already ten times Qin Nan's current size. It was like the difference between a giant and an ant.

"Every Art of Dao Seeking is obscure. It's impressive if anyone can fully master one of them, let alone practicing twelve of them at the same time!"

"It's like a flower with no fruit. It's only flashy on the outside!"

"Today, I shall show you the true strength of the True Scriptures of Lifeless Taiyan!"

The light that the girl was emitting turned as sacred as the sun.

"Judgment of the Gods!"

The little girl and her images moved at the same time. They were throwing punches, flickering their fingers, attacking with their swords and sabers, each resulting in a powerful blow.

"Saber Art of the Twelve Daos!"

Qin Nan's hair drifted in the wind as he remained fearless. He merged the Dao intents into a single slash.

It retained its brilliance when facing the strange attacks.

A great battle took place.


A few moments later, Supreme Zhi Guang and the others were startled.

In their eyes, Qin Nan and the little girl had remained still in their spots. However, formidable auras were bursting out of their bodies.

It was obvious that the little girl was long prepared. She had dragged Qin Nan into a different kind of battle.

Even though they were unaware of the battle's situation, they could tell from Qin Nan's unstable aura and how he was constantly shuffling backward that he was currently at a disadvantage!

"HAHAHA, even those on the Supreme Leaderboard would be wary of her Art of Dao Seeking, let alone Qin Nan who's only in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm!" the old man burst out laughing.

The battle intensified as time passed!

Qin Nan was like a little raft amid a storm that was going to be devoured at any second as he stood in the Vanguard Zone.

"It's impressive that you're able to hold on for so long!"

"Now, it's time for you to die!"

More than a hundred hand seals were performed to execute their relevant attacks.

Qin Nan's calm expression was suddenly replaced by a grin. He sprang forward at a remarkable speed like a sword glow and sliced one of the figures in half.

There was no blood jetting into the air, only light dots that were dissipating.

"Mm?" the little girl was stunned.

"I've waited for you to finish talking and let you show me your moves. However, if that's all you got, I must say..."

Qin Nan's minuscule figure suddenly expanded.

He had already reached the little girl's size in half a second!

A moment later, he was ten times bigger than the little girl, as if a great beast had finally revealed its true form. His eyes were looking down at the little girl.

"You're too disappointing!"

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