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PBS - Chapter 2081 - In Danger

Qin Nan and the others immediately looked toward the voice.

Not far from them, countless runes had intertwined in the air to construct an ancient formation.

Six figures appeared from it with auras of the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm that surged wildly in all directions.

Qin Nan was extremely familiar with the two of them. They were Supreme South World and Wu Shen who saved his life once.

Qin Nan had never met the other four, but judging from their black robes and the fact that they were each holding a small musical instrument as their weapon, they were obviously from the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect!

"The Heaven-Slaying Sect and the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect have indeed joined hands!"

Qin Nan's eyes flickered coldly.

In other words, Xiang Hun was most likely after his blood so the ten fleshes could coexist.

As for Xiang Hun's promise that he would never go after him, it was complete bullshit.

The moment Xiang Hun betrayed him, he no longer had his principles. He was willing to kill his master for his own benefit.

"Qin Nan, you didn't expect Patriarch Zhuang Nan and I will both come after you, right? There's something I must tell you. I've obtained the Tenth Immortal's succession, including his soul because of you!"

Supreme South World looked at Qin Nan. He was overjoyed.

Qin Nan was just a mere ant which he could easily pinch to death in the past. However, Qin Nan had come so far just because he was going easy on him before.

However, was it going to make any difference?

It did not matter how impressive Qin Nan's past life was or what kind of unusual path of cultivation he had taken, he was still going to kill him today to wipe away his humiliation!

Zhuang Nan was very pleased too.

His hatred toward Qin Nan was not necessarily weaker than Supreme South World's.

Unfortunately, he had to withhold his urge to curse Qin Nan so he would not expose his disguise as Feng Wuheng!

"Qin Nan, it looks like even the Heavens are reluctant to let you live!" the grin on Li Changsheng's face widened.

Qin Nan remained calm. He unleashed thousands of saber intents without any hesitation.

Some of them landed on the trees and mountains. Following it, terrifying auras burst out of them and swarmed at the nearby cultivators.

They were the traps he had prepared!

"Qin Nan, it's no use!"

Zhuang Nan said disdainfully, "Twenty more peak Nine Heavens Supremes are going to be here! You are Zhou Xiao's reincarnation after all. If you surrender, I won't mind setting a proper tombstone for you!"

Supreme South World, Wu Shen, and the peak Nine Heavens Supremes immediately made their moves. A formidable aura surged at Qin Nan and the others like a boundless sea.

An unprecedented sense of danger exploded in Qin Nan's heart. He was on edge.

He was struggling against the six peak Nine Heavens Supremes and one Saint before him, not to mention the twenty peak Nine Heavens Supremes that were going to arrive soon.

What could he possibly do?

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan's hearts sank.

It was meaningless even if they worked together to execute the forbidden art.

However, there was no sign of fear in their eyes.

"I can only use the seal!"

Qin Nan made up his mind in the nick of time.

It was the greatest trump card he had!

However, the place suddenly underwent significant changes.


A formidable energy descended upon the mountain range out of nowhere.

"What's happening?"

Zhuang Nan, Supreme South World, Li Changsheng, and the others were startled.

They were preparing to kill Qin Nan with a deadly attack, but the force was just too strong that they had no choice but to defend themselves.


The white flames in Qin Nan's eyes flickered. The Dao Pattern swiftly rose into the air and encapsulated him and the two women.

A series of explosions occurred across the place like thousands of lightning strikes.

Meanwhile, every trap and forbidding aura in the mountain range was triggered.

Countless mystical lights were emitted as mountains collapsed and the rift was immersed in chaos, like the apocalypse.

Even the cultivators that were looking for fortunate encounters around the boundary of the ancient ruins were dumbfounded.

Luckily, Qin Nan's Dao Pattern was strong enough to resist the overwhelming force. It had only shaken vigorously instead of being damaged.

Similarly, Zhuang Nan, Supreme South World, Li Changsheng, and the others successfully held their ground too.

Their hearts soon skipped a beat.

They had sensed an ancient palace rising toward the end of the mountain range.

"Could it be the Three Moons Pagoda?"

The same thought crossed everyone's mind.

"Why does the Three Moons Pagoda appear now? Is it because we are in luck?"

Qin Nan immediately denied it.

He did not have the Flesh of Good Luck like Meng Jiugong.

"Does this mean..."

Qin Nan suddenly thought of a possibility.

The Flower of Eternity could also influence the forbidden lands, and since Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan now had its seeds in their Divine Sense, they might also possess the same ability.

Even though their influence was not as strong as the Flower of Eternity, but the Three Moons Pagoda had last appeared around fifty years ago, thus it was already close to its next appearance.

The Princess and Jiang Bilan's appearance had only made it earlier.

Qin Nan immediately looked at the Princess and Jiang Bilan. They happened to exchange glances with one another.

The three remained silent, nor did they communicate through Divine Sense. However, they knew what each other was thinking.

A while later, Qin Nan felt the force weakening slightly. He immediately poured his supreme force into the Dao Pattern without any hesitation.

The Dao Pattern emitted a brilliant glow, tearing the force apart before flying toward the Three Moons Pagoda.

"Don't let him go inside it!"

Zhuang Nan, Li Changsheng, and everyone realized what Qin Nan was up to. They quickly executed their Arts of Dao Seeking and took out ancient talismans and Dao Weapons to attack Qin Nan's Dao Pattern.

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