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PBS - Chapter 2071 - Dao Pattern Versus The Sacred Duo

The surroundings were replaced with a vast expanse of whiteness with no visible ends. There was nothing else apart from a land over a few thousand li floating under Supreme Zhi Guang's feet with a desolate aura.

Even though Qin Nan had learned the Art of Taiyan, he did not learn the Vanguard Zone, thus he was using the Taihuang Intent of the Scriptures of Sky Taihuang to establish a desolate land.

Supreme Zhi Guang lifted his gaze when he suddenly sensed something.

Qin Nan's clones hovered around the desolate land. They continued to expand and reach a terrifying size within the blink of an eye. Even a single strand of their hair was bigger than Supreme Zhi Guang.

More than a hundred pairs of eyes were staring down at Supreme Zhi Guang.

A great sense of danger rose in his heart.


The thunderous voices exploded in the rift like claps of thunder. The twelve Arts of Dao Seeking were fully executed in the mirror images. The Dao intents were accumulated on the Heaven-Shattering Saber as it was slashing at Supreme Zhi Guang.

A terrifying saber glow resembling a sea of sabers loomed over the desolate land like it was going to destroy everything!

"Qin Nan, I didn't expect your Martial Skill Talent to be so outstanding. You've learned your opponent's Dao Art in such a short encounter. I've really underestimated you."

Supreme Zhi Guang's blood became restless. A unique aura burst out of his body, "I believe it's necessary for me to fight with my full strength!"

Two drops of blood floated out of his storage bag.

One was golden, one was blue.

Supreme Zhi Guang performed a hand seal. A powerful aura burst out of the two drops of blood as if a seal had been broken. A formidable aura burst out of them and shattered the desolate land into pieces.

"The Sacred Duo with the same source of lineage!" Supreme Zhi Guang roared. The two drops of blood turned into two illusionary figures which mimicked the movements of Supreme Zhi Guang.

Supreme Zhi Guang was an elder of the Li Clan, one of the seven Heaven Highness Clans.

The two drops of blood belonged to the ninety-eighth and ninety-ninth Saints of the Li Clan!

Even though the two Saints were peak Nine Heavens Supremes, their strength and power of lineage significantly surpassed ordinary Nine Heavens Supremes. They were several times stronger than Supreme Zhi Guang.

In addition to it, the ninety-eight Saint purposely asked the ninety-ninth Saint to enhance the drop of blood with his power of lineage and will too for his brother's sake.

"Sword of Upright Heavens!"

Supreme Zhi Guang and the illusionary figures of two Saints stepped forward and attacked with the sword.

Three powerful sword intents merged into a peerless golden glow.

The two attacks crashed into one another. Their strength was equal.

However, the impact had shattered the space, the desolate land, and Qin Nan's mirror images into pieces.

On top of it, the Freezing Tide dissipated too due to the overwhelming force.

Qin Nan was unleashing the Dao intent of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking to resist the impact. He was knocked several steps back.

"Qin Nan, you are going to lose!"

Supreme Zhi Guang unleashed a tremendous aura. He performed a hand seal which absorbed the two illusionary figures into his body.

His Supreme Force and power of lineage escalated to a terrifying scale. Thunderous blasts were occurring high up in the sky.

"The Forbidden Art of the Li Clan, the Heaven Highness Fist!"

Supreme Zhi Guang's hair drifted wildly as he threw a punch forward.

It felt like everything had frozen at that instant.

The wisp of indescribable terrifying aura had surpassed the coldness of the Freezing Tide, even though it was not the real aura of a Heaven Highness.

"Just in time!"

Qin Nan faced the overwhelming aura fearlessly.

A Dao Pattern emerged from his body like an ancient sun amid complete darkness with an outstanding brilliance.

"The Dao Pattern Exterminating All Rules!"

Qin Nan's will fully merged with the ancient pattern to unleash its power.

The wind blew fiercely as the sea became restless.

"Qin Nan, I didn't think you would have such a terrifying move up in your sleeves! I'm going to lose if you are in the Greater Success Stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm! But now..."

Supreme Zhi Guang executed the forbidden art to forcibly strengthen his power of lineage.

However, before he could finish...

An illusionary figure emerged from the Dao Pattern and threw a punch at him.

The Dao Pattern fully unleashed its strength!

The sea became still at that instant.

The extraordinary will had suppressed the punch from the Heaven Highness!

"Impossible! You're only a Nine Heavens Supreme in the early stage. How could you possibly..." Supreme Zhi Guang blurted out when he noticed something.

However, a loud crash took place as light dots gathered from all directions before he could finish.

Both the will and force of his punch were overwhelmed!

A loud explosion occurred inside Supreme Zhi Guang's body. The drops of blood that the two Saints had put in a lot of effort to refine dissipated.


Supreme Zhi Guang cried out in agony as the remaining force struck him. He went flying like an arrow being fired and slammed heavily on the seabed.

His aura dropped rapidly.

As for Qin Nan, a great fatigue immediately overwhelmed him. He only had some supreme force left after executing the attack. More than half his will was drained away too.

"The peak Nine Heavens Supremes of the Heaven Highness Clans are indeed tougher!" Qin Nan murmured.

He suppressed the fatigue and quickly approached Supreme Zhi Guang.

"How is this possible? How did I lose..."

Supreme Zhi Guang was murmuring to himself in a pit. His eyes widened when he saw Qin Nan, "Qin Nan, don't kill me, I'll give you the beast core and everything else! Killing me won't do you any good, I'm the brother of the Li Clan's ninety-eighth Saint..."

A cold flicker punctured his chest with a great force, nailing him to the ground. His arms fell feebly to the side. Two ancient talismans fell to the ground as the grip on them was loosened.

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