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PBS - Chapter 2076 - Seething in Anger

"Princess, Bilan, once I achieved the Master Realm, I'll bring you two back to the Secondary Lower Realm and take you as wives officially. I promise you..." Qin Nan murmured.

The two women shuddered, not daring to move.

They let out a relieved sigh when the warm hand stopped moving.

"Well, Xiao Lanlan, this assh*** says he's going to take us as wives officially in the Secondary Lower Realm. Let's wait until then to finish this," Princess Miao Miao said with a blushed face.

"Sounds good, he's too drunk now. He's unconscious," Jiang Bilan nodded.

The two women lied still and listened to Qin Nan's breathing quietly.

The next day...

Qin Nan opened his eyes after waking up from a deep sleep. He felt energetic.

"Mm? You two are awake? What's going on..."

Qin Nan was startled when he looked around him. One on each side?

Besides, why were his hands inside their clothes?

"When are you going to move your hands away?" Princess Miao Miao harrumphed. "You've taken a huge advantage of us last night."

Qin Nan quickly pulled his hands back with a puzzled look.

Something felt odd for some reason.

"Qin Nan, the news about your whereabouts has already spread. You shouldn't stay here for too long. What are you going to do next?" Jiang Bilan immediately switched the topic when she noticed Qin Nan's reaction.

"I killed a peak Nine Heavens Supreme of the Li Clan and acquired a lot of Royal Eyes. I'm planning to exchange them for a Nine Heavens' Pill of Good Fortune to achieve the Greater Success Stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm."

Qin Nan added, "Once I achieved the Greater Success Stage, I no longer have to worry about stumbling into those on the Supreme Leaderboard. The situation should improve by then."

Even though he could defeat peak Nine Heavens Supremes now, there was still an obvious difference between peak Nine Heavens Supremes.

Supreme Zhi Guang was only below average among the peak Nine Heavens Supremes.

Besides, even for someone like Supreme Zhi Guang, he might be able to defeat one or two peak Nine Heavens Supremes of his level, but what if there were three, four, or five of them?

"Oh my, how many Royal Eyes did you take?"

"Around a thousand and five hundred."

"That means you will have around two hundred left after exchanging them for a Nine Heavens' Pill of Good Fortune. You can trade them for something nice too!"Princess Miao Miao's eyes glittered as she started thinking about what she could do with the Royal Eyes.

"If that's the case, Princess and I will visit the Gonggong City in your place," Jiang Bilan said.

It was obviously unwise for Qin Nan to show himself in the public. He would only place himself in danger.


Qin Nan did not hesitate. He immediately handed the Royal Eyes over.

"Time is running short, we should be going. Wait for us here!"

Princess Miao Miao was overjoyed. She said, "If I find anything interesting, I'll contact you right away. You better reply immediately!"

Qin Nan nodded with a smile as the two women left.

Qin Nan glanced at the bed when the two women disappeared from his sight. He could not help but grin.

He had already found the answer to his doubts.

Wasn't this the same situation when he was in the Middle Continent?

The bed was even made of extraordinary material. The two women had obviously come prepared.

However, he could not help but wonder what the Princess was planning.

Qin Nan shook his head to clear his thoughts. He sat with his legs crossed and began to cultivate.

Around five hours later, Princess Miao Miao transmitted a message to tell him that they had arrived at the Gonggong City.

A while later, Princess Miao Miao told him that a handsome man in the Greater Success Stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm with an unusual demeanor had approached them. He seemed to be the Young Master of an ancient tribe.

Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat. He quickly responded and told them to ignore the man.

He immediately heard giggles from the other end. His lips twisted.

It was obvious that the Princess had fooled him.

The Princess kept sending him messages to tell him all kinds of things. Qin Nan simply listened to her.

After a long conversation, Princess Miao Miao told Qin Nan she had found the peak Nine Heavens Supreme who needed the Royal Eyes after she bought quite a lot of stuff for herself. She told Qin Nan she was reaching a deal with the man. Qin Nan focused on his cultivation when there was no response from the other end after he replied to the message.

Time gradually passed. An hour later...

"Shouldn't they be done by now?" Qin Nan thought.

He sent a message, but there was no response after a long time. His heart sank.

The badge suddenly glowed. Qin Nan quickly looked inside it.

"Qin Nan!"

"That man is a cunning assh***. He used a decoy to swear all kinds of oaths to trick us!"

"Luckily, we didn't fall for it!"

Princess Miao Miao's voice burst out of the badge, "He has completely fallen out with us. Lan Lan and I are sorting him out. We need some time, but don't you worry, we can handle it."

The badge dimmed. Qin Nan's eyes squinted.

A terrifying aura burst out of his body and shook the whole cave.

The coldness of the Freezing Tide was nowhere as icy as Qin Nan's murderous intent.

Even though the Princess and Jiang Bilan did not fall for the trick, it did not change the fact that the peak Nine Heavens Supreme was trying to set them up.

How could he possibly let someone bully his women?


Qin Nan vanished into thin air. He rose into the sky at a shocking speed.

The Sea of Indolence and the Gonggong City were full of his enemies, but what difference would it make?

It was the perfect chance for him to teach them a lesson!

Time gradually passed. The Gonggong City...

A huge battle had attracted many cultivators' attention!

Every brick of the streets and the palaces were emitting an ancient glow to defend itself from the terrifying impacts.

The Princess and Jiang Bilan unleashed the extraordinary power of their lineage and the Soulless Flesh to execute powerful attacks.

They worked together to set up the Formation of Eternity, which nullified the shocking Dao Arts and shocked the nearby cultivators.

They did not expect the two Nine Heavens Supremes in the early stage to possess such a remarkable strength!

"I've seriously underestimated you two. You are no ordinary people!"

An old man with wrinkles and a walking stick, whose eyes were glowing like stars said with a dark expression, "Unfortunately, I don't care where you came from, I'm going to eliminate you two for being so insensible!"

He flung his stick at them.

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