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PBS - Chapter 2074 - Flower Candles

Qin Nan did not think too much. He sat down with his legs crossed and began to cultivate.

There was some time left. He could use it to understand the purposes of the blood dot that just appeared.

Qin Nan sensed something around three days later. He saw two glamorous women flying toward him on two ancient Dao Weapons. They were none other than Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan.

"You came here straight away? Didn't I say I'm going to receive you two?" Qin Nan's expression shifted. He immediately went to them and encapsulated them with the will of his twelve Arts of Dao Seeking.

The Freezing Tide was oddly powerful. Even an ordinary peak Nine Heavens Supreme would not dare to enter it, let alone the Princess and Jiang Bilan who just achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

"Xiao Nanzi, why are you so worried? Do you think the Freezing Tide can harm me when it can't even harm you?" Princess Miao Miao twisted her lips.

"Qin Nan, take a look at the formation we've just mastered," Jiang Bilan giggled.

Qin Nan was startled. He immediately executed the Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle.

He was so concerned about their safety that he simply ignored everything else.

"Mm? Its aura..."

Qin Nan wore a puzzled look.

The formation that Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan had established was extremely powerful. The Freezing Tide could not penetrate it. Even Qin Nan's eye-technique struggled to peek through it.

For some reason, its aura was extremely familiar to Qin Nan. It had the same will of eternity which the Flower of Eternity possessed.

"The flower has influenced us greatly when Princess and I turned into crystals. When we woke we noticed a white and black flower in our respective Divine Sense," Jiang Bilan pushed aside her fringe to reveal her forehead as she spoke, "With our masters' guidance, Princess and I can now unleash the flower's power to establish this formation. We call it the Formation of Eternity."

"During your attempt to break through to the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, the flowers in our Divine Sense turned into a seed under the influence of the White-Blue Flower."

"The formation has grown stronger too. Even an ordinary peak Nine Heavens Supreme will struggle to break through it."

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

"Can the two seeds grow by absorbing supreme force?"

Princess Miao Miao nodded. She said, "Mm, they can but at an extremely slow rate. According to my calculation, they should sprout and grow into a new flower like most natural resources instead of just a petal like before."

Qin Nan smiled.

From the sound of it, Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan might end up with half of the Flower of Eternity each, which could combine together into the Flower of Eternity.

The Flower of Eternity was the key to evolve the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh into the Flesh of Eternity!

Xiang Hun had gone as far as betraying his master Zhou Di just to acquire it!

Even though Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan did not possess the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh, it was still beneficial if they could really summon the Flower of Eternity. It might possess remarkable power in the future!

"We finally met, why are we discussing this now?"

Princess Miao Miao's eyes flickered cunningly. She said, "Xiao Nanzi, we've been apart for a long time, right? Shouldn't we be celebrating our reunion?"

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization, "So...you're asking me to drink?"


Princess Miao Miao grinned, "The old man has hidden away an immortal wine that was brewed three thousand years ago. I happened to have stolen it. It's delicious."

Qin Nan could not possibly reject the Princess’ offer. He accepted the offer right away, "If that's the case, let's drink for the whole day. I too have many things that I want to tell you."

Qin Nan would never say something like that in the past. However, since that specific day, he had completely understood his feelings.

In such a big world with so many people, how difficult was it to meet someone he truly loved?

"However, there's one condition. Since the three of us are Nine Heavens Supremes, the immortal wine would have little effects on us as we are now beyond the Heaven Immortal Realm."

Princess Miao Miao said, "Therefore, when we are drinking, we'll suppress our cultivation to the Human Immortal Realm so we can be drunk and let it guide our emotions."

Jiang Bilan blushed when a thought crossed her mind. She was going to say something when Princess Miao Miao gave her a thoughtful look.

Qin Nan was unaware of the silent exchange between them, nor was he suspicious of them. He smiled, "Sure! I'll go kill a peak Nine Heavens Supreme Dark Flyer and cook it!"

Qin Nan brought them into a cave. He went to slay a Dark Flyer. After grilling it for half an hour, Princess Miao Miao took out the immortal wine and broke the seal on it.

A pleasant aroma filled the cave.

Qin Nan had never been so relaxed and joyful since he came to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

The journey so far had been filled with danger. He felt like a little pawn that was being controlled by an enormous hand.

But now, Qin Nan felt he was blessed by the Heavens.

His hatred toward Xiang Hun was not that strong anymore.

At least the Princess and Bilan were still by his side.

Qin Nan completely opened up under the influence of the wine. He proceeded to share the things he encountered in the journey. He also shared the thoughts that he had never shared with anyone.

He was surprisingly drunk. He soon lost his consciousness.

If the peak Nine Heavens Supremes who were desperately searching for Qin Nan in the Sea of Indolence saw him in his current state, they would be utterly speechless.

"Princess, is this really a good idea? Qin Nan will be angry if he finds out we ate a pill to stop us from falling drunk."

Jiang Bilan's face was blushing. She no longer had the confident and otherworldly temperament.

However, she was extremely alluring. Her exposed collar bones and her fair skin were brimming with charm.

"Don't you worry, he won't be angry. I know him so well. Besides, he won't know as long as we don't tell him, right?"

Princess Miao Miao blushed too. She was extremely adorable instead of her usual high and mighty temperament.

"Xiao Lanlan, don't be shy! I've already done it before. It's nothing really! Now, I've already prepared the bed. Go on and do it!"

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